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More Minecraft - the article on Quasi-Connectivity is a great illustration of the knock-on effect that accidental bugs can have on complex interacting gameplay mechanics.

Mornington Crescent

A convergence of two of my interests: Tuble is a Worlde-style game where you guess Tube Stations.


Wordle got super popular and was then sold to the NYT. There have been a ton of interesting variations on the core mechanics:

  • Wordle for Netscape - Wordle, but works in Netscape 1.0
  • WorDOS - Wordle, but for DOS
  • Worldle - Guess the country, once per day, based on outline
  • Globle - Guess the country, once per day, with warmer/colder hints
  • Passwordle - Guess the SHA-256 password hash (parody)
  • DuoMoji - Emoji matching, once per day
  • DNDle - Guess the D&D monster based on core stats
  • Mathler - Guess the math equation (with a known target)
  • Nerdle - Guess the math equation (including the equals)
  • Mumberle - Guess the math equation (including the equals)
  • Summle - Guess the (very simple) math equation
  • Quordle - Guess four words at once
  • Octordle - Guess eight words at once
  • Semantle - Guess the semantically-similar word
  • Lewdle - Guess the offensive word

Neat little game where you have to place world events on a timeline, along with a Wikipedia card for each one, telling you more. Very addicting


I just love this story - The first streamer was a 12 year old on public access TV in 1993

Black Mesa is a re-write of the original Half-Life game, on a modern engine with updated graphics, puzzles and game play. It's a fan-made conversion, that took years, but it's really good.

Can you fit a whole game into a QR code? Some Windows assembly goodness in this video.

Lego Carcassone redux

I missed it at the time, but Nick Quaranto updated my 2011 Lego Carcassone post with a 5x5 version, back in 2014. Unfortunately the post now 404s, but the wayback machine has a copy.

Someone has ported the original You Don't Know Jack to run in the browser. There's also a blog which dives into the internal workings and file formats [via matt s]

More in the single-serving-webapps-for-games category - a lovely little app for exploring the artifacts in Egg Inc. The web is such a good platrofmr for developing and delivering these micro-apps.

If you're playing Stardew Valley (there's a been a bit of a resurgence with the recent updates), then I recommend using Stardew Profits. I love these little single-serving webapps that do exactly what you need and are served from

A blast from the past - Achievement Unlocked is a fun parody of achievements in modern games. The link for hints is broken, but the solutions can still be found here

I can't remember who linked me to blocks, but it's pretty fun. The sound effects are... something else. Unfortunately it seems to sometimes lose your progress.

The source code to every Infocom text adventure is now on github. It's all in ZIL, which you can learn about here. Time to replay the HHGTTG game!

rot.js is a neat looking JS toolkit for making rogue-likes

Seed Ship

If you liked paperclips, a dark room, etc but you only want to spend 10-15m playing then, Seedship is definitely worth checking out. More games like this please!

Next time I pick up some of my long-languishing game projects, Voxatron looks like it's worth checking out: a voxel engine with integrated design tools.

Diablo 3 numbers

Internationalization, math and the way numbers make users feel. The design of Diablo 3 numbers is a really nice look at how these all interact.


If you were a fan of Chris Sawyer's Transport Tycoon Deluxe (and you should be), then OpenTTD is probably worth a try.

Closing Some Tabs

I'm closing out some 2014 tabs, so have a few useful links.

Want to make a game, but don't know how to get started? is a great step-by-step resource.

Using Google Apps-for-business and group mail is bouncing? Follow these instructions to switch to "proper" groups.

Think you can recognize your developers from their commit messages? git-game turns it into a neat game where you try to figure out whose entire message was just "fuck" the most often.

Want a machine that make tortillas at the press of a button? I DO. flatev is the answer.

Save the Date

Save the date is a great little game that's a cross between a dating sim and Groundhog Day. Keep trying, and maybe it'll work out.

This review of Doom 3's source release is full of tons of interesting stuff, even for non-graphics programmers. [via waferbaby]


Buildy seems like it might be fun, in a modern City Creator sort of way, but I haven't managed to create anything cool myself (here's my effort) and there's no good directory of player-created stuff. Have any of you been playing with it?


Halfblock is a very neat sort-of-minecraft-clone written in JavaScript using WebGL. The source code is unfortunately on bitbucket instead of github, but cloning it shouldn't be too hard.

Frog Fractions

Frog Fractions is, without a doubt, the best frog-based educational fractions game.

The game is a little deeper than it first appears - make sure you get the presidential pool upgrade.

The Circle Line

One the one hand, it looks terrible. However, London Underground Simulator (Circle Line) is so detailed in all the right ways that I just want to play it. For hours.

