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Faster, Stronger, Weirder

I just stumbled across this great arrangement of Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger:

Which reminded me of the inventive finger-version for a decade (!!) ago:

And straight into the full body version:

In a similar vein to my drunk kitchen, the katering show is worth watching. Only 6 short episodes to catch up on.

The Dutch

From the same guy who explained the difference between England, the United Kingdom and Britain, comes a video explaining the Netherlands. Or Holland, Or Whatever.

Thrift Shop

So much good music on the youtubes lately, with Kreayshawn's Go Hard and Watsky's Ninjas in Paris. Today's pick is definitely Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Mushroom sorting

While any kind of heavy-duty factory machinery is inherently interesting to engineers, there is something particularly awesome about a video sequence that's captioned with "Automatically aligning the mushrooms". Set to trance music.

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3rd November, 12:53 pm

microsoft's kinect future video is really nice

20th October, 11:37 am

if you watching the election night armistice in 1997 and wanted to relive it, it's totally possible. just me? hmm

31st August, 2:46 pm

minecraft in minecraft is amazing. don't miss the tour/explanation

29th August, 11:07 pm

this really makes me want a novation launchpad (i already have the ReMOTE SL)

29th August, 3:09 pm

it's an adele day: npr tiny desk and the vma's. nice

26th May, 3:41 pm

i love this video of a guy asking random NYC pedestrians what they're listening to

16th April, 2:35 pm

wow. i now have a new lego hero. new weekend(s) project!

7th November, 8:42 pm

i've been listening to this on a loop. not the best nature boy cover, but very catchy

6th November, 9:46 pm

mad men plus nat king cole = genius

5th August, 2:09 pm

if you've seen the trailer for the facebook movie, this will make a lot more sense: the youtube version

3rd August, 5:38 pm

ikea heights is great. how did i not think of this? sul should have, at least

24th July, 5:39 pm

east anglian boy was excellent, but newport state of mind is probably the best

14th April, 2:49 pm

star wars uncut is an awesome idea - rebuilding a new hope from many fan-made 15 second clips. the trailer is great

8th April, 9:55 am

pixels is amazing. watch it now. now!

19th March, 2:23 pm

google streetview isn't evil at all! this little guy works day and night to hide all your faces

17th March, 10:15 pm

the telephone video is honestly the peak of music videos. yes

8th March, 12:51 pm

a really nice lego stop motion. i want to make something like this

2nd March, 6:46 pm

the sandpit is very very beautiful. the thing was shot using regular lenses and the tilt-shift was faked in afterwards. this is totally possible on any decent DSLR. hmmmm!

27th February, 11:49 pm

logorama is amazing. watch it now. all the way through [via cb]

9th February, 3:39 pm

ok, this might just be the best advert ever made

9th February, 3:20 pm

dancing storm troopers are the pinnacle of our culture. i support this

9th February, 12:59 am

t shirt war! a really nice idea, well executed

26th January, 11:53 am

if a music video has ever been about my life, this is it. err, maybe

21st January, 6:50 pm

a handy guide to starting your own cult

21st January, 4:01 pm

this lost recap is super useful. not long left now! [via cb]

20th January, 10:07 pm

coder girl is my new favorite song

19th January, 11:51 pm

a nice relaxing dish full of sonic

15th December, 12:06 am

best video i've seen all month - guy in a chicken suit playing "what is love" on bass and pianica

13th December, 8:01 pm

looking for an old playstation ad i found this one. i've had the little snippet "and conquered worlds" stuck in my brain for over 10 years now

9th December, 12:28 pm

this music video from metal on metal is mesmerizing [via becca]

7th December, 3:59 pm

unicorn vs. narwhal

13th November, 11:23 am

this timelapse video from gta 4 shows some of the astounding level of detail that goes into modern games. wow

6th November, 3:31 pm

the world would be a better place with just a little more high fiving

25th October, 10:10 pm

in my mind, all japanese poeple are just like this

16th October, 10:54 pm

i'm a sucker for interesting nmh covers, but she has a bunch of other great covers too

15th October, 12:09 pm

this video of a cardboard twin-lens reflex camera being built is beautiful [via dunstan]

13th October, 3:27 pm

are these fans real? hair doesn;t seem to be moving in the demo video

13th October, 2:14 pm

the fun theory people did some nice work with the piano stairs [via schiller]

28th September, 12:13 pm

i've seen a couple of stop motion painting animations before, but this one is lovely

19th September, 2:19 pm

interesting demo video of hardware trojans added to ICs

17th September, 3:17 pm

a great time lapse video of the bay bridge construction work

16th September, 10:24 am

the bbc reports on the mission

11th September, 2:57 am

this interactive mirror demo is awesome. one foot thick and powered by flash? magic

