Posts from August 2004

31st August, 4:19 pm

pixel is my favourite geek girl: "my husb is watching the bgp announcements". peer1's POPs have stopped announcing their networks via BGP and have dropped off the internet. which sucks for our sites hosted at peer1. oops

31st August, 12:50 pm

leas noticed that quentin tarantino appears to have a blog.

31st August, 10:30 am

bookmarked because i've found this useful a number of times: an article about styling hr elements.

30th August, 5:43 pm

talk around the office is the jp from fr*endster wants to come work for us. that would be pretty cool.

30th August, 5:00 pm

this rendition of the london motorways is the style of the tube-map is lovely. i'd like to see the two overlayed to get a sense of scale.

30th August, 4:47 pm

papernapkin is genius. automatic online rejection. i hope i wont need to use their services.

27th August, 1:03 pm

and talking of weblog software - wordpress is shit. i entered two patches into their tracker 4 days ago, and not a single developer has seen them. and this is supposedly during their push to get v1.3 out. a sorry state of affairs.

27th August, 1:01 pm

spoke to anil about the mt installer today. looks like there's a good chance we'll be able to roll it into v3.2. that would be nice.

26th August, 9:23 pm

samurai champloo episode 12 felt like it was an ending - it wrapped up the story so far, was vague about what was coming next and had different credits. but ep13 raws and on mirkx. i really hope it doesn't end too soon.

26th August, 5:41 pm

playboy run a cpan mirror. bizarre

26th August, 12:42 pm

my cousin is moving from the sticks to london with his gf/fiance? harriet and is keeping a mini blog of it.

26th August, 12:30 pm

jeff has a sheriff pony tattoo. that's just too cool.

26th August, 12:20 pm

best bugtracker case ever? "Case 840: I love you so much. Opened by Stewart 8/21/2004 10:50 PM. You're SOOOOOO cute!!!"

25th August, 1:39 pm

unamerican still rocks. i need some of those stickers for the office.

24th August, 10:20 pm

this rather snazzy color wheel stole my colorblind data values and tried to hide it. when i would have happily supplied them anyway. idiots.

24th August, 2:43 pm

bookmarking because i keep losing it: the 2003 revision to the metaweblogapi spec.

24th August, 2:05 pm

skypeout looks very cool. i shall give it a try when novus get round to setting up my building.

24th August, 11:11 am

natural docs looks really good - like javadoc but much richer and more forgiving. also makes for very readable unprocessed docs. nice.

23rd August, 7:42 pm

xpad 1.1 is now out. the site is a beautiful osx-style work. the software itself is beautifully simple. lovely.

23rd August, 7:37 pm

because i don't think e's seen it yet - the ten foot biromash is an amazing piece of work.

23rd August, 11:44 am

a nice video on channel9 about the microsoft interview process in which they suggest not creating your cv in word. nice.

22nd August, 1:59 pm

found a great faq for memento. the director's site is also a wealth of information.

20th August, 2:34 pm

jolly jack (creator of shithouse) has posted some good animations on b3ta over the years.

20th August, 1:58 pm

steve fink is documenting his quest to write a regexp compiler in parrot. the three days logged so far make for interesting reading.

19th August, 5:49 pm

best spam subject line ever? "MY AUNTY IS SO HORNY". i suspect so

19th August, 5:48 pm

getting an $800 phone bill sucks. when it's for a single month. fucking rogers

19th August, 3:22 pm

joel spolsky has a new book out. oooh

19th August, 2:57 pm

was reminded of channel9 again today. looks like pep designed it, but full of geniuses. from microsoft. no, seriously.

18th August, 5:25 pm

osx desktopers take note: xpad 1.0.1 is slated for release this week.

18th August, 5:07 pm

audio scrobbler is getting swamped again. i wonder if any of our scaling experience for flickr would be of any use to the development team.

18th August, 4:52 pm

on everything2 - the united states should go to war with everybody. excellent reasoning.

18th August, 1:26 pm

there's a discussion happening on p61 at the moment about multimethod dispatch on return continuations. this sounds like pretty crazy at first, with fungeoid implications, but could lead to some very nice debugging hook oppertunities.

18th August, 12:11 pm

a nice collection of efficiency quotes. two of those adorn the walls in the office.

17th August, 6:06 pm

i've implemented an installer for mt at the request of anil and might get some tech toy in return. but the question is, what do i want that i don't already have? hmm

16th August, 8:04 pm

seen the table tennis done with blackout costumes? this advert uses the same technique very well. linkage via lea.

