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It might be 4 years old now, but this explanation of establishing an HTTPS connection is still full of excellent information. If you don't understand how TLS works under the hood, read it.

Javelin JS is full of interesting little things - always fun to find out what compormises other teams make to allow their particular development model to scale. The css classes vs sigils part makes a lot of sense.

Twelve-factor app

12 factor app says a lot of good things that i agree with, but the server-process model rule is odd. there doesn't seem to be an obvious reason why the php/apache/processes model is wrong, but it's not allowed. uh?

3rd November, 12:55 pm

convergence has some lovely gameplay

18th April, 10:02 am

ok, i guess it's pretty clever. youtube and flickr especially

26th April, 9:37 am

canvasmol visualizes molecules using canvas. the future is sexy. and rotating in 3d

24th October, 9:29 pm

this alternative IE6 warning message is much more to the point

14th June, 10:44 pm

bring back free clicking. man, the nyt site bugs me

16th May, 10:54 pm

a little project from last week - iTunesRemote. control iTunes over the web

13th May, 10:19 pm

wrote a little web-based itunes interface for remote controlling my media-server mac from my pc. screenshot on flickr and source code in svn

21st March, 12:05 am

aviary is very very well done. the demo videos are pretty well put together. barrier to doing something slick on the web has gone up a lot lately.

28th February, 7:13 pm

warehouse looks pretty good, but it requires both ruby on rails (easy-ish to install) and the ruby-svn bindings (which are basically a bitch). why do the harder languages to get up and running on the web (ruby and python) require the bindings while the easier languages (php and perl) just shell out and so work easily? gah. currently using websvn in php which does a reasonable job and is trivial to set up.

24th September, 10:45 am

some beautiful icons to brighten your morning

23rd July, 12:32 pm

the transport for dojo is utter genius.

4th April, 4:47 pm

brett graham is my new hero: brett corp, bringing solutions to people who need them when they need them on the day they needed them, after they've hired me.

28th November, 1:26 pm

drip for debugging IE memory leaks looks interesting - has anyone played with it?

19th November, 11:44 am

did i already link to the web version of elements of typographic style? i should have

26th September, 10:54 pm

the apple iphone design guidelines contain a bunch of useful sizing and color info

26th August, 12:29 pm

ohloh has some interesting views of open source projects - the committer sparklines are especially nice. like a much more polished version of a tool we use internally.

26th August, 12:10 pm

not sure why i'd never seen it before, but grabperf is pretty cool. only the html pull time, so it's not super useful for actual customer impact measurement, but still some interesting data (and nice graphs!)

20th August, 5:05 pm

lost garden is a lovely game design weblog and the challenge tileset is inspiring

14th August, 3:06 pm

bookmarking for a later - fb code leaks

13th August, 11:19 pm

wordie is awesome, even ignoring the clever strap

13th August, 4:37 pm has the best unicode codepoint reference docs i've seen [via ph]

13th August, 8:27 am

typetester is fun for messing about with fonts in css - very slick and simple

10th July, 11:10 pm

i liked delicious more before it sold out. awesome old old old screen shots from joshua.

27th June, 10:53 am

a short useit article on using greeking to test usability of layouts. quite a simple technique which may be quite useful [via salt]

22nd June, 12:26 pm

the new sfo site is really quite beautiful, but it also reminds me of one of the design/type portals from the olden days - anyone remember which?

9th August, 7:44 pm

rails has reached that nasty stage where alot of people are using it and a hole is found. it's been handled interestingly, for sure

29th June, 10:03 am

looks like google auth is coming real soon

29th May, 11:11 pm

tim lucas talks about applying some of my asset serving principles in the RoR world in this sitepoint post

22nd May, 9:45 am

reflections were neat when apple first started doing it, but they're set to become web 2.0's blink tag

18th April, 1:14 pm

woo - vitamin is finally live!

27th January, 12:35 pm

Building Scalable Web Sites : Building, scaling, and optimizing the next generation of web applications - crumbs

18th November, 12:09 pm

from a php disucssion at work: "If you're willing to continually do the heavy lifting of ensuring that your version of Smalltalk96 on Rails stays concurrent with the latest patches". omg, how awesome would that be?

14th November, 11:03 pm

i'm trying out google analytics on iamcal for a few days to see what the dashboard looks like. looks fairly snazzy.

1st November, 8:57 pm

saft looks like a nice set of safari extensions. why hadn't i seen that before?

