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28th April, 2:44 pm

devertebrated is totally better than stewardesses

3rd October, 1:44 pm

ok, i'm totally in love with erin mckean. a great presenter on an interesting topic

2nd September, 11:19 pm

the phrase terminological inexactitude seems useful

16th November, 9:35 am

some pedant paradise from b3ta

13th August, 11:19 pm

wordie is awesome, even ignoring the clever strap

19th August, 8:31 pm

aaron found this lovely piece of visualisation - "33,000 words, grouped by meaning. Each word is given the average color of web images found when searching for that term."

2nd June, 11:55 pm

word of the day is tittle.

7th December, 10:47 pm

mcsweeny's tackles the pirate interview very well (form 2000). mcsweeny's rocks so hard.

7th December, 10:17 am

merriam-webster announces the top ten words of the year. number 1 is blog, ffs. 7. peloton : noun (1951) : the main body of riders in a bicycle race.

4th December, 12:32 am

word of the day is unkempt: not combed; disheveled; as, an urchin with unkempt hair.

13th October, 12:05 am

silly silly george - disambiguate is in the dictionary.

22nd July, 1:01 pm

word of the week is saccharine - meaning sugary or containing saccharin. great stuff

19th July, 11:38 am

word of the week is 'bacchanalia', which describes drunken revellery. i doubt i'll have the chance to use it this week though.

18th July, 11:45 pm

wow, what a weekend. wordmash time i think. elina, lea, brett, animethon, the cooler, spiderman 2, temperature sign, pink hallways, whyte ave, peter, vodka tonics, sushi, unripened netarines, kareoke, cosplay, hello kitty tv, pixie shoes, buses, the pedway, sofas in malls, killing baby whales, no pita bread, lightning, disobeidient children, more than the recommended amount of chins, talk, words, love.

16th July, 9:46 am

the urdu alphabet seems to consist of many tiny variations on about 4 characters. i wonder is the latin alphabet looks similar to writers of urdu.

13th July, 11:54 pm

word of the day is 'supine'. i shall be working this into conversations at random tomorrow

13th July, 1:37 pm

a dip into upsideclown has left me obsessed again, so a pick of my favourites. the book's opening story, hecatomb by dan, and the closing of the book - neil's suburban gothic. but the best piece, by far, it matt's amazing ludo.

13th July, 1:27 pm

a discussion today involved use of the word quandry which reminded me of this excellent piece of fiction from whelk.

12th July, 8:16 pm

unicameral is definately my favourite word of the week. found a nice definition after i worked it into a conversation and had to explain myself.