Posts from March 2005

30th March, 8:04 am

yoz linked to a good resource for anyone thinking of developing moz extensions - worth checking out.

28th March, 11:05 pm

an excellent slide from autrijus' perl 6 talk at yapc::taipei. i'm going to keep that one in mind for future presentations.

26th March, 10:56 am

random images from the flickr-stream: fractal architecture. anyone know where this it?

26th March, 10:54 am

montage-a-google is a really neat little app for generating a zeitgeist via keywords. but using google? pah!

23rd March, 9:13 pm

awesome tshirts and bags via my adopted sister.

23rd March, 8:10 pm

lea points out this awesome pocky ad and the translation of the bizarre frech. japanese television is scary-awesome.

23rd March, 4:37 pm

tom's obsessed with jamie4u. he's convinced it's a parody, but i'm worried it's not.

23rd March, 3:21 pm

coates is a mad unstoppable genius.someone needs to give him a bunch of money and a room without windows to make this stuff.

23rd March, 2:35 pm

i hate peta

23rd March, 12:45 pm

just came across this brilliant piece of zefrank advice which i haven't seen for a while. bite me, jackass.

23rd March, 12:13 pm

drama in http status codes. presumably this wasn't what sam ruby was talking about at etcon, but it should have been

23rd March, 12:36 am

...but not as informative as these two guides to taking apart ipod shuffles. to replace batteries, amongst other things. sooo tiny.

23rd March, 12:35 am

apple's batteries page is pretty informative.

23rd March, 12:33 am

microsoft have a free windows ce emulator for windows, so you can test your sites from the comfort of a "real man's" computer.

23rd March, 12:32 am

phil doesn't believe ruby on rails exists: "Personally I prefer Cobra with the Spoke and Hairnet modules compiled in. But I've heard Gerbera on SouflBAD+9 is even more powerful, particularly if you already have a load of Buckingham code"lying around.

22nd March, 9:48 am

jbum/krazydad is doing some very cool things with flickr - A Thousand and One Sunsets

21st March, 10:11 pm

and here's that code in php for your enjoyment.

21st March, 9:56 pm

so easter is in march this year. the 'ecclesiastical' rules for calculating the date of easter sunday are: 1, easter falls on the first sunday following the first ecclesiastical full moon that occurs on or after the day of the vernal equinox. 2, this particular ecclesiastical full moon is the 14th day of a tabular lunation (new moon). 3, the vernal equinox is fixed as march 21. this page has more information and a code sample for calculating the date for any given year.

21st March, 9:50 pm

the ring two is the worst movie i've seen this year. unless i saw alexander this year. but it was close - very nearly as bad.

21st March, 4:48 pm

mr hammond is doing cool things with flickr - his contacts' most popular tags. nice

21st March, 3:11 pm

tom points out this amazing eboy london poster for sale. i think i need one.

21st March, 2:12 pm

alien love predator is a great web comic. [via matts]

21st March, 12:41 pm

an art deco dock for the ipod shuffle. kinda awesome.

21st March, 12:39 pm

the bbc is to cut 3780 jobs. fuuuuck, that's alot of friends' jobs on the line.

20th March, 10:37 pm

su claims this is the best hip-hop video of the year staring men in animal costumes. i think it's probably the best hip-hop video ever staring men in animal costumes.

20th March, 10:29 pm

it's great having esther as in investor - she can take great photos :)

20th March, 9:20 pm

how to explain REST to your wife - a nice concise explanation of what's cool and what's awful about web services.

20th March, 2:58 pm

more slashdot traffic headed our way. hopefully it wont make a dent in the mrtg.

20th March, 12:27 pm


18th March, 5:49 pm

webb produced a barley phrase generator. very cool stuff.

16th March, 4:19 pm

"it's not good because it's rude. It's good because it looks like it's good because it's rude"

16th March, 2:53 pm

wired is talking about how the new dr who episode might been leaked on purpose. i don't buy it - the bbc aren't that smart.

16th March, 7:33 am

TreeMenu3 looks like a nice robust dhtml tree menu (if such a thing can exist), which is built entirely by transforming ul/li elements in-place, so degrades beautifully.

