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28th June, 9:01 am

You can now send me SMS using the little box down on the left. So send me jokes, messages and marriage proposals. Now!

Perl 5.8.0 RC2 is out. Read about the changes here

Router porn: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. A little bit silly.

iamcal regular Leo has a website, including a very cool shop. check it out.

The b3ta shop contains the best products known to man, including t-shirts by weebl.

28th June, 12:52 am

A poem about women, from wigu:

A woman is special... no matter how much she weigh, Without women i'd get fat and drink cold beer all day!

Women are the only reason... a man has manners at all, Without a woman alive I'd never make a telephone call!!

Women act pretty, but don't be misled... There's a demon that lives inside of her head, And crushing men's souls is how it is fed, And it will not stop until we are dead.

27th June, 8:58 am

The best site url ever?

26th June, 5:51 am

The following URL: was shortened from a length of 20 characters to a length of 22 characters with the resulting URL: is cool, if a little buggy...

26th June, 4:50 am

you NEED iamcal trainers. go on... [via tom]

26th June, 12:34 am

We're back with a new design. Anyone who's been around a while may recognise it from previous versions. To comment on the new design and have a look back at the previous 6, click here.

If you regularly visit iamcal (even if you don't usually join in the discussion) then join in this discussion and write something about me or the site.

Thanks to andy ward, the iamcal fonts are now all available for Macs.

An alternative to Hot Or Not's "Meet Me" system: e-spin

"Erskine: Didn’t they already use that in the trailer for...what was it, the one with the volcano.

Combee: Dante’s Peak?

Erskine: The other one.

Doven: Volcano."

Read a review of the Minority Report trailer.

21st June, 9:16 am

I've been thinking about making some t-shirts after seeing some fantastic "ilovederek" t-shirts at the counting crows concert last weekend. Cafepress makes poor shirts though and personal print aren't a lot better - does anyone know of any screen-printers in the uk who do one-offs?

Meanwhile, buy cool t-shirts: diesel sweeties, t-shirt hell, threadless

A new design for the world trade center. Actaully quite cool.

Bexta now has photos from warren's barbecue on wednesday night. luckily none were taken after i ahem fell in the brook.

Chris has moved:

Why not join other iamcal members in discussion: likes and dislikes

20th June, 3:45 am

From the "things i made this week" department:

London Bloggers

The Ikea Game

19th June, 9:54 am

Lying to women doesn't help. But eating bugs is great.

Malbolge is the world's scariest language.

pixeljam contains tiny goodness.

Cocoon looks like it might be pretty cool. is anyone else using it?

Drew has a new web site. It's called toothpaste for dinner

19th June, 5:49 am

Don't link to NPR. It's prohibited! [via tom]

18th June, 3:29 am

Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About [via jplittle]

17th June, 6:46 am

meetup could be quite exciting. made by, among others, eric costello and one of the 37signals team. which makes me wonder why the front-end is so cluttered. [via graybo]

17th June, 5:26 am

Using Outlook on the PC to handle your POP mail? Then this handy plugin can filter spam, strip HTML email and even allow brainf**k programmed filters. fantastic.

Buy a disturbing "Anatomical Teddy" [via b3ta]

Play dvorak using pre-designed decks. you can even have them displayed ready for printing, which is very cool.

Not from the UK? Then try this handy guide to British Cultural Refrences [via]

Got a blender? Got a phone? But have you got, a blender phone?

14th June, 12:11 am

Post Office To Steam Open Your History File [from]

One of the more extreme powers the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) handed out two years ago let government agencies obtain "traffic data" without a judicial warrant.

Traffic data is best described as the writing on the envelope of a message, instead of its contents. It can be the list of phone numbers you have called in the last six months. Or a full list of Websites you have visited. Or the times you log on, and from where. Or who you e-mail, or what programs you've downloaded, or what newsgroups you read. Or the position of your cellphone last Tuesday at five.

Because the risk of abuse of this power (there's no judicial oversight - all that's needed is the permission of a suitably high-powered boss), those who could wield it were strictly limited. Only the police, Customs and Excise and the secret services were allowed access to traffic data in the original act.

Not any more.

On Friday, the Home Office petitioned parliament to add a vast array of organisations to that list. If their passes, everyone from the DTI, any local authority, the Food Standards Agency, the Home Office themselves (of course), and staggeringly enough, Consignia. The final entry in the list says that "A Universal Service Provider within the meaning of the Postal Services Act 2000" has the same power as the secret services to read your traffic data. There's only one USP in Britain right now, and that's the provider previously known as the Royal Mail.

If the idea that the fricking Post Office has access to your web logs (access which would cost a competitive company millions, and would probably get them investigated by the Data Protection people), let alone every minor apparatchik on the block, you might want to kick up a fuss about this. It's due to appear before MPs on June 18th, and the Lords a little after.

13th June, 9:42 am

A USB harddisc the size of a highlighter. not cheap, but VERY cool.

more saftey guides from the people who bought you the Advertising Safety Guide. ace

You should read girls are pretty every day [via drew]

I'm sure that I wasn't alone in participating in the game of Who-Can-Bring-the-Biggest-Tool-to-School?

Things started off sensibly with my offering of a torque wrench. However, Geoff would always go one better.

My final move was my father's 750 watt hammer drill. Not bad, eh?

Geoff, however, was a master of this game, and trumped my hammer drill with his father's grinder.

For anyone who missed it, google had a week of dilbert

11th June, 11:58 pm

Gretchen: [Donnie Darko?]( What the hell kind of name is that? It's like some sort of superhero or something. Donnie: What makes you think I'm not?

7th June, 7:25 am

Football is stupid, discuss.

7th June, 4:51 am

Tom wants people to do his survey.

All of my fonts are now available in an auto-installing collection. Thanks to b3ta meber and all round cool guy Tomsk, for using my CubicFive font in his DIY weather app.

Sidetrack has a new design.

Possibly cool perl module of the week: DBI::FullTextSearch.

Some smart person on b3ta put together a school photo. It's me! and Denise! and Rob!

With your feet in the air and your head on the ground Try this trick and spin it, yeah Your head will collapse But there's nothing in it And you'll ask yourself Where is my mind?

What pixies song are you? And no, don't tell me about all the "Which X am I?" sites. I don't care. [edit: new url]

6th June, 9:24 am

Today at iamcal: the tube

5th June, 5:46 am

I found some cool alternative tube maps. Most interesting is the kings cross isometric one. Does anyone know of any isometric views of the new kings cross/ st. pancras redevelopment?

[edit: i can't link directly to the kings cross isometric view, so i've copied it to my server: here]

Darth vader: not evil

Matt jacob has a new weblog.

The tale has been updated. Thanks to everyone who's contributed so far. Keep them coming.

"strange game, the only way to win is not to play" Wargames is retro-cool.


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