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25th September, 7:25 am

Geeks Against Shredies

Too tasty for geeks? I think not. [via tom]

18th September, 2:27 am

There's very little going on right now to talk about. Everything pales in comparison to the attack on the world trade center and the pentagon.

You could check out etherfrolics, a nice web log i stumbled accross.

You could also drive yourself insane playing the bunny game and the cat game.

noted beta 5 is in the pipeline with quite a few new fixes, especially in terms of sharing access to open files. It should be completed and ready for download some time this week.

17th September, 4:27 am

Check out the new look b3ta site.

14th September, 12:20 am

An american reader asked me to post this:

"This picture has been on American newspapers. It meant something to me as an American when I saw it."

The picture on the right was taken by Thomas E. Franklin at The Record.

13th September, 10:01 am

SMS messages that made be laugh in the last few days: Hi Cal, I'm reading your blog from sharnbrook, about 36 meters above sea level, i just needed some cake, but cant find any... (chris, in response to the winning message in my [appeal](/viewblog.php?id=164))

Why did the boy fall off his bike? Because somebody threw a fridge at him. (Chris at

She is D - Delightful, She is I - Incredible, She is S - Sensational, She is C - Such a Cutie, she is OOOOOOooooooOOOOOOOO, D-I-S-C-O, she was D-I-S-C-O (Sul)

From Australia I just thought I'd send you an 'ZWZ' that's an 'SMS' from downunder, or is it up side down? (

I chased a bug around a tree, I'll have his blood, he knows I will. (big dougy)

A collaborative blog that seems to work - check it out.

Wow. I didn't realise this was written by our very own brooke the first time I read it. Very scary stuff.

A time lapse video of the two towers' collapse.

Which other weblogger are you like?

1 Derek of [](

2 Heather of [Harrumph!](

3 Joe of Metacubed

4 Matt of [Metafilter](

5 Jeffrey of [](

This has to be the best internet shop i've ever seen. I'm going to get a hat.

leakybrain rocks my world.

Want to know where your cash has been before you got it? Then use dosh tracker.

12th September, 6:53 am

A mirrored post from jen:

US Disaster - People Finder/Reporter

For all of you impacted or looking for people affected by yesterday's horrific events in the US, here are a few sites where you can leave messages to say you're ok / find people who've checked in:

12th September, 1:20 am

11th September, 9:51 am

My and Jen's running commentry of the days events:

Session Start (ICQ - 43903925:Jen): Tue Sep 11 14:49:39 2001 [14:49] Jen: did you see the enws [14:49] cal: yup. two planes into the WTC and one into the pentagon [14:50] cal: [14:54] cal: fuck me - 7 hijacked [14:54] Jen: really

[14:56] cal: through reuters [14:57] Jen: Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP)`

[14:57] cal: Rumours now
of a 3rd on it's way to the trade center [15:00] cal: WTC is collapsing [15:02] Jen: friend in Alabama said second tower collapsed [15:03] cal: 3rd plane hit NYC? [15:03] Jen: apparen tly [15:04] Jen: Matt: (3:02 PM) Apparently US intelligence was getting reports that something was going to happen, but they didn't know what.

[15:04] cal: this is BIG [15:06] cal: reuter rumor: 11 planes have gone missing [15:07] Jen: Nightmare. shit i have to go on another puer. [15:07] cal: oki [15:07] Jen: will leave my mssg window open [15:07] Jen: let me know [15:07] cal: ok [15:12] cal: 5 planes so far (3 into wtc, 2 into pentagon) [15:17] cal: fuck. explosion on capitoll hill [15:17] cal: bomb? [15:27] cal: car bomb at capitol hill [15:27] cal: second tower goes down via a bomb [15:30] Jen: another plane on the way to Washinton [15:31] cal: yup [15:32] cal: they are going to shoot it down... [15:37] cal: warning from osma bin laden last friday [15:39] cal: another planes crashed into pittsburgh [15:40] cal: Reports that part of the Pentagon has collapsed.