8th September, 9:26 am

intelligent lasers are the future

7th September, 6:16 pm

quite a good tv ad from the uk. clever

26th August, 7:03 pm

tennis for two is a computer game. from 1958

26th August, 1:07 pm

in b flat is pretty awesome (if your browser can handle it)

20th August, 11:44 am

fatal farm does some really nice work

19th August, 10:15 pm

this is a little bit bizarre/awesome. watch from the start to around 1:01

14th August, 4:56 pm

hitler is pretty angry about the friendfeed acquisition

28th July, 4:02 pm

in the category of 'things i bookmarked ages ago and never posted' comes metal heart, a lovely tilt-shift time-lapse of monster trucks

17th July, 4:30 pm

stop motion lego arcade is awesome

31st May, 7:20 pm

so this is pretty awesome - an agency website done entierely in linked youtube videos. very very nice

26th May, 4:13 pm

lots of good live-action stop-motion recently. this music video is beautiful

14th May, 12:14 am

trying out plex in place of boxee for managing media on my tv-mac-mini. looks pretty nice, especially the media server bridge for itunes (no need to reindex 25k mp3s this time). just wish the media server would allow your indexed catalog to be a source for another machine, so that my media server can index everything and my tv-box and laptops just act as thin clients

8th May, 12:07 pm

forget star trek, there's a new summer blockbuster that's taking things up a level

7th May, 10:43 pm

hey jude with 13500 people in trafalger square. oh t-mobile, i kinda love you now

7th May, 10:42 pm

wiggle jiggle, yellow middle, that's the best of what you are. this is the best thing i've EVER heard or seen

29th April, 4:30 pm

praxinoscopes are awesome. be sure to watch the 'making of' video, which explains it all

27th April, 10:52 pm

did somebody order a server? how did i miss this??

27th April, 5:13 pm

face mining in star trek is pretty cool. computers are pretty awesome, right?

13th April, 5:38 pm

omg. charts rule so hard

30th March, 2:47 pm

i think this time travel rts (demoed at GDC) might actually be too confusing to play. damn

27th March, 2:28 pm

omg, shark in venice might just be the best bit of cinema EVER MADE

20th March, 3:14 pm

this awesome promo video makes me want to bust out reason right now

7th February, 7:40 am

awww. keepon dancing to another spoon track

13th January, 4:46 pm

all news and weather should be delivered by people cuddling cats. it's for the best [via myles]

24th November, 2:37 pm

this demo video shot on red is absolutely gorgeous. i need red

24th November, 2:37 pm

this demo video shot on red is absolutely gorgeous. i need red

11th October, 2:33 pm

you fell asleep watching a dvd. so familiar

7th October, 12:39 pm

omfg - tilt shifted video is so freaking awesome. tiny fake people! [via mr burka]

3rd October, 5:40 pm

hug a developer today

3rd October, 1:44 pm

ok, i'm totally in love with erin mckean. a great presenter on an interesting topic

28th September, 10:27 pm

maybe not everything containing bacon is awesome? or is it???! nope, pretty sure it's not awesome [updated: fixed the link]

24th September, 1:06 pm

the video of my djangocon keynote has just tipped over 40k views. wow

23rd September, 10:33 am

the movie shot on the new canon 5d is beautiful. i might need to buy one. unless they have a new high-end coming out. ooooooh

18th September, 8:52 am

amanda as princess leia is somehow even cuter. ouch

17th September, 9:08 am

"This guy is annoying as hell, I couldn't slap him enough." I heart reddit commenters. oh yes - video is now up for my django con talk

17th September, 6:44 am

post-it love is too cute for words. go. watch. now

12th September, 2:54 pm

did i ever link to the macbook air / girl talk mashup ad? no? well, i should have

11th September, 4:55 pm

mike posted a video explaining how the LHC works. full of interesting numbers

11th September, 10:32 am

the end of this weeks' zero punctuation is genius. go watch it. now

3rd September, 9:43 pm

this xkcd still makes me smile. it helps if you've seen the discovery channel advert

26th August, 12:34 pm

a trio of three beautiful adverts: the original sony bravia ad with the bouncing balls, the tango parody of it and the bravia bunny ad. so beautiful

25th August, 3:24 pm is just what i'd been looking for - an easy way to extract an mp3 from youtube videos. lovely

9th August, 7:50 pm

maybe batman smokes too much

8th August, 4:02 pm

adolf is not happy with twitter's uptime

7th August, 10:25 am

in my brain this morning: pork and beans acoustic version

2nd August, 4:27 pm

the cern rap is just too awesome for words

24th July, 3:22 pm

bush or batman. definitely worth watching

23rd July, 4:33 pm

a very elaborate bank robbery

23rd July, 9:58 am

"turning them into entitled twat-donkeys"

21st July, 4:33 pm

are you pondering what i'm pondering, brain?

