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28th February, 10:54 am

Now you too can turn your site into a blog like luke's, thanks to pt's fezzer.

Both my mum and davo think i've lost weight. I certainly haven't been eating healthily. What else make you lose weight?

Ever wondered what country has .et domains? What about .mm? Well wonder no longer. You can find them all here.

Following this months theme of strange online comics: wigu

A word processor in flash? sure. Which lets you write on the back of an envelope? great.

The sprawling iamcal network has relocated from the server run by top sysadmin ste. It's served the iamcal network well, but we've outgrown it's bandwidth so we've moved to the lovely pair.

The bandwidth issues we've encoutered are best illustrated by this post on b3ta.

Vintage from august 2000 presents: the best graphics card ever!

ftrain talks about google [via tom]

The designers republic have opened their online shop. i want to 2x22m banner set...

Have you ever recieved spam from a company called traffic magnet? It's quite cool because they include a screen grab of your site in the body of the email. What's really cool, is that i got one from them that looked like this.

27th February, 6:39 am

Woo. back with a new design.

22nd February, 10:35 am

Tomorrow is the first ever meet. All are welcome to join us.

When: Saturday 22nd Feb, 1pm Where: Yates', Leicster Square Who: cal, chris, sul, ell + you

If you have any problems finding me then you can phone my mobile: 07899 835 995. I look forward to seeing you all.

19th February, 9:52 am

scarybear is a cartoon. It's, um, scary. [via pep]

18th February, 9:52 am

For the eso programmers out there: a .NET compiler for brainfuck

Check out these fantastic singing science mp3. "The sun is a mass of incandescent gas..."

pokemon are actually evil [via ell]

Kind of work related, but you should be reading (and subscribing to) morning after tv. no excuses regular november eclectica has a weblog so, um, read it?

green plastic is the best radiohead site ever. it's really fantastic. and by the way, i got the radiohead "7 commercials" video for valentines day (fantastic huh) which i shall be watching tonight.

Want to buy lego bricks? I know i do. Do it at bricklink.

Am I cal interiors is not related to the iamcal network. Honestly.

This man has created some serious lego models. I mean serious.

And in final shock news, regular chris, has finally got a job! wooo!

14th February, 9:46 am

Are you getting paid enough? Of course not. Well now you can prove it. Take this quiz in the guardian to find out if you're underpaid. Post your results in the comments.

13th February, 4:44 am

According to an article in the guardian my music collection sucks. This isn't exactly fair though. I bought CDs at the time when they were cool - is it now the done thing to throw old CDs away?

13th February, 1:45 am

Taken from the Vodafone website (since you can't link to the pages directly - bloody morons):

Vodafone Valentines Service

This service will send a Valentine's Day message to any mobile number - so that your loved one (the recipient) doesn't know who their secret admirer is!

To send a secret message:

Send a text message of the mobile number of your Valentine to 8666. This will deliver the standard text message of "Happy Valentine's Day from your secret admirer! Your Valentine by Vodafone"to your chosen mobile number on 14th February 2002.

Alternatively send the mobile number plus a message letter (from the list below, with a space in between to 8666. (E.g. 07777123456 C). This will order the requested message to be sent to the chosen mobile number on 14th February.

A. B my Valentine, Luv? . From Vodafone Valentines Service.

B. If I told you, you had a sexy body - would you hold it against me? Happy Valentine's Day....From Vodafone Valentines Service.

C. Hi, I'm Mr/Miss Right. Someone said you were looking for me! Happy Valentine's Day...From Vodafone Valentines Service.

D. As it's Valentines Day, can I ask, will U marry me?...From Vodafone Valentines Service.

E. I just wanted 2 say that I luv U ...From Vodafone Valentines Service.

You will then receive a confirmation message from Vodafone. To send an anonymous message costs 35p inc. VAT.

Non-Vodafone customers can also use the service by calling 09003 300300. These messages will be sent on 14th February in the same way. Calls charged at premium rate (50p per minute from a BT fixed line. Call charges from a mobile may vary).

Messages will be sent to Valentines from 7am onwards on 14th February. Messages will be accepted up to 12pm on 14th February Although messages will be sent out on 14th February, we cannot guarantee that they will be delivered on this date if the intended recipient has their phone switched off etc, but will continue trying to deliver the messages for 72 hours.

In case you were wondering, my mobile number is on the contact page ;)

12th February, 9:33 am

If you want to know who else is using iamcal, check out the neat "who's online" feature at the bottom of every page.

Some questions to see if you're as clever as you think you are. The answers can be found on the comments page [via my cousin]

1: You are participating in a race. You overtake the car in second place. What position do you finish?

2: You are participating in a race. If you overtake the last car then what position do you finish in?

3: This riddle must be done IN YOUR HEAD ONLY and NOT using paper and a pen. Try it. Take 1000 and add 40 to it. Now add another 1000. Now add 30. Another 1000. Now add 20. Now add another 1000. Now add 10. What is the total?

Remember, the answers are here.

There's a new version of the flash etch-a-sketch. Much easier to use and faster too.

Google is having a programming contest. This should win, hands down. [via b3ta]

Are you using Blogger Pro? Then this faq will come in useful.

My favoutite lego sculptor has been creating even more stuff. Check out this mosaic of new york (full picture here).

12th February, 4:37 am

The moment we've all been waiting for. Pep has lanuched

Bunny Corp

Also, check out some of her random graphic stuff. She rocks.

1st February, 9:53 am

User profiles on iamcal just got better. You can now have a link to your website, show your email address and have a picture of yourself. great huh? click here to update your profile. I've kindly added sul's picture to his profile so you can all see him.

From the book of stupid quizes: which Radiohead album am i?

Look at this collection of classic new media client quotes. Most show client stupidity, but some, like this one, show that new media designers can be idiots too. Why don't you remove the button?

The iamcal network has a new design. woo. also, you might notice that this site has new boxes down the left. well, there you go.

i was just beating off to some lesbian porn on my comp... any [story]( that starts like that has got to be funny. [via [sul](]

How did sul fail to tell me about this!? Lord of the rings in lego.

Ever wondered what a list of all the links ever on would look like? Quite like this i suspect.


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