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30th August, 4:17 am

Good afternoon. First I would like to assure you all that my name does in fact use capital letters. I will also inform you that Cal and I share the same Grandparents, and that's how I know him. I am currently trying to figure how to change the title of this site to 'iammatt'. Today I will post part a MSM conversation I had with fellow regular [Sal]( last night (this is from memory, so apologies to Sal if it's not quite correct). Squirrell:I've got to go - NTHMY. Squirrell:Ahem - Nice To Have Met You. Sally:Ah - silly internet acronyms. Squirrell:I'm getting sad like that - the other day I said "Lol" in the pub quite loudly. Sally:Ah, I can be worse than that. Sally:I woke up one morning, opened my wardrobe and thought "Now where is that link to my skirt?" Sally:Damnit. Squirrell:I spent several seconds whilst painting a wall waiting for my brain to inform me why I couldn't find the 'Fill' tool... Sally:We're just sad, aren't we?

30th August, 3:31 am

I'm going on holiday for two weeks!

Whilst i'm gone, iamcal regular matt squirrell will be updating the weblog and looking after the site.

30th August, 2:13 am

Hello Cal Fans, Squirrell100 here, typing away because Cal is busy, or something.

Today I would like to draw your attention to this Garfield comic strip which I found very amusing.

This guy has made Dilbert characters out of lego.

Finally, laugh heartily at Dean and Nigel who, although they have been around for ages, are still 'blending in' with members of the British public.

See ya!

23rd August, 9:10 am

city creator is born

The new wigu t-shirt will be excellent

Radiohead Radiohead Radiohead Radiohead Radiohead Radiohead Radiohead

Piet is a graphical programming language

We all missed it, but [Chris](profile.php?id=14) posted message number 10,000 on iamcal on 20th August 2002: Every other animal has it right, they eat, sleep and fuck - sure there is a little fighting but no wars.

22nd August, 12:16 am

Drew doesn't like ben brown

A handy guide for using british pubs [via jason]

XD memory is going to be the Next Be Thing™

On August 28th (next wednesday) we'll have a slight outage as mirozo is upgraded

A nice arty challenge for the more creative. [via jess]

21st August, 12:43 am

So you've all seen save karyn. Well how about not saving karyn sms roundup: Sul: Did you know they dont use nails in a lesbian's coffin? Its all tounge and groove! boom boom Cal MacKendrick: Hi Cal, besides both being PHP tinkers, we share the same moniker - in fact, MacKendrick is the scotticized version of Henderson (same tartan and everything!) even if Cal Henderson isn't your real name - I think we should avoid meeting - lest any accidental contact result in a matter/anti-matter collision - thus destroying the solar system. Regards, Cal. globaljen: calski! nice 1 on the degree mate! well done u! jenx Sul: what goes "OOOOOooooooo"? A cow with no lips! brit sites are immature

A homage to the empire.

felix: we're gonna start a band called "rsync", right? felix: OH BABY YOUR FILES ARE CHANGING BUT NO MATTER HOW HARD I TRY I CAN'T KEEP UP, SO I'M REARRANGING AND TRYING CVSUP, BUT IT'S JUST NO GOOD. SO I SIT DOWN AND THINK.... THEN YOU COME THROUGH FOR ME AND GIVE ME RSYNC [geek quotes]( is still the best thing ever

From the iamcal publishing empire: Processing HTML

20th August, 12:18 am

My brother is 100% css. rock.

Check out these super sexy postit planes

this showreel is just ace [via jess]

The geekiest speakers on the planet? oh yes. [via squirrell]

Tastless joke forum: Apparently Lisa Left-Eye Lopez would have survived that crash, only the hospital heard about her strict "no scrubs" rule.

19th August, 1:40 am

Someone explain how the last line of this page happened?

15th August, 9:24 am

Today has been the biggest posting day ever on iamcal. Somewhat due to the pop quiz, film quiz and rhyming game

Davezilla has an excellent guide to being manly

My ikea game has been linked by ikeafreak. woo

Sexy mark is back and blogging

Pair are just too cool. Here's them explaining carrier bandwidths.

14th August, 12:35 am

Our very own Sul wrote a song about permalinking:

I know where its at Permalinks are where its at I know where its at Permalinks are where its at

If you want to get to my in my good books You better permalink me or I'll give you dirty looks And if you want to just link me with a via Then I'll cuss you down, and your site will expire

I know where its at Permalinks are where its at I know where its at Permalinks are where its at

And if you think that I am talking shitty Then you better re-read this little ditty Coz my site is hard as nails but you dont know it Coz youre full of crap, so why dont you go blow it!

I know where its at Permalinks are where its at.... etc

12th August, 9:56 am

I almost forgot about my rather ace conversation with a train guy on friday night. it goes something like this:

cal: what's going on? man: nothing c: why are there so many people here? m: oh, because some trains are delayed c: so is the 18:55 going to be delayed? m: let me, it's on time c: is that it over on platform 2? m: oh no, that's the 18:25 c: so the 18:55 isn't in yet? m: no c: but it'll be on time? m: yes c: it takes about 20 minutes for a train to be cleaned once it's come in, right? m: yes, 15 to 20 minutes c: then about 5-10 minutes for people to board? m: yes c: and it's now 18:45? m: yes c: and the 18:55 hasn't arrived yet? m: yes c: but it wont be late? m: no cal leaves to use other train line

12th August, 9:14 am

Can you spot the artgeek?

My lego models are never this good

You can now steal my words through RSS. enjoy

Thanks to sul, you too can now express your non-cal-ness

<dphead> I think my cat is sick :( <phunqe> Why? <dphead> It's all twitchy and stuff... <phunqe> I'm sure it's just lagged. <phunqe> Check its fps. [This]( still has me laughing.

12th August, 3:00 am

The kaycee nicole story, in full. for people like me, who missed out.

k10k are selling cool shirts

It's official : Sashinka will win the guardian competition. Not that i'm stirring trouble or anything.

Spoken ASCII is useful for programmers. Assuming you have anyone to talk to. (reinforcing bad sterotypes is fun, kids)

Meet the kids: blogtree

9th August, 9:19 am

There are more post-it planes in the gallery

This is so very very wrong.

Lovely pair are upgrading FreeBSD again, so we might have a brief outage.

Spy Kids 2 looks ace. can't wait.

There are alot of lines in "Downloading Porn With Davo" (Moldy Peaches) that i didn't get. Aparently that's because it's filled with in-jokes. Quite like this site really.

6th August, 12:39 am

Kimya Dawson from the moldy peaches has a blog/journal. She sings on Ben Kwellers albums too. Neat crossover huh?

I know that you are almost in love with me I can see it in your eyes Strange lights shimmering over the sea tonight And it almost blows my mind

Someone put Ash's Girl From Mars on the stereo today. very cool

My work computer has a cruft force of around 9. [via ste]

Stephen, ex-co-worker, has finally got back to running a site of his own. It probably wont last long, so read now.

This is such a good tool, replacing sam spade for whois. [via darren]

Need to find the words to a song? Then lyric tracker is pretty good. It allows you to submit new lyrics and make corrections. Ace.

According to [this dumb article](, i should throw away the following ten albums. Err, no. Nirvana - Nevermind White Stripes - White Blood Cells Radiohead - I Might be Wrong: Live Recordings No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom Ben Folds Five - Whatever and Ever, Amen Green Day - Dookie Counting Crows - August and Everything After R.E.M. - Out of Time The Presidents of the United States of America - Self-titled The Prodigy - Music for the Jilted Generation

1st August, 7:18 am

another night slips away in other words i should say there are no words he should say there are no words

you need the new ben kweller album.


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