Watch part 2 and then buy yourself a copy.

24th January, 10:58 am

spacechem is one of the most difficult games i've played in the last few years. what these people have managed is mind-boggling

1st October, 1:05 pm

gourmet gaming is a great concept - recreating dishes from video games

8th July, 7:17 pm

some tips for dungeon raid. so fucking addictive

11th May, 10:44 am

having recently re-played half-life 2 (in the wake of the portal 2 release), i've been re-reading concerned, an excellent hl2 parody comic

16th March, 2:28 pm

the katamari damacy bookmarklet is the best thing i've seen so far this year. for reals

16th March, 2:09 pm

i scored 23/5 before stopping. what about you?

6th March, 1:11 pm

this weekend's project - lego carcassonne

26th January, 12:28 am

the live-action LBP is fucking genius. if something like that ever gets made for glitch, i think we win [via dburka]

11th January, 11:02 pm

voxotron looks so awesome

31st August, 6:11 pm

chess just isn't as good as wc2

12th July, 11:17 am

can't play coma for long, because the controls are awful, but it's beautiful

8th April, 9:55 am

pixels is amazing. watch it now. now!

31st March, 10:40 pm

the 3.3.9 gold achievement looks pretty awesome and will probably be pretty rare. on my list for after 'insane'

25th March, 11:01 pm

colorbind has a really beautiful trailer. buy this game now

25th March, 9:59 am

continuity is a great concept. very addictive little puzzler

24th February, 12:03 pm

cannablat has nothing on robot unicorn attack. seriously

23rd February, 4:31 pm

sushi cat is a super fun little game. a little over-easy, but very cute

30th January, 1:29 pm

i have 5 invites for city of eternals. if you like that sort of thing

29th January, 1:22 pm

where we remain is a really wonderful little flash game that makes me want to start making little games. who's with me? [via joshua]

22nd January, 11:13 am

ok, ribbon hero is dumb, but awesome. however, the thing it has most taught me about the ribbon is that feature placement is essentially random and the best way to get anything done is to hunt through each tab slowly until you find what you need. and it'll probably have a dumb name.

19th January, 11:51 pm

a nice relaxing dish full of sonic

19th January, 11:43 pm

first person tetris is awesome. until you throw up. and then it's still awesome

29th December, 12:52 pm

this iphone game looks cute, and maybe even colorblind compatible. giving it a try...

27th December, 3:47 pm

an excellent interview/article with jeff kaplan from the wow team on game design stuff

14th December, 6:04 pm

wow. pacman has a maximum high score and it's been reached. that kinda makes me sad

27th October, 11:30 am

football hero requires a lot of moving about

14th October, 2:03 pm

brickbattles is a table-top war game in lego. bogan sent this to me forever ago, but just found it again

13th October, 8:36 pm

lucidity is $10 on steam and is quite lovely

12th October, 1:57 pm

i recently re-read the whole of concerned. definitely worth it

26th August, 7:03 pm

tennis for two is a computer game. from 1958

17th June, 11:50 pm

nethax is an ajax nethack [via joshua]

10th June, 1:36 pm

fat princess looks awesome. cake for everyone!

6th May, 3:30 pm

grunk find pig. beautiful

4th May, 9:31 pm

comcast town seems like a snazzy update to citycreator, but is kinda sucks. lost all me designs with an exploratory click. menus are too deep and hidden (i want to see everything!) and the tooltips are dog slow. bah. do it right please!

4th May, 7:29 pm

openth sounds like a good idea, but how about a version in flash? seems like it could be huge if it were on facebook

29th April, 10:44 pm

a day of tweaks today - choose your own adventure had a little overhaul, removing around 5000 bad entries and improving various things to avoid it getting like that again. worth a little play

29th April, 4:51 pm

aww, poor harrison

27th April, 2:25 pm

keen to try out bunni, but still unsure how to complete fishing girl. does it involve the bird i caught? hmm

30th March, 2:47 pm

i think this time travel rts (demoed at GDC) might actually be too confusing to play. damn

21st March, 9:32 pm

i haven't played ginormo sword is ages. yay!!

7th February, 11:54 am

asylum was ace. and twin world. need. acorn. emulator

6th February, 3:52 am

a bunch of class changes are upcoming in wow - including no ammo for hunters? huh?

27th January, 4:55 pm

grow tower is infuriating. has anyone solved it?

22nd January, 4:15 pm

warzone 2100 looks pretty cool. yay for old games under GNU

13th January, 1:31 pm

can't get into tork much. am i impatient, or is it just dull?