[15:40] cal: Confirmed
Plane crash 80 miles SE of Pittsburgh

[15:40] Jen: was that hte one they shot down ? [15:40] cal: not sure. [15:43] cal: all news sites still down [15:43] cal: Plane crash in Pennsylvania [15:44] cal: London Stock Exchange evacuated ... All London flights cancelled [15:44] cal: Pentagon on fire after third attack

[16:18] cal: plane shot down en route to europe [16:18] Jen: really [16:19] cal: via AP i think [16:19] Jen: AP ? [16:20] cal: associated press [16:20] Jen: cant get any sites [16:20] cal: The Foreign Office issued an emergency number - 020 7008 0000 - for anyone worried about relatives in America. [16:20] Jen: damn [16:21] cal: [16:21] Jen: my boss's 3 cousins work in the WTC :( [16:21] Jen: just gave them the number thanks [16:22] cal: the whole thing has collapsed [16:23] cal: burning people jumping from the building (msnbc/5news) [16:23] cal: Bomb in school (NBC rumor) [16:25] Jen: where [16:25] cal: no news yet... [16:25] cal: US [16:30] cal: pittsburgh crash confirmed. 80 miles out of DC [16:30] Jen: saw that [16:30] cal: American Airlines confim they lost two fully laden planes [16:30] Jen: [16:31] cal: at least one was a 767 - other was a jumbo? [16:31] Jen: 737 [16:31] Jen: Heathrow being evac. [16:32] cal: loads of places evac'd [16:32] Jen: meant to go to teh theater today haha

[16:33] Jen: SHIT SHIT SHIT [16:33] Jen: My friend David is in the Air Force, has been called up. [16:33] cal: oh [16:33] Jen: In the UK [16:34] cal: oh wow [16:34] Jen: My sis just called, i s watching CNN, apparently Bush can now declare war [16:35] cal: against who though? [16:35] Jen: Well quite [16:35] Jen: Would only take a Cessna and a bundle of Semtex to blow up Palestine [16:36] Jen: "Several aircraft are still unaccounted for" [16:36] cal: if it's the afgenistans, where do russia sit on the issue? [16:36] Jen: It is the Palestinians [16:36] Jen: Democratic (!!) something of Palestine [16:37] cal: ITV News report Taleban about to hold Press Conference
...suggestion is that perhaps Taliban are going to give up Bin Laden to prevent a US attack on Afganistan.

[16:37] Jen: GOod. [16:38] Jen: Freind Will is called up too (Army)

[16:42] cal: WORLD TRADE CENTRE CASUALTIES IN THOUSANDS - CNBC [16:43] cal: USA at Threatcon Delta [16:45] cal: World Trade Centers collapse after planes hit, 10,000 emergency workers head to scene [16:45] Jen: Jesus [16:46] Jen: Its liek a bad movie [16:46] cal: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta was evacuated. CDC was preparing bioterrorism teams in case they become necessary. [17:01] Jen: thank god, my boss's cousins are ok - all were off sick or late! [17:01] cal: thank god! [17:03] cal: 2 planes have hit the pentagon (+ a car bomb) [17:04] Jen: Am looking for Chicago news, [17:04] cal: ok [17:04] cal: American, United both confirm losing two planes each [17:07] Jen: what was the Foreign Office n [17:08] Jen: what was the Foreign Office n [17:08] cal: 020 7008 0000 [17:08] cal: that one? [17:08] cal: US Navy subs and SAC at DefCon2 [17:09] Jen: And the UK Air Force and Army on full alert. [17:09] cal: amber alert (one down from red) [17:09] Jen: Friends in the Army [17:14] cal: summary just in: bothe WTC towers are gone, according to news reports lower manhattan
looks like a bomb site (think Dresden in WW2)
a third plane plowed into the pentagon
a fourth plane crashed into or near (not clear yet) camp David
a fifth plane that was hijacked from newark crashed in pittsburgh, no
other news yet
all air trafiic here and now in Canada completely shut down
all lower manhattan, women and children first, is being evacuated
all bridges tunnels and roads into and out of NYC are completely shut
down (please keep me posted on sue and matthew!!!)
we have heard nothing here about london, please keep me posted
we've just heard that 8 planes in all have been hijacked four are still
unaccounted for and the president has ordered the air force out on
battle alert. they're going to search out any planes still in flight
and shoot them down on sight--no questions asked. [17:14] cal: Shanksville, Somerset County
4th Plane Crash. source: BBC [17:15] Jen: jeesz [17:17] cal: Market report
FTSE down to 4746.which is lowest for three years.
All except BP, Shell and BAE down. BA down by 21% Hotels down by c. 20%. Insurers down over 10%
Oil prices and dollar up sharply.
Buy Oil co's if you have the nerve.

