Posts from July 2004

30th July, 5:51 pm

a genius idea - a sock subscription service so that you never have to worry about buying socks again. what a great idea.

30th July, 3:57 pm

a live-journal-type teen-angst-girl started a use perl; jounral, thinking it was a general journal site. funny stuff

30th July, 3:52 pm

this guy/girl has done something nice with flickr - illustrating a 58 part story by picking out a keyword from each piece of the story, searching for a photo, then posting that part of the story as a comment on the photo, joining them together with links.

30th July, 12:17 pm

lea pointed me at this amazing infomercial. what. the. fuck.

30th July, 12:11 pm

thinkgeek have an oven for your pc. no, seriously. how cool is that?

30th July, 10:07 am

the 4rthur dictionary of b3ta terms is like a fun, elitist version of the urban dictionary. minus the 100 recordings of people saying fuck.

29th July, 9:35 pm

leonard linked to a nice short guide to lex and yacc. i'm working on a new language right now, using perl and P:RD. maybe lex and yacc in the future if i get adventurous.

29th July, 9:27 pm

this seems like an interesting project if you have some devleopment slack - building peace corps sites in guyana.

29th July, 10:42 am

"If you are trapped in debris: Swear profusely. Try not to die.". the preparing for emergencies parody is utter genius.

28th July, 7:01 pm

flashkit is a constant source of despair for me. when i come up against some dumb problem in flash, i sometimes eventually post in the flashkit forums. to date, i've always recieved an entirely unhelpful solution, and usually by the same user, which doesn't fit the question at all and assumes i'm making a really basic mistake. forums with actually knowlegeable people (like ubbdev in the days of old) are a huge asset for a product's company.

28th July, 4:55 pm

broog's done a nice review of the princess bride, which should be required viewing for sensible humans.

28th July, 1:40 pm

plurp's description of gne is beautiful: "It's like the musty smell in a library full of old books written by comical adventurers. No ... wait. That's not right. It's like laying in new-mown hay, on the very edge of sleep in the late August afternoon. Nope. That's not it. Oh! I know! It's like a fish."

28th July, 11:52 am

scientists discover the death star. that isn't a moon, etc etc

27th July, 3:52 pm

bash of the day: I'm a pseudomasochist, pretend to spank me

27th July, 1:57 pm

mil pointed out a book with perhaps the best title ever: "The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists"

27th July, 1:13 pm

mina reveals why gne isn't out yet. very cute.

27th July, 10:04 am

these figures about insect contents in food are a little sickening.

26th July, 8:34 pm

todays bash of the day rocks. gah - it appears my itunes plugin which copies track names to the clipboard stomped over the url for this post. stupid me. i've now disabled it. normal service will resume.

26th July, 6:39 pm

i split soy saouce on my keyboard at lunch and now my spacebar is sticking. fuck. i'm such a fucking idiot.

26th July, 6:33 pm

e pointed out the trailer for undertaking betty to me as a good potential date movie. so long as you're not squeamish about death one would suppose :)

26th July, 4:44 pm

further investigation of the if-modified-since problem with apache and php appears to show that it's a bug in apache 2 and the php filter plugin. stupid stupid stupid. it can be worked around with an apache directive, although that also stops php from recieving the i-m-s header, so you can't handle the 304 response manually.

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26th July, 2:40 pm

i've been saying it for years, but now jakob says it's the official first rule of usability engineering: "don't listen to users".

26th July, 2:32 pm

the wikipedia page on surreal numebrs makes for interesting reading.

26th July, 12:55 pm

i quite like train (or, at least, the one track i have), but it appears i have bad taste in music.

26th July, 9:56 am

interesting and not entirely unexpected - a study found that file sharing has zero effect on music buying. duh.

23rd July, 4:13 am

a two page spread for city creator is in the just-published book websites - 100% loaded. pep also gets another two pages with bunnycorp and the citycreator homepage. excellent stuff.

23rd July, 2:21 am

best pun ever, as i'm up all night programming: "don't ware yourself out". fucking. genius.

23rd July, 1:53 am

six-apart announce the winners of their mt-plugin contest. they should at least by slightly fucking embarrassed of the winner, since it basically patches a big problem in mt. i didn't win any of the six prizes, though all three of my plugins were in the shortlist of thirty (i know some judges ;), so 10% of the shortlist was my work. not so bad.

23rd July, 1:40 am

bookmarked for next week - a guide to performance tuning nfs servers. we're using the plain vanilla config at work and it's starting to bite us at peak times. time to learn about nfs i think.

23rd July, 1:32 am

on flickr: lots of nice photos of the polyphonic spree at the apple store in sanfran.

