Posts from April 2005

28th April, 11:11 pm

jeff is alive! but cats are still a mystery

28th April, 6:39 pm

i present a short lession in turning RFC BNF into perl regular expressions: Parsing Email Adresses in PHP

28th April, 2:33 pm

aaron noticed than OS 10.4 seems to have tagging built into the filesystem - well, name/value pairs anyway. interesting.

28th April, 11:55 am

noooooo! damn your black heart tom cruise.

28th April, 11:23 am

one of google's datacenters now has this nice mural in it - maybe the new flickr datacenter will have something similar (wall of photos, anyone?) [via mattj]

28th April, 9:52 am

dinosaur comics has new tshirts. must... order...

28th April, 1:01 am

ooh ooh ooh - there's going to be a sequel to katamari damacy, my favorite game i've never played. launch it on the psp already. or else i'm going to have to get a ps2.

28th April, 12:40 am

this flash animation goes on forever (20 minutes and still going), but is a fantastic final fantasy 6 pastiche on the browser wars (featuring psp as the evil super villan). via p-a [update - 40 minutes!]

27th April, 3:32 pm

proof, if any were needed, that osx is only for geniuses: the [in]complete guide to osx shortcut keys [via coates]

27th April, 2:02 pm

lea points out that kevin smith now has a blog. does anyone not have one these days?

27th April, 1:04 pm

physical tetris - rich calls it "a futuristic connect 4". i kinda want it. or the tertis shelves from these guys [stupid flash, no direct links]. all via the lovely b4ta.

27th April, 12:59 pm

jeff's still dead, but is speaking with god. i feel this is going to end well.

27th April, 12:57 pm

science finally answers the question that's been weighing on all our mins for so long - does a duck's quack echo? [via b4ta]

25th April, 12:32 am

the jeff's death thread on the loch ness monster adventure club message board is worth keeping an eye on.

25th April, 12:28 am

jeff rowland is dead, after an epic gun battle with death himself. rip jeff, we will miss you.

24th April, 11:50 pm

on mcsweeny's by way of {void} - physical theories as women. i'm consistently impressed by mcsweeny's.

24th April, 3:38 pm

the new songdo city project looks really interesting - if you build a new city from scratch, can you improve on what we already have, or does it become a souless business park? [via jc]

20th April, 3:21 pm

o'reilly's new (i think?) radar weblog is a good one to watch

20th April, 10:18 am

the perfect prescription talks about redesigning the pill bottle - good physical design stuff [via newstoday]

20th April, 9:27 am

bruce's piece on hacking the papal election is an interesting read.

19th April, 10:28 pm

webvisions 2005 (july 15th, portland) looks like it might be worth a look. they might also be looking for another speaker or two if you have anything worth saying - this year's topic is 'convergence', roughly incorporating 'beyond the desktop'.

19th April, 9:33 am

google maps now includes the uk. although the entry url is different, it's the same app. you can scroll left to find america. no satellite photos yet, beyond the whole country. hope they get those online soon.

19th April, 9:23 am

angermann2 is my new favorite weblog. architecture, cartography and bold design.

19th April, 2:28 am

outlook express has been forever broken for multipart/signed messages (the text portion is never inlined, so the message appears blank). is there a way to fix this?

19th April, 12:26 am

sharp as toast has some rockin tshirts - still feeling the love from preshrunk

18th April, 11:13 pm

i've finally gotten around to cataloguing my tshirt collection - at least, the ones in vancouver

18th April, 11:09 pm

coates has a brand new shiney design. very minimalist

15th April, 11:53 pm

after much swearing, investigation and blind luck, i present Connecting your PSP (Playstation Portable) to a Netgear WGR614 Wireless Router

15th April, 6:55 pm

who wouldn't want to eat bukkake cookies?

14th April, 10:16 pm

ryan (of dinosaur comics fames) has written probably the best livejournal post ever. i kinda sorta want to give it a try

11th April, 5:50 pm

my cousin will be streaming a webcam of the london marathon when it passes his house. anyone know when it is?

11th April, 10:32 am

of course, someone has already set up a public portal and dns server to help you avoid the hard part of setting it up.

11th April, 10:31 am

instructions for setting up a web browser on your psp. good stuff.

8th April, 5:20 pm

george found this awesome app, which uses craigslist and google maps to produces an interactive map of apartments for rent. really fucking amazing. web services rule.

8th April, 3:49 pm

net disaster is something i thought about ages ago but couldn't figure out how to do. very nice :)

8th April, 1:55 pm

lea noticed the new prangstgrup musical - this time during a lecture. utter genius.

8th April, 12:04 pm

george found a crazy robot video with a talking, hearing, robot secretary head.

8th April, 10:22 am

aaron points out syncOurTunes - an itunes plugin (win & mac) which syncs your music library between two machines. excellent, but it wouldn't start on windows - some german error message about demo versions.

6th April, 9:50 am

excellent news - nick clark has started work on ponie again, and there's a detailed roadmap

6th April, 12:01 am

this week i've been interested in paper sizes - here's a good paper size / trim guide. and here's a nice explanation of iso standard 216, the standard for metric paper sizes.

5th April, 11:29 pm

god is awesome! i've wanted the tshirt kitty farmer from donnie darko wears for ages, and now i've found it.

5th April, 10:50 pm

the new decemberists album is super super awesome. i've been playing it on loop for the past week and am still loving it. genius.

5th April, 7:07 pm

for (perhaps) future reference - an explanation of the analog computer readable output format.

5th April, 12:30 pm

moby on air travel, via {void}

5th April, 12:09 am

i've found my favorite page on yahoo - last updated in 2002, times new roman, ugly as sin - and linked from 360. eek!

4th April, 8:22 pm

google maps was probably the best thing ever done on the internet - but now they've made it twice as good. fuuuuuck

4th April, 7:15 pm

this weblog will soon be running on immovable object. embrace the future and join today!

4th April, 1:27 pm

forget gaming - the psp is mainly a flickr appliance

4th April, 11:22 am

i'm not sure whether i'm looking forward to the ppg anime that seems to be in the pipeline (pic1, pic2) (found by lealea at ). the characters seem a little over-characterised, but that much was inevitable. the result will be interesting, if not great.

3rd April, 11:18 pm

i was looking for the lego version of 2001 from awhile back, but came across this version which is both a 2001 parody in lego, and a commentary on the evolution of lego itself.

3rd April, 1:43 pm

the microsoft msi building faq seems pretty useful - i need to download the sdk and get to grips with it.

1st April, 6:54 pm

lance makes an interesting point about boingboing - rumor has it they're taking about half a million dollars in ad revenues per year.

1st April, 6:46 pm

gah - after only one episode aired, christopher eccleston has quit as the doctor. wtf?

1st April, 5:10 pm

this is bordering on the too weird - fake porn of british morning tv celebrities.

1st April, 4:59 pm

the chinese subtitles for a pirated version of 'closer' are awesome (srcoll down a bit). [via b3ta]

1st April, 9:26 am

gmail goes to infinite storage. but once april 1st is over, they'll be back to 2GB.


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