Posts from October 2004

31st October, 9:31 pm

the VPM looks very cool - a completely portable os and apps which you can stick on your usb drive and carry around with you.

31st October, 9:21 pm

do you love egg? those crazy easterners.

31st October, 6:00 pm

visitors looks pretty good - fast web stats analysis in c, with a single no-images html output. and a streaming text mode for cli junkies. excellent. combine with slurm to watch realtime bandwidth and hits.

31st October, 3:00 pm

i found the pascal compiler i was looking for - maybe as a basis for developing a pascal to parrot compiler.

29th October, 12:14 pm

i suspect a lot of work goes into typography for road signs.

29th October, 12:07 pm

the internet veterans for truth are hosting a great collection of video footage in the run up to the election. very good stuff

29th October, 11:41 am

a friend of lea's is doing some cool work.

28th October, 10:31 am

peta are spamming people with this flash movie. as if i needed any more reason to hate them.

28th October, 9:42 am

and someone else is getting offended by my like a sieve comment (or, at least, taking it out of context).

28th October, 9:36 am

the kottke piece has predictably descended into bitching: "Note that of the 58 mysql databases I've put up, only 5 required munging". woah - i'm overwhelmed by your experience! ;) at least webb gets it right: "Cal Henderson talks like he normally talks, and sparks fury and righteous anger. Highly entertaining."

27th October, 11:50 pm

was this episode of rainbow ever really broadcast? i can't believe they could have gotten away with it.

27th October, 9:56 pm

oh dear. e points out that devens is actually a moron.

27th October, 9:55 pm

pretty old, but john stewart on fresh air is good stuff. when did john stewart become the best news caster on american tv?

27th October, 2:25 pm

crumbs. everyone is talking about my php presentation. keith devens picks out the good bits.

27th October, 2:13 pm

clearly the problem with is that it's not just about porn.

26th October, 12:47 pm

mp3blogs is getting alot of traffic these days, which is good.

26th October, 10:33 am

from the same people that bought us iduck: "never again will you have to choose between having sushi or having a USB memory drive - thanks to the USB sushi drive". seriously. via neil matheson.

26th October, 9:34 am

i shouold get hold of a copy of flight volume one

26th October, 9:21 am

rip john peel :(

26th October, 12:22 am

the all-species toolkit is open source. now that's a worthy project.

25th October, 12:54 pm

erik is right. livejournal gets more things right than any other piece of blogging software.

25th October, 9:56 am

"the JMA operates a network of 180 seismographs and 600 seismic intensity meters and provides real-time earthquake reports to the media and on the internet". this is very cool.

23rd October, 12:35 am

aha! there's a book/map along with dates and some history.

23rd October, 12:23 am

and the map should link up to this site, which documents the stations excellently

23rd October, 12:17 am

if it hasn't been done yet, some one should make a version of the modern tube map, nut include all of the closed stations. that would be interesting.

21st October, 11:53 pm

a trippy zoomy loopy thingy from b3ta can keep you distracted for hours.

21st October, 11:48 pm

new band of the week: bearsuit are english and very cool.

21st October, 11:35 pm

this bush animcation is actually amusing

21st October, 8:33 pm

e pointed me at ipod vs cassette. good stuff. i still love my mini though :)

21st October, 6:56 pm

a nice article on adaptivepath about tags talks about flickr

21st October, 6:34 pm

saft seems like a cool safari extension. via torrez

20th October, 9:08 pm

yellowtab are picking up where beos left off with zeta. looks very snazzy, and is running firefox (no more crappy be-browser)

20th October, 8:46 pm

leonard pointed out slurm for all good unicies (including os x), which is a neat real-time bandwidth monitor which graphs io on an interface using ncurses. ncurses!

20th October, 10:47 am

i keep meaning to apply for a vtt license. must do that

20th October, 9:19 am

jeff r is overcompensating. looks promising.

19th October, 9:53 pm

i've just moved digital-web onto a server at mediatemple. their application server is blazing fast and the tech support is great (they phoned me). moving sites is such a pain in the ass, but having root on the destination certainly helps.

19th October, 9:48 pm

after reading fight club (very good, very short) i read chuck palahniuk's diary. also very good, not quite as short and quite weird.