[17:17] cal: pentagon hit
was by a small commuter plane,according to eye witness [17:17] cal: 737 at 69 tons with fuel at 500 mph into a building
small plane but...

[17:18] Jen: Shit I wish i was working on this puter [17:18] Jen: have to go work on another [17:18] Jen: boss getting antsy

[17:18] cal: ok [17:18] Jen: keep it coming [17:18] Jen: will be coming back

[17:18] cal: will do [17:18] cal: Afghanistan deny Bin Laden role- BBC [17:18] Jen: esp if you hear anything about Chicago

[17:19] cal: ok [17:19] Jen: ta [17:19] cal: AP- 1 side of Pentagon collapsed

[17:24] cal: Israel evacuates embassies
Non-essential NATO employees asked to leave Brussels HQ
Taliban issues statement to tell U.S. 'Afghanistan feels your pain'

[17:26] Jen: Fucking Taliban [17:26] Jen: Fucking Taliban [17:26] cal: ! [17:27] Jen: Lock up their women and send planes into building. [17:27] cal: exactly [17:28] Jen: They should be tied tot eh runway and aimed at by a plane [17:28] cal: sounds good [17:29] cal: BBC has reported again
that Boston to LA flight is still missing, and have no idea where it is

[17:30] cal: NYC centre
for co-ordinating disaster/terrorist attack response etc was located in...WTC [17:45] cal: from an eyewitness: unbelievable. i saw it 2 minutes after the first plane hit, walking to
school to teach a class. i'm right in the neighbourhood. the streets are
full of people, some of them covered with dust from being downtown. cell
phones are out. classes are cancelled. it's surreal. the sky line has
changed. the towers are just gone. i don't know what the loss of life is
yet. people are crying in the street.

[17:45] Jen: Australia has closed all airports [17:45] cal: as has canada [17:45] cal: mexico closed it's borders [17:46] Jen: [17:46] cal: ta [17:49] cal: Lots of cops
Pulling up outside NY Times office, Paris now. [17:50] cal: Australian PM
John Howard is staying the US, he is being moved from his hotel nr the white house [17:50] Jen: All the theatres in London are closed [17:50] cal: :( Session Close (Jen): Tue Sep 11 17:54:27 2001

11th September, 8:29 am

A blogger was there - read

11th September, 6:45 am

And one's been flown into the pentagon. More as it happens...

11th September, 6:38 am

Two planes have been flown into the world trade centre. Fucking hell.

7th September, 8:04 am

Ok, as promised, here are the top five sms messages i've been sent so far:

  1. What has four legs, is big, green, fuzzy, and if it fell out of a tree would kill you? ([Sal](profile.php?id=2))
  2. i like chicken, i like liver, miaow mix miaow mix please deliver!!! ([chris](profile.php?id=14))
  3. There once was a young man named Cal, Who liked programming a lot in Pascal. While thinking one day, He got carried away, And came up with a program named Hal! ([Suzie](profile.php?id=48))
  4. Wake up! it's the middle of the night! (anon) - sent at 2am and woke me up
  5. Hi Cal, reading your blog from Litang, 4000m up in the mountains near Tibet in China. Needed some fun from the UK. (

How cool are these? I must get some as soon as possible. Or for those of you without a fridge, try the table top version.

3rd September, 9:42 am

Oooh ooh ooh. Anyone fancy buying me presents for no reason? Any of you grateful for something i've done for you and feel the need to send me cool stuff? Then get over to the apple stuff store and buy me something (anything, it all rocks).

You've probably all seen it already, but check out this flash movie preview of the next version of windows: Windows RG. [via matt]

My perfect office would probably look something like this.

Have a big university tech budget to waste? Then wire up some bathrooms!

Yippie - base jumpimg has become legal. Well, for a while anyway.

Stuck for sms ideas? Try sending me some of these.

Think you know your silly brand relaunches? Try this (difficult) quiz. Post your scores in the comments. [via jen-x]

I've so far received 18 texts from random people through the site. If you think you can do better, send me an sms and see if it makes my top 5.


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