Posts from September 2008

29th September, 4:25 pm

what does your (font)face say about you?

29th September, 4:02 pm

Milk Packaging

29th September, 3:43 pm

the vast number of different plugs around the world is kinda awesome [via leah]

29th September, 3:28 pm

more on bacon - rod points out baconshirts which i had inexplicably missed until now

29th September, 11:42 am

a bacon heart tshirt - adding some bacon to your morning [via jessa]

28th September, 10:27 pm

maybe not everything containing bacon is awesome? or is it???! nope, pretty sure it's not awesome [updated: fixed the link]

28th September, 12:25 am

ok, this is exactly the correct way to propose

27th September, 7:29 pm

"would be if they were thirteen". Jonatton Yeah? is my role model

26th September, 4:21 pm

Not even 80 million years can separate velociraptors from the goodness of bacon.

26th September, 11:52 am

looks like gawker is trying to get charles a girlfriend

26th September, 9:55 am

a billion has a hundred zeroes, right?

24th September, 3:15 pm

i learnt something new today - the plural of inukshuk is inuksuit

24th September, 1:33 pm

"No gradients were used in the production of this site."

24th September, 1:06 pm

the video of my djangocon keynote has just tipped over 40k views. wow

24th September, 12:08 pm

i love the phrase eleventy billion. it's wigu's fault

24th September, 12:01 pm

i love sweetafton's road trip song. becoming a uke addict

24th September, 11:59 am

I remember rolling over in the morning and seeing Stef's exposed buttocks. "It has to get better than this," I thought. Richard on the founding of

24th September, 11:37 am

did i ever link to bomomo? i should have, because it's awesome fun

24th September, 11:26 am

bacon flavored toothpicks help bring bacon goodness to every meal

24th September, 11:20 am

this is cool - someone used the london bloggers directory to create a london blog search. neat!

24th September, 11:02 am

dwoo is a smarty-like template engine for php5. looks interesting. anyone have any experience with it?

24th September, 10:45 am

some beautiful icons to brighten your morning

24th September, 10:43 am

the church loves darwin - it's official. but what's the point in apologizing...

23rd September, 9:40 pm

i don't quite know why i ended up on wikipedia, but jane pratt sounds interesting. did anyone read sassy or jane?

23rd September, 10:33 am

the movie shot on the new canon 5d is beautiful. i might need to buy one. unless they have a new high-end coming out. ooooooh

22nd September, 6:54 pm

i'm trying out busymac to sync my google calendar to ical so that it gets into mobileme and hence onto my iphone. first few steps seem to have worked - now have to wait for mobileme to sync to the phone to see if it all works. that would be nice [update: it works! at least from gcal to iphone]

20th September, 8:29 pm

looking back through more old photos, flickr's doing pretty well these days

20th September, 8:19 pm

i guess flock got their wish in the end. running into new flock folks the other day made me realize quite how long it's been. we're living in the future

20th September, 1:09 pm

omg. just been reminded about how fucking awesome the burton/uninc 2008 board range are. i want every one of these. except maybe the monkey. i need the kitten for sure. and the seal. gah!

20th September, 10:57 am

the django debug toolbar is an awesome step in the right direction. good work guys :)

18th September, 11:17 am

in a joe stump talk at the expo - had not heard of base before, as an alternative to acid in our new cap world. flickr is pretty base

18th September, 11:10 am

interested in how gravel works? finally there's a site to explain

18th September, 10:57 am


18th September, 10:34 am

The totem fridge

18th September, 8:52 am

amanda as princess leia is somehow even cuter. ouch

17th September, 11:24 am

torsopants has some pretty nice shirts. via ajay

17th September, 11:04 am

Wristwatch phones - Core77

17th September, 9:16 am

in the best news since, err, ever, you can get your own email address at sanrio town. am i the only person desperately awaiting the MMO?

17th September, 9:14 am

and wtf - _why has revealed the magic behind the scenes. _why drawing something based on something i caused is the most awesomest thing evar. he's my hero in a total fanboy way

17th September, 9:14 am

omg, djangopony is taking on a life of its own

17th September, 9:14 am

we need to resurrect the calling card. gentlemen, to your letter presses!

17th September, 9:08 am

"This guy is annoying as hell, I couldn't slap him enough." I heart reddit commenters. oh yes - video is now up for my django con talk

17th September, 6:44 am

post-it love is too cute for words. go. watch. now

12th September, 2:54 pm

did i ever link to the macbook air / girl talk mashup ad? no? well, i should have

12th September, 2:22 pm

ok, pac-text is awesome. has anybody managed to complete a level? update: schachter has eaten all the dots. "congratulations! You have eaten ALL the dots! A rather time consuming and tedious task."

12th September, 11:31 am

this bow shoots witches instead of arrows

11th September, 5:31 pm

a full radiohead concert on the npr player. good working music, if that's your thing

11th September, 5:30 pm

oh god, i love this set of designs so hard. i need more beautiful text in my life

11th September, 4:55 pm

mike posted a video explaining how the LHC works. full of interesting numbers

11th September, 10:32 am

the end of this weeks' zero punctuation is genius. go watch it. now

11th September, 8:43 am

this coffee tasting flavor wheel is a really beautiful visualization

10th September, 1:57 pm

atmosphir looks like it might be a lot of fun. can't wait to get in the beta [via schill]

10th September, 1:14 pm

lego wall-e is really well done. makes me want to build lego for a living. hmm

9th September, 5:24 pm

i can't decide it stallman is awesome or not [via leah]

9th September, 5:13 pm

i love nut and bee and think i'll get some prints. anyone got any? i wonder what the quality is like

9th September, 4:06 pm

looks like a new lego model is taking the prize for most pieces - the taj mahal is huge

8th September, 5:00 pm

this is my favorite new flickr page. lots of gems in there

8th September, 4:55 pm

skyrails sure looks pretty, but does it actually help with visualization? i'd love some good examples of where it adds value

8th September, 2:09 pm

the 280 slides editor is pretty fucking awesome. still, not sure how well it'd cope with my 150 MB image-based presentations

8th September, 1:00 pm

"when a technical wife and a design husband love each other very much they have a special meeting and nine months later a website is born". i wish i'd seen the panel in person

8th September, 11:40 am

the PHP_Debug bar is kinda neat. very ugly, but packed with useful info

7th September, 1:41 pm

ok, where can i get a copy of this game? too lazy to make it myself

6th September, 3:12 pm

i was told about this a while ago but only just found it - an awesome infographic showing the samples used in a single track from the latest girl talk album

6th September, 2:43 pm

an awesome hawking lecture

6th September, 12:48 pm

over-enthusiastic anatomy diagrams are freaky. nice

6th September, 1:23 am

when i grow up, i'm going to live on the moon. nasa is working on it for me and is talking about it at brickhouse. go see it

5th September, 4:46 pm

idt has a logo. awesome

5th September, 2:04 pm

how to butcher a whole pig's head. thanks aaron

5th September, 10:27 am

via myles: a partial listing of the about: pages in google chrome

5th September, 12:54 am

cat of the day is too cute

4th September, 12:39 am

this diagram comparing giant planes makes me inexplicably happy.

3rd September, 10:05 pm

after discovering baconbuzz, i've been coming across gems like this for the last few weeks

3rd September, 10:04 pm

jParallax is a pretty neat little toy. gives me some ideas for a project i'm working on

3rd September, 9:43 pm

this xkcd still makes me smile. it helps if you've seen the discovery channel advert

2nd September, 11:19 pm

the phrase terminological inexactitude seems useful

1st September, 1:45 pm seems pretty cool - good work joe. i suspect i will be adding to my collection shortly


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