27th October, 3:10 pm

flock is really doing the rounds at the moment. here's a nice bbc piece by paul mason.

22nd October, 1:43 pm

forget flock - get flocq

9th October, 11:19 am

simplebits, purveyors of fine iconery, have created a nice set of 70 2-color icons for the web. not free though

7th October, 4:36 pm

oooh. tagyu looks really nice - web services interface coming soon. i'd like to build this into my posting interface.

7th October, 4:11 pm

it's looks like there's an ajax-y version of subetha-edit - synchro edit is worth checking out.

4th October, 3:01 pm

forget web 2.0 - web 2.1 is where it's at

30th September, 2:04 pm

rollyo is, as time says, "in the web 2.0 style". built on top of the y! search api.

26th September, 8:29 pm

brian fling, d. keith robinson, matt may and nick finck have started blue flavor. might be one to watch in the near future.

8th September, 5:17 pm

an excellent billie stalking article via coates, using the web for interesting purposes.

29th August, 11:12 am

foopad is (i'm told) similar to protopage, but with more of a barrier to entry (requires signup). i don't have the time or inclination at the moment to have a poke around, but if it's any good then drop me a message in the forum. also, i'm back from the uk.

9th August, 11:33 am

this guide to embedding google maps in your opwn pages is great. well written and containing everything i wanted to know.

5th July, 7:14 pm

aparently i'm d keith robinson. i thought i'd seen the end of these things, but this one was fun.

3rd June, 2:23 am

the us patent office gives out some crazy patents. nice site.

31st May, 7:22 pm

eric pointed me toward trixie, which implements greasemonkey functionality for IE. very very cool.

26th May, 11:17 pm

met the slowshirts lady at the flickr party tonight. along with estoban of b3ta. weird

25th May, 11:56 pm

more from the midsts of (internet) time - the very first strip of "when i grow up", the pre-cursor to wigu, mais, overcompenstaing, etc

24th May, 12:26 am

php diary is good. and linking to an old article of mine. which surely makes me more likely to lonk to them ;)

14th May, 9:45 pm

perplex city is a new mass-game. could be fun. $200,000 prize

11th April, 10:31 am

instructions for setting up a web browser on your psp. good stuff.

8th April, 5:20 pm

george found this awesome app, which uses craigslist and google maps to produces an interactive map of apartments for rent. really fucking amazing. web services rule.

8th April, 3:49 pm

net disaster is something i thought about ages ago but couldn't figure out how to do. very nice :)

19th November, 6:00 pm

secret santa lives once more! thanks to all the people who helped this year, even if they were late and i told them i hated them.

27th October, 2:25 pm

crumbs. everyone is talking about my php presentation. keith devens picks out the good bits.

27th October, 2:13 pm

clearly the problem with is that it's not just about porn.

25th October, 9:56 am

"the JMA operates a network of 180 seismographs and 600 seismic intensity meters and provides real-time earthquake reports to the media and on the internet". this is very cool.

18th October, 2:23 pm

feeling spendy? maybe the best use of the amazon api i've seen so far.

14th October, 10:28 am

google's desktop search is now in public beta. it looks reallky fucking awesome.

7th October, 7:40 pm

a very cute site from pb - baby jeremy is being photographed with lots of famous people. i wonder how he'll feel about it when he's older.

6th October, 11:10 am

laszlo have open sourced their product. will this hurt flex? or dojo? hmm

6th October, 12:38 am

oooh - someone tracked down the history of "purple monkey dishwasher". i first came across it on kottke many years ago, and it's still the subtitle for my main mirc installation.

3rd October, 9:10 pm

randomly surfing around i came across tef's article about website authentication systems. some interesting points that are well worth reading before rolling your own systems.

24th September, 12:37 pm

the god faq is an un-subtle work of genius

2nd September, 4:12 pm

the geography olympics are pretty fun. got 50% the first time and 90% the second.

31st August, 10:30 am

bookmarked because i've found this useful a number of times: an article about styling hr elements.

30th August, 4:47 pm

papernapkin is genius. automatic online rejection. i hope i wont need to use their services.

26th August, 5:41 pm

playboy run a cpan mirror. bizarre

25th August, 1:39 pm

unamerican still rocks. i need some of those stickers for the office.

24th August, 10:20 pm

this rather snazzy color wheel stole my colorblind data values and tried to hide it. when i would have happily supplied them anyway. idiots.