21st July, 4:28 pm

great video of the voice behind yakko singing the countries of the world

21st July, 3:13 pm

"just bruised my hands. luckily no lasting injuries"

21st July, 2:51 pm

feist's video for mushaboom is lovely. seem to be a lot of feist videos doing the rounds at the moment.

21st July, 7:43 am

bert and ernie rapping. thanks jeremy

18th July, 2:37 am

the halo 3 kid is terrifying. he's not only built all the weapons (nerdy), but learnt all the unnatural animations too [via pa]

2nd July, 5:09 pm

an odd feist video

30th June, 5:28 pm

did i ever link to the new flip mino? it looks pretty awesome

30th June, 12:08 pm

there's no way to permalink to the radiohead blog (wtf?), so i'm linking straight to the swf. thom and jonny playing portishead. my day is complete. [update, here's the permalink]

12th May, 3:58 pm

for people with flips, some nice accessories

2nd April, 5:01 pm

thank god: homosexual geneticists isolate cause of christianity

1st April, 10:33 pm

can't. stop. watching. dramatic. lemur

28th March, 3:17 pm

the seo markup rap might just be the best thing i've seen this week [via crowley]

18th March, 3:34 pm

julia allison's lip dub from sxsw is cute. but it's got nothing on the amanda masterpiece. [via the wag]

19th February, 11:49 am

the video seems to be down, but cameron linked a great lecture on how to lecture by patrick winston from MIT. lots of good tips in there

24th November, 11:31 am

daft punk with hands? keep watching, it gets better [via pb]

20th November, 4:21 pm

this music video by bat for lashes is awesome - make sure you keep watching for the first 30 seconds

20th November, 3:57 pm

the new wow ads featuring mr t and william shattner are awesome. well, the mr t one is. i want a night elf mohawk

16th November, 2:48 pm

myles found a live version of 'still alive'. so awesome

13th November, 6:25 pm

jon lajoie is a little bit flight of the conchords - nice [via dathan]

24th October, 10:02 am

almost certainly computer generated, but still [beautiful]( ) [via coates]

15th October, 11:59 pm

take care of your idols - beautiful/strange animation [via ze]

15th October, 11:47 pm

re-found for mr hammond - the fan-made intro to thomas the tank engine using the bertha theme

15th October, 11:47 pm

george lucas in love is kinda genius

7th October, 1:30 pm

converttube seems really useful

25th September, 12:00 pm

will you survive the halo-caust? [via myles]

19th September, 12:23 pm

ch have posted a followup to the commenter meeting video. the cat is a nice touch

18th September, 7:24 pm

one for stinkles - squirrel assualt course

20th July, 11:53 am

why am i reading b3ta? urgh. but some good stuff

28th June, 4:10 pm

i need to shave. why did nobody tell me this?

20th April, 4:20 pm

fuck flickr, i want to work for vimeo

18th October, 6:47 pm

ze made [i think] $2075 in one day through the new candy system. nice

10th May, 3:25 pm

this guy's skeletor shorts series is excellent

5th May, 4:51 pm

peekvid seems to be of dubious legality, but is good while it lasts [via jc]

21st November, 10:35 am

this is a pretty interesting google presentation. still watching it, so not sure how much it gives away.

5th October, 11:54 am

doing the rounds at the moment - the ad conceptor. should save some people some time and effort.

29th September, 4:55 pm

salt points out this review of the pop station 2. i kinda want one.

14th September, 11:08 pm

edmonton's john de ruiter is completely fucking insane

6th September, 12:38 pm

a little bit long, but worth spending the time. lea points out how to be emo

12th August, 11:28 am

brilliant brilliant flash music video via pep. lovely style

14th June, 10:19 am

real life counter strike, via yoz and some others. great fun - the movements are spot on, and suitably ridiculous.

20th May, 4:49 pm

what are you eating? why are you crying? crying while eating is a greta site. via aaron

8th April, 1:55 pm

lea noticed the new prangstgrup musical - this time during a lecture. utter genius.

23rd March, 12:45 pm

just came across this brilliant piece of zefrank advice which i haven't seen for a while. bite me, jackass.

20th March, 10:37 pm

su claims this is the best hip-hop video of the year staring men in animal costumes. i think it's probably the best hip-hop video ever staring men in animal costumes.

1st March, 5:59 pm

jeffld pointed me at instant-demo a while back for making screen movies. i find it easier to use screencam, edit it in premiere if needed, then add stuff in flash.

7th February, 7:02 pm

this came up on the b3ta admin list: as excellent base jumping video. maybe the most fun thing you can do without leaving the planet.

14th September, 3:10 pm

via b4ta, a nice anti-mac video. reminds for of the mjd perl newbie video.


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