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The World of Warcraft 5.0.4 patch has been out for 2 days, so it's about time I published a new addon. BuffGuide shows you your raid buff status (for the new 8 buff system), along with food and flask buffs, replacing the long-ago discontinued BuffEnough. Source is on GitHub.

I've also updated Precedence for 5.0.4, but only the Hunter module so far and it's not quite ready for a release.

World of MapCraft

For quite a few months I have been working on creating a full set of zoom-able slippy maps for World of Warcraft. After much dithering, it's finally ready, along with an article about its creation and the WoW internals needed to build it.

You can read the article or head straight on over to the live maps.

WoW Intel HD Graphics bug

If you play wow on intel integrated graphics and you've been freezing on the last boss in hour of twilight, this thread contains the answer.

18th March, 6:07 pm

i just finished up my latest wow-related project - insanity tracker. check out how many people have earned 'The Insane', and some stats about it.

12th January, 6:18 pm

i can't seem to stop theorycrafting - the survival haste plateau myth

26th December, 10:15 pm

the lich king might be old news, but this is still awesome: get lich or die trying

24th May, 4:18 pm

a very interesting blog post about wow raid progression and how ICC has scaled much better over time

31st March, 10:40 pm

the 3.3.9 gold achievement looks pretty awesome and will probably be pretty rare. on my list for after 'insane'

4th March, 4:35 pm

i wrote a little piece on the RNG in WoW and how BunnyHunter works

2nd February, 6:19 pm

so this is interesting - blizzard to release auction house integration into armory. and some of it to be premium? on top of the $15 per-account per-month subscription fee, i assume. but the big question is will it support buying and selling over the web? and via an api. oooh

27th December, 3:47 pm

an excellent interview/article with jeff kaplan from the wow team on game design stuff

5th December, 6:30 pm

shame that save the murlocs is a blizzard thing and not fan-generated, but it's still nice

2nd December, 10:49 pm

my first world of warcraft addon is available on curse. go grab it now

21st August, 2:04 pm

cataclysm has just been announced. looks hot. the new map expands on a lot of the existing content, filling in the gaps (the gaps themselves are pretty interesting too)

27th July, 10:05 pm

the algalon encounter looks really awesome. very well designed.

7th July, 11:57 am

the world is imploding - tweetcraft auto-tweeting seems awful

5th June, 12:10 am

this still remains the best wow video of all time. need to level my druid

6th February, 3:52 am

a bunch of class changes are upcoming in wow - including no ammo for hunters? huh?

12th December, 11:00 am

wow now has paid sex-changes, and they're much cheaper than the real thing. this pay-for-addons model is great for players and blizzard alike

21st October, 3:24 pm

virtual bacon? not as good as physical bacon, for sure [via rr]

12th September, 11:31 am

this bow shoots witches instead of arrows

9th July, 12:13 am

a plush merlok that talks? oh fuck yes [via wafer]

22nd June, 6:23 pm

wow + rickroll = pretty awesome [via bogan]

23rd May, 10:48 am

lots of leaked lich king info here

25th February, 6:50 pm

this collection of old wow maps are great. especially liking the way it might all fit together in a few expansions' time

24th January, 11:38 am

sounds like someone is lapsing

11th December, 8:51 am

figure prints are out (and look awesome) but production is highly limited. bah!

20th November, 3:57 pm

the new wow ads featuring mr t and william shattner are awesome. well, the mr t one is. i want a night elf mohawk

20th November, 3:54 pm

the dangers of wow [via bogan]

8th October, 2:23 pm

the wow rep calculator is really nicely done - click on the faction sections for zone and instance rep info

26th September, 9:05 am

the wow rep calculator is really nicely done

30th May, 3:04 pm

this'll mean very little to the non-wow folks, but this druid pvp video is awesome

22nd December, 11:39 pm

my guild finally has a website. alliance ftw!

6th October, 2:48 pm

the WoW south park episode [3 parts] is awesome

20th March, 9:41 pm

dathan found this awesome merloc flash rpg on newgrounds