23rd July, 1:28 am

how many ways can you spell viagra? millions it would seem.

23rd July, 12:37 am

jason pointed out an interesting article on the "plunge protection team", the group who deal with us stock market contingencies.

22nd July, 7:47 pm

the lower mainland had a 2 hour brown-out this afternoon. talk about suckage. a few hundred lines of code lost, never to be seen again. but even worse, two hours offline at the most productive point in the day. major suckage.

22nd July, 7:24 pm

hammond's webkit2png is really fucking awesome. time to fire up the ibook and get grabbing.

22nd July, 1:01 pm

word of the week is saccharine - meaning sugary or containing saccharin. great stuff

22nd July, 11:07 am

when threadless goes wrong: today i am wearing the same tshirt as colleague george. and i bet we'll go out to lunch together. and look fairly odd. oops.

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22nd July, 10:40 am

jjg talks about the apple store experience and six steps to a better retail environment.

22nd July, 10:36 am

urgh, stupid london bloggers domain has expired and messed up all the links to the network browser. stupid domains.

22nd July, 10:09 am

my ipod has been delivered. woooo. picking it up tomorrow. so excited ^_^

22nd July, 10:00 am

pointed out on p6l - xquery uses smilie faces for it's comment delimiters. the current suggestion is that p6 should do the same. even if it doesn't, one could write the grammar for it easily.

21st July, 10:32 pm

nice hypothesis: the passion of christ was infact a zombie movie. jesus gets killed, comes back to life and walks around dead, sucking the brains out of christians ;)

21st July, 10:23 pm

e pointed out the sex book to me. it's like a beautiful retro-illustrator-fest of vector art porn and nice layouts. well designed books are few and far between. makes me want to buy a tufte book right now.

21st July, 8:14 pm

man, nothing beats good sushi. well, except good sex. hmm, how to combine these two...

21st July, 6:57 pm

the best autoreply i've received to date:

It's likely that your email has reached me in error because you are simply not bright enough to type an email address properly. Kindly double-check the address of the person to whom you were trying to send your email now, and regret your shortcomings.

The technological revolution has left you in the dust. I mean, how hard is it, really, to type an email address in the "To" field of your gui email client? You are daft. You should probably just commit seppuku and do the rest of the world a favor.

If you are emailing the tourism agency for Dekalb, Alabama, you should send an email to pattyt, not patty.

Otherwise, you are either a simpering fool or a spammer, and in either case there are few things I would enjoy more than watching you catch on fire and run around screaming. You are a waste of carbon, and I don't like you.

Have a pleasant day.

21st July, 6:51 pm

keiren pointed me at this indie music site with a bunch of free downloads. i'll check it out when i get a chance.

21st July, 6:34 pm

found a nice neutral milk hotel fansite with all the lryics and tabs.

21st July, 4:47 pm

more fedex woe - why is my ipod still in anchorage? it had better arrive in time or heads will roll.

21st July, 4:22 pm

who wouldn't want to have a wooden mirror in their homes? it must weight a fucking ton.

21st July, 4:18 pm

webpac is incorporating my google search-term highlighter in their distribution. i don't quite understand what it does (very text-heavy site) but they seem nice enough. yay for open source and code reuse.

21st July, 1:09 pm

this salad fingers animation is both amazing and quite creepy. sound required.

21st July, 12:45 pm

what's up with ie lately? it's clutterbar has always been picky about showing favicons, but now it's showing no fav icons and a mix of the ie5 and 6 logos for each favourite. why is the ie5 version even still in the resources for it?

21st July, 12:43 pm

i added all my most active contacts to imwatching to give it a try. turns out i'm online the most. wow, that was a suprise.

21st July, 9:58 am

mp3blogs is doing nice traffic. simon reports 3000 pages on the first day, and since the site only has one page, that's reasonably impressive.

21st July, 9:58 am

she loves me

20th July, 8:38 pm

office access is getting really slow - someone on our floor is drinking up all the bandwidth again. on the bright side, a fiber-coms company is installing fiber in my building and i'll be able to get a 10meg net connection with a fixed ip and 20 gigs monthly transfer. excellent.

20th July, 6:41 pm

"girls only want boyfriends who have great skills. You know, like nunchuck skills, bowhunting skills, computer hacking skills..."

20th July, 4:54 pm

praise the fedex gods - my ipod has reached anchorage. it's going to get there in time for next weekend. excellent news :D

20th July, 4:04 pm

the only dream i can ever remember is a recurring nightmare, where i notice the huge amount of disorder in the universe - but i can see how to fix it and i'm the only one who can fix things. but they are changing, unjoining, breaking and becoming disordered at the same speed i can put things right. however fast i work, i know that i will be just a tiny distance from making everything work, but i know i'll never reach that point and it's crushing and heartbreaking but at the same time i know i can't stop changing things. ever.

