Posts from January 2005

31st January, 4:45 pm

nyu has a nice win95 download page including the now-old but still useful cosmo vrml plugin.

31st January, 9:49 am

these flickr bookmarklets are really awesome.

31st January, 9:40 am

metacritic's aggregated top ten movies of 2004 is pretty cool.

31st January, 9:28 am

jeff is selling a fantastic wigu painting on ebay. when it gets closer the ending date, i may have to bid. it could be the only depiction of sherif pony's wife, outside of butter dimension3

30th January, 9:29 pm

i'm not sure how i ended up downloading the 60 day trial of microsofts's new one note, but it was a good download test (nice to get over 2 megabits at home). it didn't take long to get totally disillusioned - microsoft have lost the ability to create compelling UIs. i just didn't get it. what's it for?

30th January, 8:40 pm

the cost of war site contains some interesting, if not suprising, statistics.

29th January, 9:07 pm

i'm not sure quite how awesome the iDog is, but it seems pretty awesome. i mean, come on - it can dance.

29th January, 9:05 pm

go canada. go dot NET. go ASP. go errors! when a website stack traces because it couldn't load the 'Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word' pluigin, do you suspect the developers didn't know what they were doing?

28th January, 10:30 am

creamy creamy cream cheesey cream cheese. taste my squirrelly wrath. [via matts]

27th January, 11:47 pm

i saw these age ago, but didn't link - spiral escalators rock so hard.

27th January, 11:18 pm

the 12 club sounds like it was designed for me. obviously i've joined :)

25th January, 5:54 pm

the trailer for the forthcoming hitchhikers movie looks fun. [via e]

25th January, 1:52 pm

vacuum cleaner too unsightly? then cover it with a frightening animal cover. john's in the office and providing linkage.

25th January, 9:33 am

dinosaur comics is great - saw it a while back, but kal just relinked

24th January, 12:40 am

and while i'm on the thinkgeek toy kick, i want these lovely space invaders stickers. awesome

24th January, 12:39 am

why is geomag (and it's precursor, supermag) so expensive? i need this stuff.

22nd January, 9:53 pm

after watching ghost in the shell 2, i found out about the tv series - standalone complex. and now i have it on dvd. could be some good watching ahead.

22nd January, 11:47 am

more on the d+d theme (did i post the other d+d link?) - a practical guide to d+d themed sex from the wafterbaby [via mm]

21st January, 5:55 pm

bash is down! google/yahoo need to aquire them and get them some decent hosting.

21st January, 4:27 pm

goldfish racetrack! i wonder if you could seal up rotastack stuff and max a severely huge fish-track. that would be awesome.

21st January, 4:19 pm

if this isn't a sign of the coming apocalypse, i don't know what is. phones for pets. phones. for. pets. PHONES. FOR. PETS.

21st January, 4:01 pm

the css zen garden, 1990's style. nopw those are some high quality animations.

21st January, 3:10 pm

backed up for later - the innodb hot backup script. faster than restoring from a dump, but more prone to corruption.

21st January, 10:33 am

linux io redirction - saved for later use. why can i never rememebr how to do this crap?

21st January, 12:38 am

an earthworm jim database. awesome. it's like a webpage from the early 90s. doug tennaple is a genius.

20th January, 11:41 pm

gah. f was down for 5 hours after a routine database modification revealed massive innodb corruption which had somehow replicated to the slave. after splitting the cluster, our last backup was nine days old and a few million records short. eek. so a painstaking search and destroy for bad records was conducted. stupid mysql.

20th January, 5:09 pm

stew suspects that david chess has the world's bext weblog.

20th January, 5:07 pm

best self referential headline ever? quite possibly. [via stewart]

20th January, 3:56 pm

while reformating exif display on flickr i cam across this wonderfully tedious explaination of f/stops.

19th January, 11:28 pm

i usually avoid gizmodo linkage, but the keychain plants are too cool for school.

19th January, 11:07 pm

just for e, here's the wikipedia page on hipsters.

19th January, 9:01 pm

i hate dvd anti-theft packaging so bad. it's all very well gaurding against someone stealing a disc in-store, but at what point does it become too much? when i have to spend five minutes opening a disc? when i have to resort to big knives? when i tear through the sleve peeling the seals off? gah.

19th January, 1:39 pm

i'd been talking about it since it came out, but this is awesome times one million. [via aaron]

18th January, 9:36 pm

audioscrobbler still rules, even if it tells me i've now spent over 4 hours listening to holland 1945 by neutral milk hotel (that's a track not an album. yeah)

18th January, 9:35 pm

how many hipsters does it take to screw in a lightbulb? what, you mean you don't know?!?!

18th January, 5:19 pm

where does george find this stuff? awesome d+d scenario

17th January, 11:55 pm

jeff's new comic has started. here's hoping it's awesome. looks interesting so far.

16th January, 11:40 pm

just bookmarking jeff's notes of phpwest.

16th January, 11:22 pm

i think these were the power strips john was talking about - monitored via telnet, http interface or snmp traps - nice for graphing your power usage.

16th January, 9:24 pm

incase you haven't tried it before (and i suspect it's a north-america only product), mashmallow creme is awesome.

16th January, 8:51 pm

spent six hours in the colo today, moving flickr. tomorrow i will be 24. go me.

15th January, 2:14 pm

some thoughtfull notes on webserver hardware [via salti]

15th January, 12:29 am

david ascher picks out the best quotes from my presentation at phpwest.

13th January, 9:23 am

as discussed a few times since minimac came out: g4 cube fishbowl

12th January, 9:29 am

the flickr carnivore rules. like a really invasive zeitgeist.

12th January, 1:23 am

phpMyAdmin doesn't yet have support for NDB - looks like someone dropped the ball.

12th January, 1:15 am

this is a good tutorial on mysql clustering. maybe when the new hardware arrives in the office we can give it a trial.

11th January, 9:53 pm

dude. i am on the front page of i am l33t haxxor (if you're in vancouver on friday, come and listen to me talk crap at phpwest)

11th January, 1:50 pm

this guy would own at counter strike. [via bash]

10th January, 8:29 pm

some people and moaning about flickr's 'beta' tag. but, err, it is beta. it's in restricted growth mode, it's got known bugs and issues (some serious) and it's not a 1.0 release. it will be soon though, i hope :)

10th January, 7:44 pm

denise is taking over the world with her subway work

10th January, 7:40 pm

'it sounds kind of like if guided by voices got in a fight with 1984-era R.E.M., and maybe neil young is there, but he is just kind of watching and nodding, just kinda like, "oh, yeah. that is awesome.".' drew's new album is out

10th January, 7:31 pm

the IE7 project seems good - transparent standards support for IE5/6. has anyone done anything similar to work around moz/saf bugs? one universal library of fixes would be cool.

10th January, 6:39 pm

tom has basically gone crazy, but in a cool apple way.

10th January, 3:05 pm

e found a recipe for battenburg. awesome. why doesn't canada have the king of cakes?

10th January, 3:02 pm

a blast from the past - real programmers don't use pascal.

10th January, 2:43 pm

hats for cats. and whole outfits. search your feelings.

10th January, 2:42 pm

some photos from under tokyo of the flood systems. looks like an awesome counter-strike level. [via coates]

10th January, 2:41 pm

hobbix is new weblog software in ruby. it's site is super-rad - must try the product.

7th January, 12:35 am

ooh ooh ooh - a weblog about t-shirts.


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