12th December, 11:00 am

wow now has paid sex-changes, and they're much cheaper than the real thing. this pay-for-addons model is great for players and blizzard alike

19th November, 2:52 pm

has anyone played any of the bigpoint games? are they any good?

27th October, 11:35 am

i know it's only a tech demo, but the unfinished swan looks like a lot of fun

21st October, 3:24 pm

virtual bacon? not as good as physical bacon, for sure [via rr]

10th October, 11:56 am

tron versus unprotected memory. kinda awesome

17th September, 9:16 am

in the best news since, err, ever, you can get your own email address at sanrio town. am i the only person desperately awaiting the MMO?

12th September, 2:22 pm

ok, pac-text is awesome. has anybody managed to complete a level? update: schachter has eaten all the dots. "congratulations! You have eaten ALL the dots! A rather time consuming and tedious task."

11th September, 10:32 am

the end of this weeks' zero punctuation is genius. go watch it. now

10th September, 1:57 pm

atmosphir looks like it might be a lot of fun. can't wait to get in the beta [via schill]

7th September, 1:41 pm

ok, where can i get a copy of this game? too lazy to make it myself

23rd July, 9:58 am

"turning them into entitled twat-donkeys"

18th July, 2:37 am

the halo 3 kid is terrifying. he's not only built all the weapons (nerdy), but learnt all the unnatural animations too [via pa]

15th July, 2:35 pm

web-based games with favicons as the play canvas? too cool

9th July, 12:13 am

a plush merlok that talks? oh fuck yes [via wafer]

8th July, 4:46 pm

is lively supposed to be google's habbo? it doesn't work for me. and it's ugly as hell

22nd June, 6:23 pm

wow + rickroll = pretty awesome [via bogan]

19th June, 10:22 am

get lamp looks like it'll be pretty cool. i want to play the game whose map is shown in the trailer (the huge one)

18th June, 6:06 pm

too difficult. can only get to level 13 [via js]

2nd June, 5:27 pm

joshua insists this is great, but i suck at it. click click click

23rd May, 10:48 am

lots of leaked lich king info here

20th May, 8:38 pm

pac-man cupcakes? tasty!

19th May, 8:27 pm

i want a ps3 laptop

15th April, 8:06 pm

ok, django mmo is too cool for words

10th April, 10:41 pm

hammond found this beautiful custom-built pirate's cove set. want!

2nd April, 5:01 pm

missing GNE? try crown quest. i'm stuck on level 18

27th March, 3:41 pm

oooh, some love footage, via wafer. looks purty

18th March, 5:41 pm

prototype looks sooo beautiful [via wafer]

6th March, 11:56 pm

this gamasutra article on 3d graphics in excel is an awesome read. for the impatient, check out the videos on pages 3 and 4

5th March, 10:00 am

the awesome stuff always happens when i'm out of town

5th March, 9:04 am

anyone out there look like link? kinda creepy

3rd March, 10:43 am

love looks really interesting. anyone know when it'll be out? beautiful artwork

2nd March, 5:42 pm

haxed is a pretty awesome flash game. nice soundtrack

28th February, 8:56 pm

halo 3 laser quest? that is seriously awesome [via jess i think]

28th February, 11:45 am

maybe killing people in wow is a bad idea. silly americans

25th February, 4:06 pm

portal turret origami. anyone else tried making them? [via myles]

18th February, 1:22 pm

a boardgame that takes 16+ hours to play? that's AWESOME. i want world in flames so bad

18th February, 1:20 pm

the katamari site is as wonderful as the game - not sure why i'd never seen it before

24th January, 11:38 am

sounds like someone is lapsing

12th January, 5:55 pm

take 5 minutes of your life to play passage and then read this. [via js]

11th December, 8:51 am

figure prints are out (and look awesome) but production is highly limited. bah!

21st November, 5:15 pm

sounds like the psp got slimmer. anyone played with a new one?

20th November, 4:46 pm

weewar looks amazing - i wish i'd built it

20th November, 3:57 pm

the new wow ads featuring mr t and william shattner are awesome. well, the mr t one is. i want a night elf mohawk

20th November, 3:54 pm

the dangers of wow [via bogan]

18th November, 10:26 am

the sadly-departed mr baio found an even better live version of still alive - nice work. the cake makes it sound better. and the song is pretty awesome

16th November, 2:48 pm

myles found a live version of 'still alive'. so awesome

15th November, 4:49 pm

is werewolf killing the conference hackfest? via hammond

10th November, 11:56 am

and this guy seems to have even more. scary

10th November, 11:51 am

shame i missed this auction - that's some serious gaming

19th October, 1:09 am

just completed portal. the script towards the end is even better than at the start. just wish it were longer. portal 2 soon please

