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30th March, 4:15 pm

A guestbook in 35 lines?

Of course

30th March, 8:37 am

At night, when all the colors die, they hide in pairs and read about themselves in color, with their eyelids shut.

Settlers 4 doesn't work. I'm unhappy about this.

29th March, 12:05 pm

Settlers 4 has been released a day early. And my copy is already in the post.


27th March, 12:56 pm

My low qulaity tabloid newspaper this morning devoted the whole of page three to flip flop flyin, the mirco-people site. The site, it says, shows that you can fit lots of information into a small image. I'm sorry, was that the best example they could find? If you really want to see information packed into a small image then visit the amazing pixture, the fabulous icontown and the awe-inspiring icon factory. Now those are good examples.

Lance is very good. I want to meet this man.

Pete at wackybrit has helpfully informed me that on, you can mark items that you've already got so it wont recommend them to you. Unfortunately doesn't have this yet...

There's another new poll, building on last times idea of a quiz thingy (only this time there's an element of skill). Since you are all probably wondering (yeah, right), Beth's real name is Elizabeth. Dull huh.

Check out steve. He rocks and so does his site. Been meaning to link to that for some time now.

23rd March, 10:47 am

I you think there's a limit to how many times i can give you the same link, your wrong. Once again i present this mans life for your enjoyment, complete with a brand new cover.

Thank god, you can now get your cheese, online.

On a similar but far more amusing note, the armstrong &amp

21st March, 11:23 am

my webcam jumped...I heart Clare Danes. If it wasn't for Katie Holmes, i'd marry her, but such is the world. gets a great write from matt pollard: "it's nothing particuarly deep or thoughtful, from what I've seen so far"

not a lot of linkage today. i'm busy - deal with it.

19th March, 12:27 pm

Not so secret?Have i said recently how great the Test Pilot Collective are? no? Then i should have.

After talking recently about the work of Richard Dawkins, i found this site. Very interesting reading.

Why don't deliver to europe? I sooooo want to buy the coco-pops / frosties / golden-grahams / marshmallow / raspberry-pieces cereal i created. Maybe i should move to the US...

It appears that the color schemes don't work (the cookie isn't sticking). Is this true, or are my cookies being stupid? [Tell me]( know about your cookies!).

Out of context, everything is trivial.

The solution to DeCSS encryption (used to encode DVD data) has got even smaller. I want the t-shirt :D

James Mellers rocks. This Man's Life is back and better than ever.

It's star trek related (not my cup of tea/coffee), but it's sooooo funny. Read Star Trek: Door Repair Guy.

A site dedicated to spudguns? I love the Internet.

Since I own one of these, i'm thinking of getting one of these. If anyone has any good digital camera buying tips, then [tell me]( know about buying digital cameras!).

I've got a million things on at the moment (hence the crap update rate). one of those is the relaunch of thol. Go see before the old site goes forever.

13th March, 11:06 am

This is a nice blog i should have linked to ages ago.

Amazon is great. I totally love it. But there's one thing it's still missing - the ability to tell it what products i already own. My book recommendations list if filled with books i got from waterstones. Ten out of ten for recommendation accuracy, but zero out of ten for usfullness.

"i planted my marrows in a slight ground frost this morning, but with this expected weather i do not think they will survive!!!!!". Why do these people email me?

After posting tom's game script yesterday, i got quite a few emails. From Ben at comes plasticgame.

Rebecca Mead wrote the "got blog?" article for the new yorker. Some of her other stuff is interesting too.

There's a new poll. It's more of a quiz than a poll. There's no skill involved, so it's not a real quiz, but should still be interesting.

12th March, 11:20 am

Want to play tom's game? Download my generation script and make your own (it takes a while to run. settings are striaght forward).

11th March, 11:35 am

Finally, the iamcal network goes live. Opinions welcomed.

Arrrrrgh!. Cross meme fertilisation. There should be tighter controls over the splicing of memes...

On the subject of memes, i've just bought (on the recomendation of several bloggers) <a href="javascript:bookpop(2)

7th March, 10:12 am

Cleverly cunning, cutlery stunts. Try saying that 3 times in a row, quickly.

Ahhhhh. This explains a lot.

Sadly, meg has stopped writing. Check the source for reasons.

Old but funny.

Sometimes i forget how much i agree with Lance:

Q: I see there was another school yard shooting in America. I note, also, that where I live (which, I'm happy to say, is another country entirely) that we've managed to have another year with no school shootings at all. For that matter, we've never even had one! What is with you people?

