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Diablo 3 numbers

Internationalization, math and the way numbers make users feel. The design of Diablo 3 numbers is a really nice look at how these all interact.

Legal and Illegal Builds

Jamie Beard's talk on Stressing The Elements looks in detail at how Lego bricks are meant (and not meant) to fit together.

Sushi Towels

Why are these Sushi Towels not actually available for purchase?


Buildy seems like it might be fun, in a modern City Creator sort of way, but I haven't managed to create anything cool myself (here's my effort) and there's no good directory of player-created stuff. Have any of you been playing with it?

Map Radio

I was sure I had posted this earlier, but the Yuri Suzuki Tube Map radio is excellent.

Particularly like some of the modified station names; Oxford Circuit, Earl's Coil, Clapham Jumper, etc.

Early world maps

A fascinating look at early maps of the world. The relative scales vary wildly.

23rd January, 11:58 am

want. a thing of such beauty

28th October, 10:26 am

shape type is really nicely done - that shit is hard

25th June, 10:48 pm

interested in transit mapping? then settle in and read this excellent paper

22nd June, 6:04 pm

ooh, the why yachts are now really for sale. i'll take a dozen

20th June, 10:41 am

lego sculpture is like manual minecraft

10th April, 1:55 pm

i really want this awesome cocktails poster. yes pls

27th March, 12:58 pm

wooden toy container ships? want

25th March, 1:25 pm

you should turn on javascript. the reasons for having it disabled are pretty accurate

22nd March, 8:40 pm

chartwell is fucking awesome. using ligatures for SCIENCE

28th February, 9:46 am

the lego letterpress is a great idea - easy re-configuration and registration

12th January, 1:19 pm

it's true - sci-fi corridors are fascinating

12th September, 11:18 pm

oooh, i really like these lost tarot cards [via tom]

16th June, 11:58 am

this is great. be sure to click the link in the bottom right

12th June, 10:18 pm

awesome video on the making of the w+k nike fish-shoe. some really nicer work coming from them lately

25th January, 4:17 pm

damn, this is sold out. sucks to be me. love the e-t forms

7th January, 11:24 am

oooh, good's best infographics of 2009

27th December, 3:47 pm

an excellent interview/article with jeff kaplan from the wow team on game design stuff

13th December, 7:26 pm

the "i can read movies" series of book covers is incredibly well done

13th December, 7:19 pm

these torn lights looks very very cool. would probably make for some pretty odd light distribution though

23rd November, 7:48 pm

some excellent data visualization on the afgan war

21st November, 6:31 pm

there's not really any excuse for not contributing to nickd's book project on kickstarter

19th October, 10:34 pm

i really want this LED coffee table. pricey, but maybe worth it

16th October, 10:42 am

linos is a beautiful little portable record player

13th October, 3:27 pm

are these fans real? hair doesn;t seem to be moving in the demo video

21st September, 10:15 am

PIG 05049 tracks all the products made from a single pig

18th September, 1:45 am

chopping board + scales + e-ink = 1-3 years away? nice concept

4th September, 10:30 am

awesome experimental penguin book covers from 1948

25th August, 10:06 am

a bunch of cool slippers from toxel

23rd August, 8:45 pm

beautiful cellphone concept for displaying weather. lovely

14th August, 10:06 am

these LED stair rails are great, but the designer's site is a flash monstrosity that wont let me view his portfolio. why do people think that's clever?

28th July, 3:28 pm

awesome pizza box concept that turns into plates and a small left-overs box. hot

27th July, 1:58 pm

this interactive music video is wonderful. takes a while to load, and isn't obvious what's going on (percentage at the center bottom on light type)

2nd July, 10:51 am

this infographic-style resume is wonderful. hire this human

28th June, 6:25 pm

this excellent concept for folding UK 3-pin-plugs is so genius that i'm surprised it hasn't been done before. i want one

31st May, 7:20 pm

so this is pretty awesome - an agency website done entierely in linked youtube videos. very very nice

11th May, 6:50 pm

these maps are super beautiful. are they just on show at the moment, or can you buy them?

9th May, 12:03 pm

these beautiful bento boxes are lovely. why isn;t my lunch this pretty?

6th May, 7:22 pm

i want to take part in this creativity test

4th May, 9:31 pm

comcast town seems like a snazzy update to citycreator, but is kinda sucks. lost all me designs with an exploratory click. menus are too deep and hidden (i want to see everything!) and the tooltips are dog slow. bah. do it right please!

4th May, 2:47 pm

S&W's horizonless maps of new york are lovely

15th April, 11:34 pm

a beautiful photo over on kottke. but when did he redesign? best design since the orange juice

13th April, 10:00 pm

happy chairs are happy. chairs.