18th October, 11:49 am

the portal gun in hl2? hell yes. looks like alot of fun

17th October, 4:43 pm

an excellent review of the orange box - portal is SO MUCH FUN

8th October, 2:23 pm

the wow rep calculator is really nicely done - click on the faction sections for zone and instance rep info

28th September, 3:52 pm

ooh - a place that sells cuboro in the US

26th September, 9:05 am

the wow rep calculator is really nicely done

25th September, 12:00 pm

will you survive the halo-caust? [via myles]

5th September, 1:15 am

i have a new goal in life. on second thoughts, maybe not

31st August, 9:50 am

ninjatown looks cool - game is forthcoming [via murphy]

27th August, 9:07 pm

best. thing. ever. loco roco karaoke. i've been singing it all night

20th August, 5:05 pm

lost garden is a lovely game design weblog and the challenge tileset is inspiring

16th August, 8:36 am

spectrum! fits right in with this week's office theme [via nj]

9th August, 11:57 am

for future reference - a library to unpack MoPaQ archives for WoW

8th August, 10:56 am

this would make a fairly awesome movie [via dunstan]

20th July, 12:34 pm

i gave up and level 23. gets too difficult without alot of patience. or i guess a quick bit of code to solve it for you

19th July, 11:24 am

i can't get anyone to join my chorewars guild [via wafer]

12th July, 4:03 pm

grodon found a nice wumpus java clone

10th July, 10:59 pm

andy baio found a walkthrough for the ethan hass website

9th July, 1:31 pm

dwarf fortress looks kinda awesome in a nethack way [via js]

9th July, 1:30 pm

dosbox lets you run old dos games on windows, mac, etc. nifty [via js]

25th January, 9:26 pm

950 things mr welch can no longer do during an rpg. jokes for nerds, jokes for nerds

22nd December, 11:39 pm

my guild finally has a website. alliance ftw!

11th December, 11:50 am

ds buttons is kinda cool

1st December, 11:44 am

monty on the run, hamster style

16th October, 5:01 pm

some nice game shirts, including a katamari/locoroco crossover [via waxy]

6th October, 2:48 pm

the WoW south park episode [3 parts] is awesome

12th September, 1:44 pm

the xbox 360 laptop is utter genius [via chubb]

31st August, 10:17 pm

portal looks awesome

21st July, 2:14 pm

there's a seqel to the murloc rpg now out - need to find some time to play through it :)

17th May, 4:08 pm

sphere looks very cool - a game engine which embeds spidermonkey for scripting. need to check that out further

2nd May, 11:45 am

i need to read the introduction to I7 when i get some spare time [via waxy]

27th April, 11:49 am

omg - nintendo smells of wii

20th March, 9:41 pm

dathan found this awesome merloc flash rpg on newgrounds

16th March, 3:55 pm

PS3 release is delayed by 6 months. bah [via salti]

5th March, 2:25 pm

spore looks utterly amazing

20th February, 10:18 am

google maps meets world of warcraft? awesome

3rd February, 3:17 pm

escapist is a wonderful online gaming mag. well worth a read [via grim]

14th December, 2:33 pm

via kakul - an awesome japanese 80's advert for zelda on the super famicom

16th November, 9:47 am

doom on an ipod. doom on an ipod. doom. on. an. ipod. don't you see? [via matts]

16th October, 2:27 pm

salty points out this lovely article interviewing some original japanese game creators. "q: how difficult was it to make the game back then? a: it was very a difficult process. the hardest part was the development of a microcomputer."

23rd September, 5:37 pm

a c boardgame. sooooo awesome

9th August, 3:24 pm

leeeeeroy jenkins!!! what an awesome battlecry [via matts]

27th July, 5:20 pm

new psp firmware is out (in japan only, but works on US PSPs). now includes a web browser. woo! [via rob]

11th July, 4:09 pm

more psp goodness - vnc for the psp. seriously. that's just too cool.

7th July, 3:17 pm

aaron points out pspware - looks like it might be time to dust off the old ibook.

14th June, 10:19 am

real life counter strike, via yoz and some others. great fun - the movements are spot on, and suitably ridiculous.

2nd June, 12:27 am

this games manifesto has many excellent points and makes me want to start playing HL2 again. mmmm

14th May, 9:45 pm

perplex city is a new mass-game. could be fun. $200,000 prize

13th May, 9:31 am

the xbox360 is fancy looking; much better than its ugly predecessor. and with impressive specs too.

28th April, 1:01 am

ooh ooh ooh - there's going to be a sequel to katamari damacy, my favorite game i've never played. launch it on the psp already. or else i'm going to have to get a ps2.

