Posts from November 2004

30th November, 8:56 pm

a guide to legally "being all crazy" in malls. to, err, paraphrase slightly :)

30th November, 6:51 pm

sergeui found ie http headers - an ie plugin which acts as a proxy to display http request and response headers. very very useful. much easier than fireing up ethereal so often.

30th November, 6:48 pm

churning through the email backlog, i came across the frankie big face mailing list update. first one in almost two years. must go check out his new music.

29th November, 10:22 am

gah. sealab 2021 is awesome, but the theme song by calamine is really really addictive.

26th November, 12:20 am

more lowbright action: same difference is stunning.

25th November, 6:20 pm

some guy (pun intended) has scanned in the pages from the 1971 and 1979 editions of the 'how it works' computer book from ladybird. i think i have the 1971 edition at home. note the glamourous women in the 1971 edition.

25th November, 6:12 pm

the nintendo ds looks pretty powerfull - now how can we use this power for evil instead of for playing with puppies?

25th November, 6:06 pm

zefrank has some words of advice for writing corporate email

25th November, 5:00 pm

pb posted a link to this frightening anti-islam pro-christianity comic. wow.

25th November, 4:47 pm

am i the only person finding the mozilla/firefox zealots tedious? do people not realise that moz is full of bugs too?

25th November, 12:09 pm

lea adds in to the evolution thread: the gallup poll that spawned the discussion.

25th November, 10:35 am

berkeley's evolution site is good stuff - pass it around to the 37% of americans who want evolutionism outlawed in schools.

25th November, 12:04 am

tom linked to a good collection of ways to annoy absent cow-orkers.

24th November, 11:58 pm

12many is a great game. i got 244 - what about you?

24th November, 7:46 pm

damien popped up on p6l to talk about parsing of perl6 and gave this excellent one liner:

$parse_tree = ( $source_text ~~ m:keepall/ <Perl.prog> / );

which is very nice - a full adaptive parse tree including comments, whitespace, etc.

23rd November, 7:58 pm

lea knows all - lowbright has some really awesome comics.

23rd November, 4:31 pm

lea pointed me at this excellent article on mcsweeny's : the riddler makes an announcement.

23rd November, 11:17 am

salt points out the tetris cosplay photos. awesome. i wish i'd thought of that.

22nd November, 6:15 pm

it's conferance season again. our paper for etcon has been accepted (yay! etcon is alot of fun) and hopefully wont be the same mad development dash as last year. i've might also be talking at a vancouver php thingy, possibly along with rasmus, sterling and miss parks. i suspect people overestimate my php-fu ;)

19th November, 6:00 pm

secret santa lives once more! thanks to all the people who helped this year, even if they were late and i told them i hated them.

19th November, 10:23 am

a good introduction to multicast.

18th November, 5:33 pm

a handy graph of relative port speeds. usb2 is faster than firewire's current implementation, but slower than the firewire original design.

18th November, 5:18 pm

bookmarked for later: dan's explanation of continuations.

18th November, 10:08 am

i want an octodog! though i suspect using a knife would be just as easy.

17th November, 9:02 pm

striatic pointed me at this love xbox scale graphic - yes, it really is that big.

17th November, 9:01 pm

half life 2 is amazing. i have a feeling i'm going to hear things in real life and think "that's almost as realistic as half life 2". fuck yeah

17th November, 11:06 am

aim comments looks pretty cool - first step on the ubiquitous interface path perhaps?

16th November, 9:00 pm

i have halo 2. i have half life 2. who wants to touch me?

16th November, 5:46 pm

jason just reminded me about progress quest, probably the best game in existance.

16th November, 11:30 am

this apache/lamp tuning article has been doing the rounds. nothing new really.

16th November, 9:58 am

e noticed that somebody has lost their frog in a big way.

15th November, 4:51 pm

lealea points out a nice/serious site about moving to canada.

