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rot.js is a neat looking JS toolkit for making rogue-likes

TraceGL is really stepping up the game of JS debugging in the browser.

If you're working with JSON on the command line, then I can highly recommend jq for simple data manipulation. It let's you mine into JSON data using an XPath-like query syntax and makes quick work of extracting the stuff you actually care about. The source is on the githubs.

Clippy.js is a recreation of Microsoft Agent, better known in its default configuration as Clippy. I'd suggest a look though the source to see how it all works.

Patricio Palladino has done a really nice job with hieroglyphy, a library for turning any JavaScript code into strings of only ()[]{}!+. The explanation of his blog is a great read.

Perhaps next time I'm writing a presentation, I'll give reveal.js a try. Some of the examples looks pretty good.

Javelin JS is full of interesting little things - always fun to find out what compormises other teams make to allow their particular development model to scale. The css classes vs sigils part makes a lot of sense.

More Underground Maps

Andrew Godwin has just released an excellent mapping project, visualizing a few London Underground stations, complete with public corridors, escalators, spiral staircases and platforms. The maps are 3D models, which you can pan and zoom inside the browser. Digging into the source is also worth a look, since it uses some nice canvas and three.js guts.

Poking around his other work, the Twin Tubes map is also worth a look - the underground network with each individual track visualized.

12th April, 2:29 pm

the mechanics behind zxcvbn are fascinating.

31st March, 7:46 pm

rev dan catt has written up a nice piece on image processing for backgrounds. a really nice effect

15th September, 3:46 pm

cube looks like a nice little system for graphing. reinventing a fun wheel

14th July, 12:40 am

it doesn't matter if it's 42% faster when it takes less than a tenth of a millisecond. maybe you could save time elsewhere

8th July, 10:06 am

jqapi seems like a much better jQuery reference - thanks arbales

15th April, 3:02 pm

this guide to the interesting bits of javascript is really good

10th April, 11:02 pm

i'm stuck on step 4 of the bandcamp job application test (the email address). well takle another stab tomorrow. don't want to actually apply, but neat. [edit] aha! that one was pretty easy in the end

25th March, 1:25 pm

you should turn on javascript. the reasons for having it disabled are pretty accurate

16th March, 2:28 pm

the katamari damacy bookmarklet is the best thing i've seen so far this year. for reals

8th November, 10:51 am

node-canvas looks excellent. single digit milliseconds to render images and push them out. sounds like it could be the new standard for server generated images. [via kastner]

14th September, 12:07 pm

the dev video for biolab disaster is really good. lots of great ideas in there

8th September, 11:10 am

lots of good projects coming out of node.js right now - Uglify JS is a JS minifier based on a JS AST parser and tree walker. Could do some neat things with that.

17th November, 11:17 pm

schiller pointed to a very detailed profiler for IE6+ that can trace execution between javascript and native code and profile it. very data rich

20th May, 9:21 pm

how is jetpack different from greasemonkey? i mean, besides being controlled by mozilla...

24th March, 3:52 pm

noah stokes' new "portfolio" is excellent. i'd hire him

8th February, 12:37 am

learning javascript oddities from wikipedia: using !! for normalization and the return from || and &&. nice

27th October, 2:09 pm

typeface.js is crazy awesome - convert a typeface to a series of JSON vectors, then render text using a canvas element for each word, with paths for the characters. evil but wonderful

8th September, 2:09 pm

the 280 slides editor is pretty fucking awesome. still, not sure how well it'd cope with my 150 MB image-based presentations

3rd September, 10:04 pm

jParallax is a pretty neat little toy. gives me some ideas for a project i'm working on

28th August, 11:14 pm

taptaptap has pretty apps with a lovely js interface. loving the screenshot viewer thingy

23rd July, 12:32 pm

the transport for dojo is utter genius.

23rd July, 8:44 am

some js debugging tips from forever ago [via dunstan]

8th May, 10:22 pm

john resig is a fucking genius. you can check some of jared's stuff out too. you'll need a super-recent browser though

2nd August, 11:30 pm

thanks to Robin Pan, there's now a chinese translation of my javascript article at vitamin

29th May, 11:11 pm

tim lucas talks about applying some of my asset serving principles in the RoR world in this sitepoint post

22nd May, 9:45 am

reflections were neat when apple first started doing it, but they're set to become web 2.0's blink tag

17th May, 4:08 pm

sphere looks very cool - a game engine which embeds spidermonkey for scripting. need to check that out further

2nd May, 4:33 pm

there's a dojo developer day on may 13th - should be interesting

11th April, 7:12 pm

i thought i'd linked to cabspotting a while ago - maybe not.

20th December, 8:46 pm

i can never find venkman for ff1.5 when i look for it - thanks trenka!

21st November, 3:12 pm

higher-order javascript is a nice digression from mjd's higher-order perl [via aaron]

17th November, 1:44 pm

just went to the y js debugging class, so some links for you. venkman debugger for ff. fiddler debugging proxy for ie (and ff/win). instant source ie source introspection. visual studio express has a neat ie script debugger.

15th November, 1:16 pm

it's been doing the rounds for a few days, but is still fun - web 2.0 validator. the best part is that it uses delicious to get it's rules. very web 2.0

26th October, 12:43 pm

aaron dug up a link to sim-daltonism for osx. it's based on colorlab which i'd seen some time ago (years?) but is still fairly useful. i need to take the time to dig in the source and find out whether they're using a matrix, fixed data set or some formulae.

11th October, 8:10 pm

this nyc subway map is very very cool - google maps plus flash for some nice interactivity.

7th October, 4:11 pm

it's looks like there's an ajax-y version of subetha-edit - synchro edit is worth checking out.

30th August, 11:37 am

the dp.SyntaxHighlighter is an inspired piece of javascriptery. it takes simple textareas with certain classes, and truns them into syntax highlighted code listing displays, complete wityh line numbers, tab stops and alternating line colors. beautiful and really easy to use. [via aaron]

18th August, 1:09 pm

protopage is a really fun (and beautiful) ajax page building apps. [via aaron]

9th August, 11:33 am

this guide to embedding google maps in your opwn pages is great. well written and containing everything i wanted to know.

30th June, 9:08 pm

jsan is finally alive [via aaron]

9th June, 12:19 pm

schwern's post about JSAN is pretty interesting. especially the loading-direct-from-repos stuff. mmmmm

31st May, 7:22 pm

eric pointed me toward trixie, which implements greasemonkey functionality for IE. very very cool.

16th March, 7:33 am

TreeMenu3 looks like a nice robust dhtml tree menu (if such a thing can exist), which is built entirely by transforming ul/li elements in-place, so degrades beautifully.

10th January, 7:31 pm

the IE7 project seems good - transparent standards support for IE5/6. has anyone done anything similar to work around moz/saf bugs? one universal library of fixes would be cool.


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