13th April, 6:23 pm

some wonderfully creative my little pony sculptures. love em

11th April, 8:37 am

while the last line sounds anti-css (sort of?), it turns out pie charts suck

24th March, 3:52 pm

noah stokes' new "portfolio" is excellent. i'd hire him

21st March, 9:29 pm

book spines as pixel art? kinda cool. but my books are all different sizes

21st March, 12:05 am

aviary is very very well done. the demo videos are pretty well put together. barrier to doing something slick on the web has gone up a lot lately.

21st March, 12:02 am

not sure why i have fluid design in my 'to read' folder. i mean, it's pretty stuff. maybe i know someone who works there? maybe you work there? hmmm?

19th March, 11:23 am

this is what IE6 deprecation pages should look like. well, maybe.

6th January, 1:37 pm

these Luigi Colani designs are awesome. how planes were meant to be

9th October, 9:34 am

mr hicks is going to do design for opera. should be interesting

8th October, 7:41 pm

dead celebrities in type? that's kinda awesome [via lealea]

24th September, 1:33 pm

"No gradients were used in the production of this site."

24th September, 11:37 am

did i ever link to bomomo? i should have, because it's awesome fun

24th September, 10:45 am

some beautiful icons to brighten your morning

20th September, 1:09 pm

omg. just been reminded about how fucking awesome the burton/uninc 2008 board range are. i want every one of these. except maybe the monkey. i need the kitten for sure. and the seal. gah!

17th September, 9:14 am

we need to resurrect the calling card. gentlemen, to your letter presses!

11th September, 5:30 pm

oh god, i love this set of designs so hard. i need more beautiful text in my life

10th September, 1:57 pm

atmosphir looks like it might be a lot of fun. can't wait to get in the beta [via schill]

9th September, 5:13 pm

i love nut and bee and think i'll get some prints. anyone got any? i wonder what the quality is like

8th September, 5:00 pm

this is my favorite new flickr page. lots of gems in there

28th August, 11:45 pm

i miss h73. has it really been that long?

6th June, 9:52 am

a review of atm interaction design from one of the guys that designed the (awesome) wells fargo atm interface

2nd April, 12:12 pm

the new UK coins look beautiful. the moderization of money is an odd process, but pretty awesome

28th February, 9:36 am

blik are making more awesome wall decals. i'm jusr running out of walls

24th January, 8:19 pm

the design police should be a real police force

12th December, 1:41 pm

command-shift-3 is pretty nice. kitten war for web design [via]

19th November, 11:44 am

did i already link to the web version of elements of typographic style? i should have

7th October, 3:25 pm

i don't know what it's all about, but tom's ffffound page is lovely

27th August, 4:46 pm

the macdonalds nutrition icons doc is great reading [via asc]

20th August, 5:05 pm

lost garden is a lovely game design weblog and the challenge tileset is inspiring

27th July, 1:06 pm

some nice shirts from fictional places and companies - i want the weyland-yutani one [via hchamp]

22nd June, 12:26 pm

the new sfo site is really quite beautiful, but it also reminds me of one of the design/type portals from the olden days - anyone remember which?

19th April, 11:05 am

hardboiled have some nice shirts [via heathr]

16th March, 4:13 pm

james? updating? what is the world coming to?

20th December, 7:11 pm

salti pointed out this nice article about producing pretty bar graphs with CSS

31st October, 11:38 am

the peronalized version of the google homepage is really fucking ugly. got redirected there visiting the frontpage this morning. maybe there's some trial going on.

24th October, 4:11 pm

is this thing edible? i'm not sure, but it's beautiful.

17th October, 9:40 am

edmonton-based web superstar lealea has just launched her new company site. tres awesome

26th September, 8:29 pm

brian fling, d. keith robinson, matt may and nick finck have started blue flavor. might be one to watch in the near future.

19th September, 10:56 am

hurrah for pixel fucking. an adny production i believe

20th April, 10:18 am

the perfect prescription talks about redesigning the pill bottle - good physical design stuff [via newstoday]

19th April, 9:23 am

angermann2 is my new favorite weblog. architecture, cartography and bold design.

18th April, 11:09 pm

coates has a brand new shiney design. very minimalist

24th February, 11:06 pm

i'm sure it's been up for a million years by now, but su's redesign is mighty fine.

10th February, 10:08 pm

youyesyou once again has the best valentines cards ever.

1st February, 10:49 am

the wasp t12 speech tool is "well weapon". denise is awesome.

14th October, 7:33 pm

digital thread was the zine i was looking for which made me run into areiform. full of really useful content, including their awesome fonthaus.

14th October, 7:31 pm

aeriform are still looking good after all this time.

11th October, 11:38 pm

'vancouver' magazine (yeah, snappy title) has photos of the awesome-looking millenium line skytrain stations. the station shown (brentwood) is probably worth checking out in person, and i intend to when i get the time.

6th October, 9:58 pm

oooh - a harry beck trading card. that man was a tufte-esque genius.

14th September, 11:24 am

wigu fan art in the form of a tDR parody. oooh - i wonder if tDR have new shirts out.


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