20th July, 3:49 pm

tom found some interesting mmorpg stats for the last 7 years, showing the recent surge for RO and FFXI. bigger numbers than i imagined.

20th July, 3:18 pm

bah. my lovely new ipod mini shipped from shanghi yesterday morning. and now it's, you guessed it, in shanghi. "delay beyond our control". stupid fedex.

20th July, 2:55 pm

jen's just got an eos 10d - they seem to be all the rage suddenly (3 recommendations in 2 days). it's highly tempting.

20th July, 12:12 pm

i'm currently obsessed with weebl's magical trevor. weebl's songs are getting better and better, rivaling joel's giant bee.

20th July, 11:10 am

what's up with orkut this morning? it times out my sessions after a minute waiting for pages to load, claiming that my 30 minute sessions has expired. 4 times in ten minutes suggests i haven't been idle for 30 minutes...

20th July, 11:02 am

from a guy who emailed me, confused about colondee: "I sussed it out any way and to be honest I find it all quite boring and anyone that gets any pleasure out of it must be very sad and in need of a life.". err, right then. thanks.

19th July, 8:45 pm

one of the coolest things about canada is westjet - i've been using them alot lately and they rock. the stewardesses tell jokes. the co-pilot was telling jokes last night. they're badly organised. they give you cookies. they dance during the saftely demo. good stuff

19th July, 7:43 pm

oooooooh. the xl2 looks very cool - it takes eos lenses too.

19th July, 6:40 pm

at $1300US i'm very very tempted to get an eos 10d rather than waiting for the sucessor to the 1ds. hmmm, purchase time?

19th July, 5:02 pm

pulp fiction looks like a good osx newsreader, but i've been advised to wait a couple of days for the 1.0.1 release.

19th July, 4:53 pm

there's a whole bunch of cosplay photos online from the animethon. scary stuff.

19th July, 4:15 pm

stupid manila, part 2. in addition to not supporting the full blogger or metaweblog apis, it looks like they have escaping issues with the methods they do support :(

19th July, 3:18 pm

urgh. stupid userland/winer/manila. turns out that manila doesn't support the revised metaweblogapi spec, which is hard to find so no big suprise. but, err, userland created the spec. they also don't fully support the blogger v1 api. a developer tells me that you need to send the full url of your blog as the blog id to the *.newPost method - is this a userland construct or is it standard practice? crazy.

19th July, 1:47 pm

the ever-lucid MJD has some advice for newbies in this short video.

19th July, 12:55 pm

a new launch with simon waldman from the guardian:

19th July, 12:44 pm

woah - the penny arcade omega collection looks well worth winning.

19th July, 12:40 pm

saw spiderman 2 again. dunst doesn't look so great with auburn hair. she also has crazy ideas.

19th July, 11:38 am

word of the week is 'bacchanalia', which describes drunken revellery. i doubt i'll have the chance to use it this week though.

19th July, 9:53 am

ubbdev is still going - i just got the email newsletter. wow. first time in a few years - i have a number of accounts there so get a fair few copies. those were the days, hey. 6+ years ago.

18th July, 11:45 pm

wow, what a weekend. wordmash time i think. elina, lea, brett, animethon, the cooler, spiderman 2, temperature sign, pink hallways, whyte ave, peter, vodka tonics, sushi, unripened netarines, kareoke, cosplay, hello kitty tv, pixie shoes, buses, the pedway, sofas in malls, killing baby whales, no pita bread, lightning, disobeidient children, more than the recommended amount of chins, talk, words, love.

18th July, 11:41 pm

leonard's been working on the google labs problem - i shall have to read this more thourghly tomorrow.

16th July, 5:16 pm

wbwii (world browser war 2, natch) is not too far off it would seem. I'm still very firmly in the IE camp.

16th July, 10:27 am

jc's dress sexy at my funeral is a perfect simulation of 80's teenage angst. err, only it's real. good stuff.

16th July, 9:58 am

lea's been going mad over tales of symphonia, a multiplayer rpg for the game cube. now all i need is to get some friends to play it with :/

16th July, 9:46 am

the urdu alphabet seems to consist of many tiny variations on about 4 characters. i wonder is the latin alphabet looks similar to writers of urdu.

15th July, 10:21 pm

i have an ice cube tray which makes heart-shaped ice cubes. if i can only trick women into coming into my apartment, they wont be able to resist! "erm, why have you bought me here. i don't want a drink, i want to leave. ooooooh. to bed perhaps?"