16th August, 6:50 pm

blogger broke their v2 api today, which we've been using for flickr posting (since v1 doesn't support titles and their atom api is still sketchy). we've alerted the team and hopefully they'll get it fixed today.

16th August, 3:47 pm

oooh - ev1 are offering unmetered servers for $199 a month. might be time for an upgrade

16th August, 3:24 pm

the "travelling in the uk" faq is a good source of general information. e might want to have a read of it ;)

12th August, 10:51 am

"it was like being in a candle store without a pipe bomb". maddox didn't like i, robot.

11th August, 5:26 pm

what. the. fuck. i did a "pear upgrade-all" and it first failed because of dependencies. fair enough - stupid that it didn;t automatically install the dependency, but forgivable. but then once finished, pear was broken because it used php 4.2.0 only features. how fucking stupid is that? the people in charge or pear are braindead idiots.

11th August, 4:56 pm

the ship looks like an interesting an original half-life mod

11th August, 11:19 am

bookmarked for later - the rex parser with a javascript version of the regexp.

10th August, 10:08 pm

bash of the day: damnit. i just stood on a 512meg dimm. anyone wanna buy a pair of half length dimms? 256meg each

10th August, 9:52 pm

bah. netwindows is having to change it's name after a serious c&d from redmond. always squashing the little guy. perhaps not a wise choice of naming to start with.

10th August, 7:13 pm

A couple of new articles by me:

[Searching with PHP and MySQL]( [Search term highlighting](

10th August, 5:36 pm


10th August, 2:30 pm

i bought a new toothbrush today. i went to london drugs to get bodywash, deodorant and razor blades and they had a brush like my current one (though a different color - green with white aspecting). i'm totally in love with the design of my current one, you see, and didn;t want to replacxe it. so i'm all happy. but what's with canada and not having any aerosol deodorants?

10th August, 9:41 am

an interesting article on anime and fansubbing.

9th August, 9:11 pm

six apart is now taking signups for MT 3.1 beta testing. might be interesting. might not.

9th August, 7:51 pm

a photo of the friendster storage setup. san? silly people.

9th August, 4:17 pm

bookmarked for later - itunes sdks for osx and windows

9th August, 3:52 pm

i usually hate this sort of crap, but my love of japanese characters means i'm quite enamoured by the japanaese name translator. i need more unicode sites to post stuff on. currently flickr is my only full-unicode product.

9th August, 12:00 pm

nick clark pointed out acme::intraweb. both a beautiful name and a beautiful implementation. top marks.

9th August, 10:03 am

no way. cat cloning is now available. because obviously the world doesn't have enough cats.

6th August, 5:48 pm

bashism of the week: "and the lord said unto john; come forth and receive eternal life. but john came fifth and won a toaster"

6th August, 3:40 pm

you know what really bugs me? when people spell my name wrong. in reply to my emails. which contain my name twice in the email address. and once in my signature. my name which is a whole THREE FUCKING LETTERS LONG. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU, JOHN FUCKING JORDAN?

6th August, 2:15 pm

there's a great two-part media-lens breakdown of the paxman-chomsky interview. a very clever man.

5th August, 2:36 pm

sony ericsson's p910i looks nice but there's no release date yet. a full keyboard on the flip might convince me to keep the flip attached, unlike the 800 and 900.

5th August, 1:02 pm

i'm not sure if i've already linked to hugeurl or not. the premise is simple - it's a parallel to tinyurl, making regular urls alot longer. nice

5th August, 10:08 am

a ginger baby monkey was born at london zoo, go gingers can get in free this sunday. nice.

3rd August, 10:54 pm

the people's hero of translucent plastic and irritating error noises has cancer. well, that sucks.

3rd August, 9:52 pm

after shutting down their sms bidback service in the uk earlier this year, ebay have launched a new sms bidding service. shame i'm not in the uk any more. and that i already hjave too many sun and sgi boxes.

3rd August, 9:06 pm

wikiverse describes itself as "an up-to-date high speed static mirror of Wikipedia". it's currently soliciting linkage from all sorts of sites. i wonder if it's wikipedia endorsed. i suspect not. spam seems way too tacky for wikipedia.

3rd August, 4:39 pm

a world of sql-related headaches today. while searching for an answer, i came across this nice explanation of joins in mysql - detailing multiple left joins, which is handy stuff.

2nd August, 10:51 pm

span looks to be the first fully featured language built on the parrot vm, and so marks a big milestone in parrot's evolution. leo's python work is coming along too, with an AST generator posted this weekend. parrot is getting closer to the elusive 1.0

2nd August, 9:47 pm

best domain ever? team fishcake. genius


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