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29th March, 2:41 pm

the macpaint and quickdraw source is available on the computer history museum site

1st September, 7:00 pm

can't download any purchases in itunes on a mac that's been migrated to? then this is what you want to know - the bit about deleting 'SC Info'. fuuuuuu

19th March, 6:57 pm

i need to get me a juice pack for my iphone. extended battery life and much harder to break than the ones that extend downwards (oops)

11th March, 7:45 pm

the new ipod shuffle looks pretty cool - tinyer than ever and now with playlists. the voiceover stuff is barely better than text-to-speech 10 years ago though. i wonder if itunes on your mac generates the speech files, or if the ipod has the software to do it at runtime?

10th October, 11:56 am

tron versus unprotected memory. kinda awesome

22nd September, 6:54 pm

i'm trying out busymac to sync my google calendar to ical so that it gets into mobileme and hence onto my iphone. first few steps seem to have worked - now have to wait for mobileme to sync to the phone to see if it all works. that would be nice [update: it works! at least from gcal to iphone]

12th September, 2:54 pm

did i ever link to the macbook air / girl talk mashup ad? no? well, i should have

16th March, 3:36 pm

airfoil is awesome - play system audio over air tunes (when listening to pownce tunes, for instance). thanks mattb

4th March, 3:49 pm

multiclutch for macbook airs seems quite fun. i'll be getting used to the simple gestures first i think [thanks bogan]

21st February, 8:18 am

the steve sleeve looks like a nice alternative to the air mail (though neither are shipping yet)

18th February, 1:12 pm

got an apple tv? then visual hub is what you want for converting torrented programmes. fast and simple

17th January, 1:58 pm

i want an airmail case. oh, and a mac book air :)

16th January, 6:40 pm

the macbook air is making other laptops feel bad

26th September, 10:54 pm

the apple iphone design guidelines contain a bunch of useful sizing and color info

27th July, 4:21 pm

a nice visual evolution of apple products [via bogan]

20th January, 2:03 am

presentation zen's piece about the cingular ceo at macworld is worth reading [via pb]

16th January, 8:33 am

this apple technote contains a bunch of interesting information about the threading models used by OSX

12th December, 7:49 pm

there's a new baby in the house

17th November, 11:48 pm

this guy has written some really nice looking osx software [via messina]

16th November, 9:47 am

doom on an ipod. doom on an ipod. doom. on. an. ipod. don't you see? [via matts]

1st November, 8:57 pm

saft looks like a nice set of safari extensions. why hadn't i seen that before?

11th October, 8:10 pm

i've said it before, but osx has too many keyboard shortcuts

10th October, 9:31 am

get ahead of the curve with the 200gb ipod nano mod. thanks to matts

13th September, 3:08 pm

salty points out a good apple history articles site.

12th September, 2:14 pm

the nano appears to be more or less indestructible. thanks aaorn

5th September, 12:55 pm

although lacking the macintosh history, braeburn does have some other interesting historical pieces and seems to be being actively updated. definately an interesting one to watch.

5th September, 12:46 pm

this birth of the lisa article makes for very interesting reading. a similar 'birth of the macintosh' would be nice

14th August, 8:08 pm

ars technica took apart one of the new mighty mice and had a poke around. interesting stuff. mine's in the mail somewhere.

12th August, 8:25 pm

new toys :)

7th July, 3:17 pm

aaron points out pspware - looks like it might be time to dust off the old ibook.

28th April, 2:33 pm

aaron noticed than OS 10.4 seems to have tagging built into the filesystem - well, name/value pairs anyway. interesting.

27th April, 3:32 pm

proof, if any were needed, that osx is only for geniuses: the [in]complete guide to osx shortcut keys [via coates]

8th April, 10:22 am

aaron points out syncOurTunes - an itunes plugin (win & mac) which syncs your music library between two machines. excellent, but it wouldn't start on windows - some german error message about demo versions.

23rd March, 12:36 am

...but not as informative as these two guides to taking apart ipod shuffles. to replace batteries, amongst other things. sooo tiny.

23rd March, 12:35 am

apple's batteries page is pretty informative.

21st March, 12:41 pm

an art deco dock for the ipod shuffle. kinda awesome.

13th March, 2:11 pm

ourtunes is excellent - it allows you to easily browse and download itunes tracks on your local network. works on windows too.

11th March, 11:09 pm

tog really hates the osx dock, and with good reason.

7th March, 11:15 pm

webb's post about the accelerometer in the new powerbook is great. i so need one of these.

26th February, 8:03 pm

shuffleart, via the coatesweb, looks pretty fun. shuffles are still on 2 week order from the local apple store.

21st February, 10:34 am

robprice found this excellent story on boingboing - jailed for using lynx. onw if only they'd start jailing MacIE users.

15th February, 3:09 pm

it was really only a question of time before someone tried it - ipod shuffles in a raid configuration

29th January, 9:07 pm

i'm not sure quite how awesome the iDog is, but it seems pretty awesome. i mean, come on - it can dance.

21st October, 8:33 pm

e pointed me at ipod vs cassette. good stuff. i still love my mini though :)

21st October, 6:34 pm

saft seems like a cool safari extension. via torrez

19th October, 10:51 am

apparently it's old news, but apple has a nice faq entitled "How to pick up and carry your iMac G5"

20th September, 9:19 pm

paparazzi is a nice logical extension of hammond's webkit2png (which i could never get working). i should really get it together and try some cocoa objective-c apps.

19th September, 6:28 pm

mac's auto-eject is great, unless you're in space.

14th September, 3:10 pm

via b4ta, a nice anti-mac video. reminds for of the mjd perl newbie video.

3rd August, 10:54 pm

the people's hero of translucent plastic and irritating error noises has cancer. well, that sucks.

22nd July, 10:40 am

jjg talks about the apple store experience and six steps to a better retail environment.


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