15th July, 5:58 pm

episode 34 of gash bell - nyarurato dies. i've never been so sad about the death of a kitten :'(

15th July, 5:28 pm

this isn't london is a lovely london-centric anti-history weblog. see also today in alternate history and webb's now-defunct historical fact.

15th July, 5:23 pm

poke did a nice big printout of phil's article. it's pretty scary :)

15th July, 4:58 pm

imwatching is genius in a stalker kind of way. very similar to both mine and jake's gne player trackers, this web app tracks your aim buddies' presence over time. i think it'll show how often i'm online, which is a scary thing :/

15th July, 3:15 pm

konjiki no gash bell is being subbed again. there truely is a god.

15th July, 2:08 pm

cat says i look alot thinner than when she left (over a month ago now). i haven't been getting any exercise. nor have i been eating well. perhaps i just haven't been eating much at all.

15th July, 1:35 pm

diane found this cheap pocky online store. excellent stuff, though lacking the vital flavor (milk, duh).

15th July, 9:54 am

doom as a sysadmin tool is a great idea. the pros and cons section is elightening.

14th July, 10:58 pm

bash provides some nice unix command line jokes: "PIPE YOUR OUTPUT THROUGH THAT, BITCH!". "you can stick that in your pipe and awk it". awesome.

14th July, 10:17 pm

stupid stupid pear doesn't have an atom parser yet (and wont for ages - their standards and approval process greatly discourage people writing for it - there's no way i ever will :/) so i wrote one with the same interface as XML::RSS, for drop in replacement (it's going to be used in an upcoming aggregator project).

14th July, 10:15 pm

check out my rtf tokeniser in perl which i wrote many years ago and just remembered about (although we now have RTF::Tokenizer on cpan which didn't exist when i wrote my tokenizer).

14th July, 6:53 pm

bash of the day: "jeremy: one does not give miss poppins a 'throat full of cock', you fucking heathen"

14th July, 5:43 pm

this comic was found by tom. it really does resemble me, in a way i'm slightly embarrased to admit. but it's just so sunny outdoors :/

14th July, 1:07 pm

posted for later reference: a copy of the fight club script. se many excellent lines. i really must read the book.

14th July, 10:38 am

the misery for sal continues with two more of her sites being owned. major suckage.

14th July, 9:42 am

everybody already knows, but pep is really fucking awesome. amazing work.

13th July, 11:54 pm

word of the day is 'supine'. i shall be working this into conversations at random tomorrow

13th July, 8:14 pm

jen tells me she's making a bees shrine. that's the coolest thing that anyone's ever done. ever.

13th July, 7:29 pm

jen, my adopted sister, takes some really great photos of her son, rey.

13th July, 4:57 pm

this is the only itunes/mirc/now-playing plugin that i could get to work. it also makes itunes 'always on top' in mini-mode, which is a feature i've been wanting for a while.

13th July, 4:08 pm

good news via salt: verisign to stop being so shit and update atlas once every 5 minutes instead of 12 hours.

13th July, 2:19 pm

found on bash: yet another innovative way to get idiots to disconnect.

13th July, 1:47 pm

anything worth doing is worth maybe dying for. and stuff. <3

13th July, 1:37 pm

a dip into upsideclown has left me obsessed again, so a pick of my favourites. the book's opening story, hecatomb by dan, and the closing of the book - neil's suburban gothic. but the best piece, by far, it matt's amazing ludo.

13th July, 1:27 pm

a discussion today involved use of the word quandry which reminded me of this excellent piece of fiction from whelk.

13th July, 1:11 pm

meta efficient is beautiful - a running commentry on exactly the kind of tech i like.

13th July, 12:04 pm

tom pointed out this old gem from the hardened cynics at 2lmc. i had a copy of this printed out and hung over my desk at the farringdon office, but did they listen? did they fuck :/

13th July, 11:59 am

this is a nice piece on highly composite numbers.

12th July, 9:39 pm

brainbench are doing free tests until wednesday. i can't be bothered to take any, but you might like to.

12th July, 8:16 pm

unicameral is definately my favourite word of the week. found a nice definition after i worked it into a conversation and had to explain myself.

12th July, 8:02 pm

popbitch pointed out this nice guide of band-name origins.

12th July, 7:33 pm

just bookmarking wank words bingo for later use. excellent game.

12th July, 5:36 pm

i suspect i've already mentioned it, but you should be listening to snow patrol's songs for polar bears. it's been playing inside my head all weekend, mixed with ben folds and the pixies. my head is like an awesome radio station but without CBC1's great "Finkleman's 45s".

