Posts from February 2005

28th February, 10:09 pm

yahoo have opened up access to public apis. copycats

27th February, 11:40 pm

the spectaculator is a pretty good spectrum emulator, but the amsuing thing - to emulate a machine with 128k of ram, it requires....128MB. now that's efficient.

27th February, 10:32 pm

gah. tom's got me playing freenet again. 107/104 on the largest size. i need some practice.

26th February, 10:13 pm

uncubed looks like a good cube fansite, with info on all three films and a forum of cubists.

26th February, 10:09 pm

ok, so, i talked about cube zero, the prequel to cube, before. don't bother seeing it. it's awful. if you've only seen the cube, don't see hypercube or zero. a good film ruined by crap sequels.

26th February, 8:03 pm

shuffleart, via the coatesweb, looks pretty fun. shuffles are still on 2 week order from the local apple store.

26th February, 7:41 pm

the googlemini seems pretty damn cool. i want one, if just for the case.

25th February, 4:43 pm

tom insam does good presentation slides. i will bear these in my if i get round to doing slides for etcon.

25th February, 4:12 pm

if the ability to drop food on oneself were a super-power, i'd be the best super hero EVER! as it is, i just appear retarded

25th February, 3:47 pm

via lealea: the blind pianist has released a free album or mario and ff themes.

25th February, 3:46 pm is super-fun for playing sonic. who needs consoles. how long before the latest xbox games are running in a java applet over the web?

25th February, 3:16 pm

linuxvirgin might actually be the oddest site on the net. probably nsfw

25th February, 1:28 pm

joel talka about monkey leather and small bonsai trees. and a kangaroo. who wouldn;t want to live in joel's house?

25th February, 12:04 am

striatic's webcam is awesome. this is what my house will be like.

24th February, 11:52 pm

it look like j-ro is going to be doing a joanna shirt - utterly awesome.

24th February, 11:08 pm

dave hoffman wrote a song titled 'i was a teenage billionaire psychopath' (j-ro reference) and it's not bad.

24th February, 11:06 pm

i'm sure it's been up for a million years by now, but su's redesign is mighty fine.

24th February, 10:03 pm

airbag industries has a really nice kottke interview with all the stuff wired missed (because we need to know if he blogs in his underpants).

24th February, 5:23 pm

a scanner darkly is being made into a film. the trailer looks very promising.

24th February, 9:34 am

"Looking for good things about you is like looking for a needle, in a pile of needles, on Planet Needle." not the best pickup line ever, but easily transferable to other more useulf situations - "looking for bugs in flickr, etc etc".

23rd February, 7:45 pm

e points out this fantastic guide to the forthcoming zogg invasion. be ready!

22nd February, 9:34 am

has jko gone mad? the answer is probably yes, but if not i'll soon be doing this fulltime ;)

21st February, 8:11 pm

PWN u n00bs! w00t! microsoft tells it like it is. via the b4ta collective

21st February, 8:05 pm

"i know we're all going to die and it's bad for old people and, i dunno, ducks and stuff but it looks SO GOOD." - denise tells us it's snowing in london.

21st February, 6:29 pm

sometimes i think microsoft is trying to spite me. i mean, wtf? what was mime invented for?

21st February, 12:56 pm

smarty syntax i wasn't aware of - you can nest array indexes using square brackets like so. the smarty manual needs some serious fleshing out :)

21st February, 11:20 am

the somerville gates might not be as large-scale as christo's gates, but they're still worth seeing. via jallspaw

21st February, 10:34 am

robprice found this excellent story on boingboing - jailed for using lynx. onw if only they'd start jailing MacIE users.

16th February, 2:59 pm

jojo in the stars looks really good. where does lea find all this great animation?

16th February, 1:36 pm

the order of the stick - a comic chub pointed me too. need to read it when i get more time.

15th February, 9:29 pm

save toby is a work of pure web-money-begging joy. with bunnies! and evil! what more could you ask for? thanks jc :)

15th February, 9:24 pm

it's much easier to stalk my brother (mt version, now with short hair) with his new 24h webcam.

15th February, 7:00 pm

maybe wsse wont be the answer to web authentication problems - rumor has it that sha1 has been broken. oops

15th February, 3:09 pm

it was really only a question of time before someone tried it - ipod shuffles in a raid configuration

15th February, 1:18 pm

php in perl. excellent. now to make the flickr core even more confusing ^_^.

15th February, 11:32 am

aaron points out the investigation i would have done had i had the time - google maps would take about 8-11TB to store north america are pre-rendered GIFs. looks like it probably is all pre-pendered. but that's alot of gifs :)

15th February, 9:42 am

awesome lego cosplay. even e might not be too weirded out by that one. via jc via serge

11th February, 5:38 pm

GTPF is a perfect replacement for LDAP

11th February, 1:44 pm

i'm stuck on stage 8 of the imagepuz. i am lame

10th February, 10:37 pm

winspector is a good replacement for spy++, but i need to read the docs to figure out how to only track window creation from a single process.