28th April, 12:40 am

this flash animation goes on forever (20 minutes and still going), but is a fantastic final fantasy 6 pastiche on the browser wars (featuring psp as the evil super villan). via p-a [update - 40 minutes!]

27th April, 1:04 pm

physical tetris - rich calls it "a futuristic connect 4". i kinda want it. or the tertis shelves from these guys [stupid flash, no direct links]. all via the lovely b4ta.

4th April, 1:27 pm

forget gaming - the psp is mainly a flickr appliance

1st March, 10:59 am

matt smith is writing games again. awesome. though it might turn out to be a big dissapointment. i'm working on a spectrum games myself at the moment (though porting it from spectrum to php :)

27th February, 10:32 pm

gah. tom's got me playing freenet again. 107/104 on the largest size. i need some practice.

25th February, 3:47 pm

via lealea: the blind pianist has released a free album or mario and ff themes.

25th February, 3:46 pm is super-fun for playing sonic. who needs consoles. how long before the latest xbox games are running in a java applet over the web?

11th February, 1:44 pm

i'm stuck on stage 8 of the imagepuz. i am lame

10th February, 12:21 pm

a nice flash version of bubble bobble [via lealea]

24th January, 12:40 am

and while i'm on the thinkgeek toy kick, i want these lovely space invaders stickers. awesome

24th January, 12:39 am

why is geomag (and it's precursor, supermag) so expensive? i need this stuff.

10th January, 2:42 pm

some photos from under tokyo of the flood systems. looks like an awesome counter-strike level. [via coates]

25th November, 6:12 pm

the nintendo ds looks pretty powerfull - now how can we use this power for evil instead of for playing with puppies?

24th November, 11:58 pm

12many is a great game. i got 244 - what about you?

23rd November, 11:17 am

salt points out the tetris cosplay photos. awesome. i wish i'd thought of that.

17th November, 9:02 pm

striatic pointed me at this love xbox scale graphic - yes, it really is that big.

17th November, 9:01 pm

half life 2 is amazing. i have a feeling i'm going to hear things in real life and think "that's almost as realistic as half life 2". fuck yeah

16th November, 9:00 pm

i have halo 2. i have half life 2. who wants to touch me?

16th November, 5:46 pm

jason just reminded me about progress quest, probably the best game in existance.

9th November, 2:51 pm

my newest solver for roadblocks can handle one-ways and teleporters. seems to be able to cope with advanced levels easily.

5th November, 3:19 pm

[roadblocks]( ) is pretty fun, but trying to [build a solver]( is more fun. patches to support one ways and teleporters are welcomed (you'd need to extend the find_stop_*) functions to return an x,y pair for the teleporters. one ways are easy - just add to the blocks list for each direction). :)

5th November, 1:39 pm

you know what time crisis was missing? yes, kittens.

19th October, 1:54 pm

gne is dead. it's a sad day.

27th September, 7:10 pm

sim torture looks like fun.

21st September, 11:59 am

a fancy flash version of the hhgttg text adventure. nice.

20th September, 2:38 pm

this little game is a lot of fun. striatic took about 75 rolls to get it. i got it straight away. what about you?

20th September, 9:44 am

oooh - getting a valve tourament license is free. now that's a sensible approach.

11th August, 4:56 pm

the ship looks like an interesting an original half-life mod

28th July, 1:40 pm

plurp's description of gne is beautiful: "It's like the musty smell in a library full of old books written by comical adventurers. No ... wait. That's not right. It's like laying in new-mown hay, on the very edge of sleep in the late August afternoon. Nope. That's not it. Oh! I know! It's like a fish."

27th July, 1:13 pm

mina reveals why gne isn't out yet. very cute.

20th July, 3:49 pm

tom found some interesting mmorpg stats for the last 7 years, showing the recent surge for RO and FFXI. bigger numbers than i imagined.

19th July, 12:44 pm

woah - the penny arcade omega collection looks well worth winning.

16th July, 9:58 am

lea's been going mad over tales of symphonia, a multiplayer rpg for the game cube. now all i need is to get some friends to play it with :/

15th July, 9:54 am

doom as a sysadmin tool is a great idea. the pros and cons section is elightening.

13th July, 1:27 pm

a discussion today involved use of the word quandry which reminded me of this excellent piece of fiction from whelk.

12th July, 7:33 pm

just bookmarking wank words bingo for later use. excellent game.

6th July, 11:13 pm

one of the best things i've heard in ages is this guy playing the mario theme on a ukulele. awesome.

5th July, 10:27 pm

could the future of online and offline gaming possibly be monopolabble? only time will tell, but jc has a knack for slightly insane ideas.


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