19th October, 9:22 pm

icon buffet has some really nice icons, which might actually work well in desktop apps.

19th October, 1:54 pm

gne is dead. it's a sad day.

19th October, 10:51 am

apparently it's old news, but apple has a nice faq entitled "How to pick up and carry your iMac G5"

19th October, 10:50 am

the UKIP are complete morons. just in case you hadn't noticed...

19th October, 9:42 am

there's no 'i' in team america! oh, wait. utter genius from parker and stone.

18th October, 4:19 pm

e points out these awesome moam wrappers which appear to depict fruit having sex. and who complained? as if you couldn't guess ;)

18th October, 2:23 pm

feeling spendy? maybe the best use of the amazon api i've seen so far.

17th October, 10:30 pm

i'm going to try and get remote desktop working tomorrow (tutorial) so that i can access my home laptop and set up my cvs repository there. i have used a remote desktop since terminal services first arrived (back when i worked on ubbdev) - i wonder how far it's come.

17th October, 9:06 pm

pdd7 contains parrot's coding standards. this document alone seems to be larger than most oss projects. a very detailed basis to start coding on. (though i wonder how closely the actual source follows the conventions).

17th October, 7:03 pm

the only weapon against religous nuts on trains is.... show tunes!

17th October, 6:52 pm

cardinal is a parrot runtime for ruby. it's going to be a close call as to which dyn-language (ruby, python, php) makes it to a parrot-based beta first.

17th October, 3:12 pm

unununium looks like a nice os project. one of the authors is working on adding parrot support. a parrot os would be cool.

14th October, 7:33 pm

digital thread was the zine i was looking for which made me run into areiform. full of really useful content, including their awesome fonthaus.

14th October, 7:31 pm

aeriform are still looking good after all this time.

14th October, 1:07 pm

tuna are big fish. they can swim at 55mph. a bluefin can weigh up up to 1500 lbs. that's alot of sushi.

14th October, 10:28 am

google's desktop search is now in public beta. it looks reallky fucking awesome.

14th October, 10:19 am

i need a rofl-3000

14th October, 9:27 am

Inline::Parrot is now in CPAN. i suspect i'll be installing that later today.

13th October, 6:07 pm

a very interesting pdf talking about what we can learn about the human visual cortex from looking at hallucinations was posted to (void). makes for an interesting read.

13th October, 10:27 am

a nice faq answer about portable single character io. in a nutshell: no. of course, parrot will solve this for us by making everything seem portable.

13th October, 12:58 am

the poignant guide to ruby now has 5 completed chapters (with the sixth slated to come this christmas). it's really really good - both funny and informative.

13th October, 12:53 am

a question i've had before: "the x argument is a unix timestamp, but in what timezone? UTC?". unix timestamps are always UTC, since that's part of their definition.

13th October, 12:05 am

silly silly george - disambiguate is in the dictionary.

11th October, 11:38 pm

'vancouver' magazine (yeah, snappy title) has photos of the awesome-looking millenium line skytrain stations. the station shown (brentwood) is probably worth checking out in person, and i intend to when i get the time.

11th October, 11:35 pm

flickrwatch: i am not a nugget

11th October, 10:46 pm

i got asked - "i hoped you would have a solution for reading in more than 4kb from about 20 set cookies with 4kb each (~80kb)" and i said... you could (possibly) do it thus: create some kind of rewritten script that allowed you to create pages in virtual folders and set cookies on them at will. set each cookie to within the container folder, then use javascript and iframes to load cookies from all of the pages. e.g. have these pages: /cookies/1/, /cookies/2/, /cookies/3/, etc. and store 4kb worth of data in the cookies of each. this may work, but it may not. would probably be browser dependant.

11th October, 10:37 pm

the newly launched php wtf seem to be struggling for content - maybe there's not as many bad php programmers as one would imagine, or (as i find that hard to believe), the people running the site are finding bad code tough to spot ;)

11th October, 10:24 pm

retarded annoyance of the day - people who insist on using the dollar sign for the 's' in microsoft. YOU ARE RETARDED. so what, other software companies aren't out to make money? somehow microsoft is apart from everyone else in their general aims. fucking idiots.

