Posts from March 2004

31st March, 10:10 pm

this dhtml stuff is very late 90s and extremly cool. nice

30th March, 11:45 pm

m-k-m would love this: the history of the meep. from becca

30th March, 7:55 pm

Boy on a Stick and Slither is an excellent comic - very sharp.

30th March, 12:32 am

odd internet moment - a girl sends me links to pictures of chicks in underwear to explain what bikini cut means

29th March, 5:32 pm

blogspot users have felt the love of ben brown. heh

28th March, 9:51 pm

lunch today with robert scoble (microsoft), tim bray (w3c/xml) and some other geeks in vancouver. after scoble mentioned that he'd given bill a demo of flickr (woo!), he spoke about how he searches weblogs (via technorati) for microsoft product mentions, then in the case of somebody complaining about a feature, forwards a link to the person in charge of the product. i mean, wow. if you post on your weblog about some missing feature in outlook, the outlook project manager might well end up reading that. who would have thought that ms was such a responsive company?

27th March, 8:37 pm

"But don't take those pills your boyfriend gave you, You're too wonderful to die". i heart neutral milk hotel

26th March, 11:17 pm

the sheer logistics of having a g/f are offputting

26th March, 12:40 pm

a soldering iron that heats to 800 degress F in under a second. and cools down to touching temp in another couple of seconds. makes me long for my hardware days

26th March, 11:08 am

in the future, we'll all hear much better: a four eared kitten marks the start of the audio revolution

26th March, 10:52 am

nice dissection of a magic 8ball from b3ta. especially nice touch is the toxicity investigation.

26th March, 10:46 am

translate text in runes, morse, klingon and some others using this handy gizmo

25th March, 11:47 pm

it's midnight. i'm in the office. where the fuck are my socks :/

25th March, 11:46 pm

purchased from ikea: one ice cube tray, to make small ice hearts. no girl can resist. next must formulate plan to lure ice-seeking-geek-girls into apartment.

24th March, 11:46 pm

webb talks in lisp: "(spectacularly well-timed and laugh-out-loud funny contribution to haddock yesterday. (i'm reading the archives))(that is all)"

24th March, 3:40 pm

the dreams are coming faster now. i can't find the script for the ff:tsw trailer. great line. i need more.

22nd March, 4:51 pm

digitalweb has a new designer on the (hugely overdue) redesign team. replacing alex schleifer, didier hilhorst has done some excellent work: [1] [2] [3] [4]. i think he's just what dw needs

21st March, 10:37 pm

the guy from youyesyou (of not-valenties fame) has got some excellent sketches on his site. i especially like his robots

21st March, 8:40 pm

just got sent random porn. not spam, but photos from some woman. i suspect she mistyped an email address. should i reply?

21st March, 8:39 pm

whew. scary phone conversation. and i think one that marks the beginning of the next phase of my life. big things

21st March, 8:38 pm

lost in translation was great, but reading this translation of a key scene adds even more. i wish i spoke japanese. i'm really considering learning

21st March, 4:27 pm

jeff veen make the best presentations. well, maybe cerveny's are better, but veen is awsome.

20th March, 7:20 pm

i am becoming a sashimi feind. half of everything i eat is raw fish. can't get enough of that excellent tuna. mmmm

20th March, 6:57 pm

i went out to buy: sparkling water and washing powder. i bought: crumpets and a gamecube. i need shopping practice.

19th March, 1:16 pm

talking to matt haughey in a meeting about creative commons: "none of the text on weblogs has any real value"

16th March, 11:18 pm

some important guy from sony is here and i'm listening to the moldy peaches' "downloading porn with davo" ^_^

16th March, 9:39 pm

it's 9:30pm and i've just popped out of the office to grab a coffee and a danish from the 7-11 to keep me going. we're accomplishing great things at the expence of the rest of my life. but i love it. i don't think i've ever been this happy with my life. amazing work, amazing people. we are kicking arse.

16th March, 11:11 am

garned from The Face mailing list this morning, a selection of lego films. requires divx, but well worth the download. if i had more free time, this is what i'd be making.

15th March, 7:45 pm

dumb spam, #1678 in an infinate set: "The average erect penis size is just 6.16 inches. Over 90 percent of all men posses this size.". err. surely it's not an average then. who writes this crap? moreover, who reads it?