15th November, 9:35 am

'it'd be nice if stock Perl 6 ran blazingly with perfectly consistent and flexible semantics, but it's also important to have a knob you can turn up that says "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!"'. larry talks about speed vs features for perl 6.

14th November, 11:56 pm

some anonymous coward sent me some feedback about the fuck-the-south site.

14th November, 11:23 pm

sam ruby wonders about the implementation of classes in parrot - specifically how to provide a system which can provide both perl and python class semanics, which are wildly different.

11th November, 3:06 pm

a beautiful piece of flashy 3d work about the us war project

11th November, 2:59 pm

it seems some of the northern states aren't so keen on the US south. very nicely put.

10th November, 9:21 pm

e pointed me to this article in usa today. what the fuck is wrong with american catholics? if there really was a god, he'd hopefully smite those fucking idiots down. ahem.

10th November, 9:18 pm

i can't operate my microwave, but luckily i was saved by the web. now why haven't microsoft made a fast pdf reader for ie? i can only assume it's patent territory.

9th November, 10:44 pm

e points out disturbing auctions which is frightening/great.

9th November, 2:51 pm

my newest solver for roadblocks can handle one-ways and teleporters. seems to be able to cope with advanced levels easily.

9th November, 12:08 am

ghost in the shell 2 is a great piece of work. slower and more dialog heavy than the original, but with a great meshing of cell animation, really stunning 3d work and hand painted (or perhaps photographed) backgrounds. really worth seeing. also makes me want to see the tv series that came out a couple of years ago. must be available on torrent somewhere,

8th November, 6:35 pm

what we clearly need is more diagrams which don't really show anything, but look really pretty. [via george]

7th November, 12:11 am

the perry bible fellowship is really good - well worth a trawl through the archives.

5th November, 3:19 pm

[roadblocks]( ) is pretty fun, but trying to [build a solver]( is more fun. patches to support one ways and teleporters are welcomed (you'd need to extend the find_stop_*) functions to return an x,y pair for the teleporters. one ways are easy - just add to the blocks list for each direction). :)

5th November, 1:39 pm

you know what time crisis was missing? yes, kittens.

5th November, 12:29 pm

more election related crap: (wtf? i'm not even american) jeff r's new shirt is super-awesome.

4th November, 11:36 pm

save our liberal american cousins - marry an american! (via tom)

4th November, 11:34 pm

someone's published the actual election results. hardly suprising ;)

4th November, 1:12 pm

someone has produced a wonderfully detailed purple map of america, broken down by county.

4th November, 10:49 am

tom points out blue coconut on osx (10.3 only) which allows you to copy shared itunes tracks to your local machine. somebody needs to write this for windows very soon.

4th November, 10:30 am

jeff r is still overcompensating wildly.

4th November, 9:42 am

sam ruby pointed out microsoft's cli spec on the p6i list - makes interesting reading, especially the language interop sections.

3rd November, 9:40 pm

who actually uses these buttons in a way that does suck? mena did. oh, wait

3rd November, 2:00 pm

mena has the right idea - canada 2.0

3rd November, 1:05 pm

we're hiring.

3rd November, 10:43 am

chown +bush -gne /

3rd November, 10:42 am

distopia is holding a wake for common sense.

3rd November, 9:07 am

bush wins the election. i'm moving to canada. oh, wait.

2nd November, 11:02 pm

tom points out the apple typography page on wikipedia. a fascinating read.

2nd November, 10:56 pm

morville presents "a radically incomplete and idiosyncratic list of freely accessible research papers worth review before you plunge into your next information architecture project"

2nd November, 10:19 pm

matt diephouse and joshua gatcomb have put together an automated benchmark suite for parrot, which is nice to track alongside trunk development.

2nd November, 3:15 pm

"caution: it is recommended to use this directive effectively". the squid documentation is lacking a certain something. oh yes, actual documentation.

1st November, 2:03 pm

a new release of lib_filter lets you choose whether or not to strip html comments, and ensures that their contents are escaped to avoid data being mangled.


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