12th July, 5:33 pm

funniest / most memorable line of recent times: "she said she would have invited you back at her place if it hadn't been so messy!"

12th July, 2:24 pm

episodes 6 and 7 of samurai champloo are out on mirkx. tnight will be an anime-fest.

12th July, 2:24 pm

and speaking of anime, i'm going to be at animethon next weekend. anyone else going?

12th July, 11:47 am

joel has released some of his songs on mp3. i recommend the giant bee song, which isn't online yet.

8th July, 4:02 pm

new at sending utf8 email in php

8th July, 3:05 pm

"chemicals taste better than real food". discuss

8th July, 12:54 pm

webjay is pretty cool - share playlists with people without sharing the music. must try it out.

8th July, 12:47 pm

sal got pwnd. massive suckage. freebsd 4.10-beta might not be entirely water-tight.

8th July, 10:53 am

apparently phil is the new jeff bezos. somewhat over the top complements from bobbie.

8th July, 10:41 am

this spiderman 2 in lego movie is fucking awesome - must have taken aaaaaages to make.

7th July, 9:42 pm

why can't i find "the smell of reeve and mortimer" on torrent?

7th July, 4:41 pm

the mt plugin contest entry form is still online. did they extend the entry deadline or have they just forgotten. place your bets :/

7th July, 1:45 pm

best description of job ever?: "cranial angular momentum management".

6th July, 11:31 pm

snow patrol are currently taking the uk by storm [sic] with their album final straw, but their first album, songs for polars bears, is a hidden gem. a much rawer sound, but still excellent.

6th July, 11:13 pm

one of the best things i've heard in ages is this guy playing the mario theme on a ukulele. awesome.

6th July, 6:35 pm

b3ta is number 1 for wanking. though, perhaps suprisingly, not number 1 for wankers ;)

6th July, 5:33 pm

this is amazing - visualising delicious tags with size and position [demo]. i wonder if the positioning means anything, or if it's just a randomisation to make the zeitgeist look more interesting.

6th July, 5:23 pm

i like the not-too-subtle genius of rock, paper, sadam.

5th July, 10:27 pm

could the future of online and offline gaming possibly be monopolabble? only time will tell, but jc has a knack for slightly insane ideas.

5th July, 9:50 pm

i'd love a pair of these $900 earphones.

5th July, 9:27 pm

spam of the day: "For example, corporation of cyprus mulch indicates that widow of cook cheese grits for avocado pit around paper napkin.When vacuum cleaner near starlet is varigated, swamp of operate a small fruit stand with support group living with stalactite.tape recorder behind hydrogen atom approach hand living with, and graduated cylinder living with labyrinth throw at vacuum cleaner about buzzard.". err, right then.

5th July, 4:58 pm

jesus saves. pasess to moses, scoooooore!

5th July, 4:58 pm

jesus saves. the rest of you take 5d20 damage.

5th July, 4:05 pm

my new movabletype3 plugin which allows you to create yearly archives is now available.

A swiss army knife with a usb drive. i want

Broog is back, and better than ever.

this should be a standard response for annoying questions. [via tom]

if i were still in london then i'd be using this tube temperatue report. ace stuff [via tom again]

Ooooh, ooooh, paper arcade [via chayseff]

4th July, 1:11 am

you can get a plush vince - rejoice!

4th July, 12:50 am

i'm starting to get quite into flickr as a product (rather than just an api experiment and a time-sink). the calendar views are fucking awesome.

4th July, 12:49 am

looking forward to tomorrow's ikea-fest. i'm going to be so poor some tomorrow tea-time.

4th July, 12:47 am

broog is excellent - his review of the owen and ben show is spot on. and it turns out i know the man behind the monster :)

3rd July, 10:58 pm

shopping list: bed, pillows, sheets, towels, alarm clock, bath mat, uk power adaptor, hangers, glasses, plates, cutlery, wooden spatula, stool, frying pan. new apartment is great, but somewhat lacking the essentials.

2nd July, 5:26 pm

george schlossnagle writes about php and scaling in response to the rather crazy friendster/joyce/php/jsp stuff going on right now.

2nd July, 5:11 pm

a nice photo from back in february at etcon. who were the people in the front? stew? neb? helen?

2nd July, 10:45 am

ell found this excellent site (parodied here) which puports to allow you to talk to geek girls for $3 a minute. It's kinda tempting to give it a try next time i need some unix sysadmin assistance, though i suspect the girls might be less geeky than they claim :)

2nd July, 10:22 am

i was pointed at this stupidly good voice synthesis demo. the british, especially, rocks.


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