15th March, 10:10 am

channel 4's new advert is a work of genius. i'm not quite sure what it's supposed to say about the channel, but it makes me sit up and take notice.

15th March, 1:22 am

the first rule of hug club is: you're encouraged to tell your friends about hug club. my new boss hugs me alot. this company is beyond awsome.

14th March, 10:49 pm

before tonight i'd never eaten raw-fish sushi. i'd always assumed it would be an aquired taste. why did nobody tell me it's so fucking awsome?

14th March, 5:17 pm

until now i wouldn't have considered spending $6000 on a monitor. this has changed my mind. 9.2 mega pixels. 22.2" screen with a resolution of 3840x2400. wow. i'm salivating.

13th March, 12:24 am

what's the most fucked up ice cream flavour you can imagine? stewart just had pear, gorgonzolla and blue cheese. he was spitting out lumps of cheese, from ice cream. wtf?

12th March, 6:32 pm

the convergence. everyone is in vancouver right now. me from england, eric from new york, george from australia, frank from seattle, claus from germany. it's all coming together.

7th March, 5:46 pm

salling clicking. best. software. ever.

7th March, 2:45 pm

what we need is more geek-oriented guides like this japanese as a programming language article

5th March, 4:21 pm

is this my future?

5th March, 1:06 pm

buses in vancouver look like grasshoppers. when viewed from above at least. the two metal pantographs which join them to the overhead power cables looks like antennas. just so you know.

4th March, 11:09 pm

oooh - comic fest in vancouver in a few weeks. i might just go along to this.

4th March, 10:20 pm

[best]( bash of the day: <poserman> what is considered a long distance girlfriend? <poserman> 10, 15, 20 hops???

4th March, 8:42 pm

vancouver airport is by far the most beautiful i have seen. by really really far. clean crisp lines, beautiful structure and bizarre indoor outdoor scenes, with a mini-waterfall scene. unlike anything i've ever seen. people should learn from this. the only other airport that's interested me was paris cdg - a huge concrete spider, with a web of moving walkways in the centre. fun, but feels old. vancouver feels new.

aren't they building some hyper-architectural airport in china somewhere (spotted in wallpaper), or was that a seaport?

4th March, 8:38 pm

only a few days in vancouver and i find myself hoplessly addicted to jolt cola. with a seven-eleven about 10 metres from the office, i'm doomed to a sugary death. yay!

4th March, 7:45 pm

you know what's really dumb? livejournal's atom implementation. rather than use easy auth (http basic) or the atom spec'd auth that's annoying but possible (wsse) they use fucking http digest auth - the least documented thing on the web. does anyone know any decent explanation of how to implement http digest auth on the client side? the rfc is a maze of tiny rooms, all alike.

4th March, 7:44 pm

yet another a beautiful shirt from threadless. i'm a bit cautious about buying this one though, since these crazy foreigners get easily offended. i'm having to resist shouting "fucking cunt" at my pc every few minutes. good job i didn't bring my "intellectually rape me" shirt with me :)

3rd March, 8:33 pm

finally got atom wsse auth working. turns out i was doing everything right, except i was using an sha1 hex string output instead of the raw binary output. it would have been nice to actually specify this in the fucking spec, since most sha1 libraries output the hex string version. urgh.

3rd March, 8:32 pm

i'm not sure if there's anything that makes me madder than xml-rpc (maybe atom's wsse auth, but i'll get to that). the idea is sound, but it's very badly designed. very badly. to return a single hash of data, you end up with a tree six elements deep. why have <value><string>bob</string></value> when you could just do <value type="string">bob</value> ? It's almost as if the designer didn't want to use a full xml parser, so avoided anything that couldn't be parsed with a regexp. yuck.

3rd March, 8:28 pm

don't be caught with lame lines next valentines day - use the power of bash

3rd March, 6:58 pm

i've finally found it. the best page on the internet.

3rd March, 6:54 pm

rumor has it that natalie portman is going to be in a sequal to luc besson's fantastic leon. now that would fucking rule.

3rd March, 6:26 pm

possible missing feature in typepad - the ability to easily delete 500 identical posts you accidentally made while playing around with the atom api. oops.

2nd March, 11:05 am

i pack everything i could possibly want for two months into a racksack and it's by far the heaviest bag i've ever taken anywhere. so when the checkin stewardess notes that i'm "travelling light" i suspect my idea of "alot of stuff" is out of sync with the rest of the world.


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