11th October, 6:50 pm

the flickr mt plugin is pretty awesome, using not only Flickr::API, but also my XML::Parser::Lite::Tree and XPath modules. code resuse strikes again!

11th October, 4:11 pm

statcounter looks pretty cool. i'm giving it a go on one site to see how it works out. i've been looking for a good stats package for a while.

11th October, 11:23 am

i'm working on timezone stuff again, and came across this great timezone faq. some timezone stuff is really terrifying/retarded from a programming pov - "China observes one time zone UTC/GMT + 08:00 - which makes this time zone uncommonly wide. In the extreme western part of China the sun is at its highest point at 15:00, in the extreme eastern part - at 11:00."

10th October, 2:17 pm

this large pdf from tfl shows the possible london tube map in 2016. interesting stuff

8th October, 3:03 pm

another good article from steve about the future of media/television and why it might just be awesome. yay for the internet, etc

8th October, 11:00 am

two interesting articles from steve about the future of television.

8th October, 10:56 am

gah. my building started using our rfid tags to operate the lift yesterday, and i got home at about 1am to find they'd coded by tag to the wrong floor. so i had to take the stairs. stupid stupid fucking idiots. i just had to go and get my tag changed in the system - luckily i live a block from work.

7th October, 7:40 pm

a very cute site from pb - baby jeremy is being photographed with lots of famous people. i wonder how he'll feel about it when he's older.

7th October, 4:06 pm

tom points to a nice conspiracy theory site, which might just be true - does bush use audio prompting in debates and addresses?

6th October, 9:58 pm

oooh - a harry beck trading card. that man was a tufte-esque genius.

6th October, 5:14 pm

someone is using my "choose" script on a poetry site. nice to see stuff out in the wild

6th October, 11:10 am

laszlo have open sourced their product. will this hurt flex? or dojo? hmm

6th October, 10:54 am

the steam survery results are interesting - regardless of the size of people's hard discs (and they vary with no pattern), everyone has a similar amount of space free. informatiomn always grows to fill the available space :)

6th October, 10:26 am

as the url states, this is too cool.

6th October, 9:59 am

Inline::Parrot looks like fun. not on cpan yet, but probably will be soon i expect.

6th October, 12:38 am

oooh - someone tracked down the history of "purple monkey dishwasher". i first came across it on kottke many years ago, and it's still the subtitle for my main mirc installation.

5th October, 3:47 pm

and it seems ian wrote to me because anil blogged my plugin on the six apart pronet blog and it's been talked about on the pronet mailing list. (a sort of) fame at last! maybe ;)

5th October, 3:41 pm

ian fenn points out that he wrote dirifydashes, which is almostly exactly the same as my dashify, in june. but mine has the better name ;)

5th October, 12:10 pm has been going off topic alot lately (no suprise there), and has been talking about evolution of (non-computer) languages. "The biggest change in French spelling since the XVIth century occured during the Revolution -- the endings of the imperfect tense ("j'aimois" became "j'aimais") -- and it didn't come from the AcadBAD+9mie.", states rafael garcia-suarez.

4th October, 11:00 pm

today i've mostly been reading about surrogates (for the noted2 unicode library) and have finally tracked them down in the unicode manual. it seems like a poorly designed part of unicode, which should have just been replaced by utf32.

4th October, 5:46 pm

i'm going to give spamnet a try and see if it'll work with my setup. hmm

4th October, 12:50 pm

sam ruby points to a nice metaclasses primer on p6i

4th October, 10:27 am

bookmarked for alter - the sun java coding standard guidelines.

3rd October, 11:31 pm

lovely photoset on flickr - robots demand the right to vote in edmonton

3rd October, 10:16 pm

cardinal (ruby on parrot) v0.1 has been released. sam ruby is looking interested in parrot.

3rd October, 9:24 pm

the gravity lamp looks very cool - i like the idea of tech that doesn't just go to sleep metaphorically.

3rd October, 9:10 pm

randomly surfing around i came across tef's article about website authentication systems. some interesting points that are well worth reading before rolling your own systems.

3rd October, 8:52 pm

the pixies really rock


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