16th March, 7:27 am

a good gzip compression browser support summary. if you want to lower your bandwidth at the cost of cpu time, then it's well worth a try.

14th March, 3:41 pm

in hammerseley's etcon talk at the moment - he's recommendeing Lip::Pod for documentation love.

13th March, 2:19 pm

chris wilson, ie team veteran, talks about commitment to standards support in IE7, and credits eric, amongst others, for marking the way forward.

13th March, 2:11 pm

ourtunes is excellent - it allows you to easily browse and download itunes tracks on your local network. works on windows too.

12th March, 8:34 pm

"Your favorite cereal is now off the market? Cereal?? HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO BATHE IN A SEA OF REALLY POINTY DAGGERS???"

12th March, 5:15 pm

ie still hasn't fixed this dumb css borders bug (was evident on lea's site). grr. hurry up with ie7 already.

12th March, 4:57 pm

i'm talking at etcon next week - you're going to be there, right?

12th March, 1:17 pm

ms has bought grove and installed tay ozzie as cto. vaugely interesting stuff.

12th March, 1:03 pm

smugmug's article about printing color photos, color spaces and icc profiles is very interesting stuff.

11th March, 11:09 pm

tog really hates the osx dock, and with good reason.

11th March, 10:56 pm

sugarape is well mexico. only a single episode of nathan barley left. ack.

11th March, 9:15 pm

wow - sxsw has an awesome bag this year. i so need one of those.

11th March, 2:58 pm

samsung introduce a 7 mega pixel cameraphone. wtf. it's more like a full-on digital camera with a built-in phone. the lens is huge. but still.

11th March, 2:56 pm

it didn't take too long - aaron points out the first google maps-based app. firefox only (gah) but still fun. and vancouver-centric.

11th March, 10:25 am

welcome to the future. how long before they become self aware and form a union?

10th March, 11:18 am

the first episode of the new doctor who is doing the rounds - it's excellent. eccleston is brilliant as the doctor, and the humor is spot-on.

8th March, 11:15 pm

hanni found this excellent photo. great colors.

8th March, 9:59 am

nick clark really does hate software.

7th March, 11:15 pm

webb's post about the accelerometer in the new powerbook is great. i so need one of these.

7th March, 7:28 pm

fontsmith's channel4 interstitial font is awesome. via the coates weblogging machine.

3rd March, 5:55 pm

the html validator plugin for firefox is neato. saves uploading your work and tkaing trip to the validator pages.

3rd March, 5:45 pm

typographi is a good typography blog. bookmark that one.

3rd March, 4:45 pm

world jump day sounds slightly crazy. after fixing global warming by jumping, maybe we can fix poverty by standing on one leg.

3rd March, 2:13 pm

i've been looking for this forever - oe-quotefix makes outlook express stop top-quoting, put a proper attribution line and indent without wrapping everything. perfect!

3rd March, 12:43 pm

steve fossett, the guy that flew round the globe in a hot air balloon, has now done it in a plane. he clearly needs a job.

2nd March, 11:05 pm

excellent - i found an online version of the spectrum +3 manual - complete with chapter 8, the guide to +3 basic.

1st March, 10:22 pm

i'm not sure how old this is (just turned up on oc), but weebl's style is awesome. and disturbing, if you watch for long enough.

1st March, 5:59 pm

jeffld pointed me at instant-demo a while back for making screen movies. i find it easier to use screencam, edit it in premiere if needed, then add stuff in flash.

1st March, 5:48 pm

sarah hatter is clearly trying to impress me - a chantico-based cake recipe. mmmm

1st March, 4:21 pm

fuck fuck fuck fuck. the uk trailer for the new hitch hikers movie looks awesome.

1st March, 3:17 pm

aaron points out that cpan search has maintainer independant urls for modules, for even better linkage than version independant ones.

1st March, 12:23 pm

lea find all the good pages on wikipedia: a list of films ordered by the number of uses of the word fuck.

1st March, 10:59 am

matt smith is writing games again. awesome. though it might turn out to be a big dissapointment. i'm working on a spectrum games myself at the moment (though porting it from spectrum to php :)


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