10th February, 10:08 pm

youyesyou once again has the best valentines cards ever.

10th February, 12:53 pm

flickr is one year old today. i suspect there will be a spectacular crash in celebration of this :)

10th February, 12:21 pm

a nice flash version of bubble bobble [via lealea]

9th February, 3:51 pm


9th February, 10:19 am

cube zero looks like it might not suck too bad. i'll probably check that out at some point.

8th February, 3:51 pm

it's been doing the rounds, but perhaps rightly so - a voting breakdown map of the uk.

8th February, 2:25 pm

installsite has lots of information about building app installers. bookmarked for next time i actually get an app finished ;)

8th February, 1:53 pm

jc points out the w3c column spec for css, which seems to get the point for once. whether and when this becomes a standard (and a supported one) remains to be seen of course.

8th February, 2:23 am

the program manager for visio, Mai-lan, has posted a couple of good pieces about creating good network diagrams with visio. complete with download-and-steal-able files.

8th February, 2:14 am

david vignoni, aka icon king, has a really nice free icon set available for download. should pretty-up those network diagrams.

7th February, 11:44 pm

a nasty four year old bug in firefox is stopping some large corps from using it. ouch! sort out your priorities guys.

7th February, 11:30 pm

so i was half right all along - yellow smarties are dyed with tartrazine (E102) which comes from coal tar. red smarties are dyed with carmine/cochineal (E120), which comes from crushed beetles. awesome!

7th February, 10:42 pm

the newly launched google maps is probably the best dhtml app ever. stunning.

7th February, 10:41 pm

jc is blogging again on machine. a worthwhile daily read.

7th February, 7:02 pm

this came up on the b3ta admin list: as excellent base jumping video. maybe the most fun thing you can do without leaving the planet.

6th February, 11:47 pm

autrijus is implementing a featherweight perl6 in haskell. it's on cpan. i'm overly excited.

4th February, 4:07 pm

a while ago jimmy o'regan wrote a nice article for linux gazette about using flickr with my perl api module.

4th February, 3:46 pm

wulffmorgenthaler is a reasonably good comic. via the long-absent juff

4th February, 3:34 pm

this is the best thing on the web. a live webcam from the booking area of a tennessee jail. via holloway

4th February, 2:25 pm

am idea from tom, so i shouldn't take any credit - londonbloggers now has flickr photos for each station.

4th February, 2:09 pm

from aaron: the unix haters handbook.

4th February, 12:17 am

A byte walks into a bar and orders a pint. Bartender asks him "What's wrong?" Byte says "Parity error." Bartender nods and says "Yeah, I thought you looked a bit off."

3rd February, 2:21 pm

the indispensable jen is going to be a mum. excellent news :)

3rd February, 1:51 pm

for your coding pleasure - porter stemmer in php

3rd February, 9:42 am

the porter stemming algorithm in perl - bookmarked for later programming fun.

3rd February, 9:39 am

kal points out google for buffy fans.

2nd February, 10:06 pm

bash is the font of all knowledge: MCSE = Mindsweeper Consultant and Solitare Expert

2nd February, 9:26 pm

leonard digs up all kinda of cool crap - a nice little md5 app for windows, with context menu integration.

2nd February, 4:18 pm

microsoft's upcoming edition of windows for europe is no longer being given a truthful name in fear that consumers wont want it. err right. of course they wont want it - because the whole anti-trust thing is fucking over the users. what good is a version of windows that you can't watch dvds on, or listen to mp3s with. this is basically just ridiculous.

1st February, 11:21 pm

anime lyrics (rock!) has the words to the rather great opening theme to GITS:SAC theme, "inner universe". i hadn't realised some were in english.

1st February, 7:56 pm

a very awesome t-shirt. shame that ordering cross-crontinent gets so expensive. teleporters will releave all my tshirt needs.

1st February, 7:39 pm

the upside to peer1 is that it's on the 21st floor in downtown vancouver and has an awesome view. the downside? well, we'll get to that in due course.

1st February, 6:23 pm

a new release of lib_filter (only 2 months late) to avoid the br tag being removed when the b tag should be (bad regexp - no cookie for you!).

1st February, 3:40 pm

smarter child is kinda cool. there's a flickr group for the interested.

1st February, 10:49 am

the wasp t12 speech tool is "well weapon". denise is awesome.

1st February, 9:48 am

how to build an oo system with inheritance, using just basic lua - the story of o. fascinating stuff.

1st February, 9:34 am

jones thinks the battlestar gallactica remake was filmed / is being filmed in sunny vancouver. HOW COOL IS THAT?

1st February, 12:05 am

"it's not a contradiction. neither are you."


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