A: America has a long, proud history of violence because we aren't allowed to have sex. If you're not having shootings, we'll wager that you're having sex, and a lot of it. We hope you're proud of yourselves, having all that dirty, filthy, disgusting, animalistic, passionate, hot, fantastic sex while we load up on guns and ammo. But beware! Someday your government could rise up against you and... uh... make you stop having sex! And then what will you do? You'll see! They'll come into your homes and take your sex away from you, have sex control laws, and when the government takes sex away from the people, only the government will have sex!

And how many times must we bring up the obvious point that guns don't kill anyone. Guns, on their own, just sit there looking cool. They're all gleamy and shiny! Uhnn. And, um, they have this long, hard barrel. Uh, oooh. Oh! And, and you load them, you load them up with bullets! Bullets! Ahhhh, bullets! And you shoot! You shoot! Shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot! Shoot your bullets! Bang! Bang bang bang! Ahhh! Ah, ha ha ha! Oh, God, that's good!

There. I know I feel better. And I think I need another gun.

Death by popups thanks to Elliot

"all that glitters is gold. only shooting stars break the mould"

5th March, 10:24 am

Recently, for a number of reasons, i've been thinking about mortality. If i were to die tomorrow, what would i have wanted to say to people? What would i have wanted to do? Where would i have wanted to travel?

To start off, the people i would wish i'd have thanked:

Rebecca Shore for being perfect.

Jodi Bates for being a friend when i needed one most.

Louise Tunley for being herself.

Anna Perry for making my year.

Sarah Jones for those few weeks of fun.

Fay Carver for putting up with me through bad times.

Anna-Marie Harling for some of the best months of my life.

Karrie Smith for not forgetting me.

Kate Dearnaley for those sunday afternoon chats.

Chris Griffiths for making the most of 1999 and being such a good friend.

Paul Wright for being a great mate and treating Louise so well.

Phil Andrews, Wayne Divine and John Lester for keeping me sane in all the madness.

Katie Deakin, Kirsty-Anne Robins and Ella Rivertt for giving me a reason not to quit.

Luke Whitworth and Matt Joyce for being great mates.

Mark Vandevelde for pushing me to create the uncreatable.

Allen Ayres and Deb Edlhuber for letting me take far more credit than was mine.

Charles Capps, Chris Lambert, Mike Sullivan and Jason Kruzak for helping me create something the was so sucessful. Much more than we could have done alone.

Carrie Ostrea for reminding me what i was doing it all for, on so many occasisons.

Elliot Brady and Sally Young for cheering me up daily.

Peter Fielding for allowing me to create something so amazing. You are a constant source of inspiration.

Jeffery Zeldman for supporting my work.

Derek Powazek for letting me 'get out there'.

The UK blogging community for being so warm and welcoming.

The c2x2 team for accepting me without question.

I'll most likely follow this with a list of things i would have wanted to do. If you've got anything you want to say before you die, [tell me]( just wanted to say...).

2nd March, 4:10 am

we support IFPPADA letter we wrote to the Radio 1 web team:

"PLEASE get a faster web server or employ some kind of load balancing. Visiting your site is unbearable even on a 1Mbps line, with your now even heavier graphical navigation (Why are those right-hand links images anyway?). This site is pushed everyday to millions of people, but blatently can't cope with demand."

We wonder if they will respond.

God Creates Universe in Seven Days, Perl Gods Not Impressed. We've recently learnt all about the Schwartzian Transform and the Fisher-Yates shuffle, and we have to say that they are both beautifull and awe inspiring. Great things can be done in perl.

It's fast becoming a meme, but we like it. On the subject of memes though, this has proliferated much more than it should have. Who coined the term meme, out of intrest? If you know, drop us an [email]( know who invented memes).

Check out Airline Musings, unless you're about to go on a plane.

We've been wondering lately, why it is that although we get good blog linkage, we rarely get permalinks. Looking round the UK blog list, we can see that quite of few of them have a list of other blogs, and this site rarely features, although we know the owners of those blogs read iamcal. Is there something about our site which discourages permenant linkage?

A big collection of am-i-this-or-not sites. We've got a bigger one

Is this cool or worrying? How strange would it be to run into Jason and Meg in the park? [stolen from tom]

Quote of the week: "forgive my bluntness. It's a device I use to cope"

Whatever happend to Kai Krause? According to Makiko Itoh, "...he moved back to Germany, bought himself a castle on the Rhine, which he's been turning into an artists studio/collective/school...". We'd love to meet that man - a real genius.

There is definately a secret office romance happening at 5e. More news as it happens...

To end, we'll give you two nice design sites.


This is the personal website of Cal Henderson, Slack co-founder & CTO.

I give occasional talks, write code and sometimes articles.

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