18th August, 5:07 pm

audio scrobbler is getting swamped again. i wonder if any of our scaling experience for flickr would be of any use to the development team.

18th August, 4:52 pm

on everything2 - the united states should go to war with everybody. excellent reasoning.

16th August, 6:50 pm

blogger broke their v2 api today, which we've been using for flickr posting (since v1 doesn't support titles and their atom api is still sketchy). we've alerted the team and hopefully they'll get it fixed today.

10th August, 9:52 pm

bah. netwindows is having to change it's name after a serious c&d from redmond. always squashing the little guy. perhaps not a wise choice of naming to start with.

9th August, 3:52 pm

i usually hate this sort of crap, but my love of japanese characters means i'm quite enamoured by the japanaese name translator. i need more unicode sites to post stuff on. currently flickr is my only full-unicode product.

5th August, 1:02 pm

i'm not sure if i've already linked to hugeurl or not. the premise is simple - it's a parallel to tinyurl, making regular urls alot longer. nice

3rd August, 9:52 pm

after shutting down their sms bidback service in the uk earlier this year, ebay have launched a new sms bidding service. shame i'm not in the uk any more. and that i already hjave too many sun and sgi boxes.

3rd August, 9:06 pm

wikiverse describes itself as "an up-to-date high speed static mirror of Wikipedia". it's currently soliciting linkage from all sorts of sites. i wonder if it's wikipedia endorsed. i suspect not. spam seems way too tacky for wikipedia.

2nd August, 9:47 pm

best domain ever? team fishcake. genius

30th July, 3:52 pm

this guy/girl has done something nice with flickr - illustrating a 58 part story by picking out a keyword from each piece of the story, searching for a photo, then posting that part of the story as a comment on the photo, joining them together with links.

30th July, 10:07 am

the 4rthur dictionary of b3ta terms is like a fun, elitist version of the urban dictionary. minus the 100 recordings of people saying fuck.

29th July, 9:27 pm

this seems like an interesting project if you have some devleopment slack - building peace corps sites in guyana.

29th July, 10:42 am

"If you are trapped in debris: Swear profusely. Try not to die.". the preparing for emergencies parody is utter genius.

26th July, 4:44 pm

further investigation of the if-modified-since problem with apache and php appears to show that it's a bug in apache 2 and the php filter plugin. stupid stupid stupid. it can be worked around with an apache directive, although that also stops php from recieving the i-m-s header, so you can't handle the 304 response manually.

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26th July, 2:40 pm

i've been saying it for years, but now jakob says it's the official first rule of usability engineering: "don't listen to users".

22nd July, 10:36 am

urgh, stupid london bloggers domain has expired and messed up all the links to the network browser. stupid domains.

21st July, 12:43 pm

i added all my most active contacts to imwatching to give it a try. turns out i'm online the most. wow, that was a suprise.

21st July, 9:58 am

mp3blogs is doing nice traffic. simon reports 3000 pages on the first day, and since the site only has one page, that's reasonably impressive.

20th July, 12:12 pm

i'm currently obsessed with weebl's magical trevor. weebl's songs are getting better and better, rivaling joel's giant bee.

20th July, 11:10 am

what's up with orkut this morning? it times out my sessions after a minute waiting for pages to load, claiming that my 30 minute sessions has expired. 4 times in ten minutes suggests i haven't been idle for 30 minutes...

20th July, 11:02 am

from a guy who emailed me, confused about colondee: "I sussed it out any way and to be honest I find it all quite boring and anyone that gets any pleasure out of it must be very sad and in need of a life.". err, right then. thanks.

19th July, 12:55 pm

a new launch with simon waldman from the guardian:

19th July, 9:53 am

ubbdev is still going - i just got the email newsletter. wow. first time in a few years - i have a number of accounts there so get a fair few copies. those were the days, hey. 6+ years ago.

16th July, 5:16 pm

wbwii (world browser war 2, natch) is not too far off it would seem. I'm still very firmly in the IE camp.

15th July, 5:28 pm

this isn't london is a lovely london-centric anti-history weblog. see also today in alternate history and webb's now-defunct historical fact.

15th July, 4:58 pm

imwatching is genius in a stalker kind of way. very similar to both mine and jake's gne player trackers, this web app tracks your aim buddies' presence over time. i think it'll show how often i'm online, which is a scary thing :/

8th July, 10:53 am

apparently phil is the new jeff bezos. somewhat over the top complements from bobbie.


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