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29th November, 10:56 am

"Please be aware that polic dog handlers will soon be partolling this area"

I never realised that drugs on the premesis were such a big problem. Security here at Saturn Penetentury has been recently stepped up, so i guess that is related.

Please go and read an entirely other day and drew. Both very different, but both VERY good.

I get mad every time i read this article on dack. Reading the comments from supposedly intelligent people like Gabo Mendozo (indidentally, gabocorp has a trailer up. it's only taken him one and a half years). I don't have the time or space to go through all the emails on that page, but i'll do one:

"Back buttons and address bars aside,"

Major browser features aside. You are kidding, right? The ability for people to go back a page, or to go straight to a page are fundemental.

"you state that Flash is unprintable, unbookmarkable, keyword searching, and the visitied / unvisited is disabled..."

And he was correct in saying this

"sometimes this is the case, but flash IS printable (upgrade your plugin -and read the white paper it's far MORE printable than an HTML page)"

It's printable as long as you upgrade? I don't remember having to get the latest browser to be able to print. And what about users who have an older version. Do we just assume they will upgrade?

"keyword searching is possbile if the developer has implemented it,"

And how many times have i seen search in page implemented? Never.

"and as far as the visited/unvisited is concerned, that can be programmed as well."

Again, never seen it myself.

"(Not that I would, I don't think it's all that useful, there are better visual cues out there as well)"

You don't find knowing which links you've visited usful? You're joking, right?

The best mail on the page comes from Joel Moser who describes flash users' attitudes as 'Macintoshian'. Flash users nearly always fail to see any fault in the usability of sites made with flash. It's sad really, since a flashesque technology will undoubtably be the mainstay of the web in the future. Just not in it's current form.

I'm running a new feature through this page: Matt Kelly - Fucking Idiot

Catchy huh?

Matt Kelly is a columnist for the mirror, a uk tabloid that i read. He writes a daily(?) column called "Kelly's i", in which he is supposed to talk about the Internet. Herein the problem lies. He's never used it. I can find no other explanation for most of the rubbish he prints.

First up today, is the BAWP article in the 27/11/2000 issue. He makes fun of the BAWP, because he hasn't heard of them. Well, obviously just because he hasn't heard of them doesn't mean they don't matter. I'm willing to bet that he's never heard of the W3C, ICANN or RIPE, but that certainly doesn't make it ok if their web site gets hacked by some kids.

In the same column, he goes on to review once-upon-a-forest in his 'Site of the day' feature. He calls it 'the weirdest site out there' and 'totally senseless'. Totally senseless meaning what exactly. This isn't journalisim. This is name calling.

Yesterday (28/11/2000), he excelled himself by copying, almost verbatim, this week's article from alertbox, then didn't credit the source. Copying someone else's material and passing it off as your own is not journalisim (Guess whether this phrase will make a regular appearance).

I was thinking the other day (not something i encourage :D) about what people i know will be like in 10-20 years. See if you can answer these questions too (answers in the forum):

Who is going to be settled down, married with kids: Elizabeth Gadsden

Who is going to have a sucessfull career: Jen Marchant

Who is going to be famous: Marianne Headington

Who is not going to have a job, and be living off their parents: Paul 'Warren' Wright

Who are you still going to be good friends with: Kate Dearnaley

Who are you going to be with: Rebecca Shore

[note]: since this item was first posted i've realised that i was perhaps a little harsh. To be honest Matt Kelly's column provides at least mild amusement. Maybe this was the point.

27th November, 8:48 am

"To the uneducated, an A is just three sticks."

25th November, 3:20 pm

So what shoukd i ask for for christmas? I'd appriciate any ideas, since Rebecca asks me every time i speak to her. Got a good idea for something i might want? email me (or post a comment)

24th November, 10:44 am

The story has been updated! Thanks to all who submitted entries (especially luke - sorry, this isn't supposed to be a porn story). The chosen entry this week was from regular reader Sally Young. Thanks Sal.

I'll post something else tomorrow, i promise.

23rd November, 1:42 pm

Just one more day before i choose which submission gets to continue the story, so get your entries in ASAP.

Not much else to mention today, but please go and visit this blog. It's beautiful. Really. And designed by a 14 year old, would you believe.

17th November, 8:50 am

Be scared. Be very scared. It's my lunch.

I've started up an interactive story. Basically, i've started it off, and you email in your suggestions of what happens next. Each week (or possibly more often) i'll pick the best submission and post it. Gradually we'll write a story. Until we finish. Or get bored. Got it? Then go and read the beginning.

I'm expecting a submission from all my regular readers - you know who you are (and so do I).

15th November, 12:07 pm

Yeah, i know i don't update often enough. Sorry about that. I don't even have anything of value to offer to you today either, so i'll just steal an idea from drew's mailing list. Here are the things people have searched for to get to

[]( []( []( []( []( []( []( [](

12th November, 9:53 am

I have always suspected i was stupid, but now it's been confirmed. I scored 26 out of 38 on the guardian's 'Are You Dumb' Quiz (via plasticbag).

So i went to the petrol station because i needed petrol but also because i hadn't eaten all day and i was hungry. So i fill my car up and walk into the mini shopesque thing that you get here in the uk and looked for chocolate. I wanted a mars bar. No, i wanted 10 mars bars. But i recognised the women behind the counter. I knew she would make some kind of remark if i bought 10 mars bars. But i was sooo hungry. I needed 10 mars bars.

So i bought a mars bar and left. I'm hungry.

11th November, 12:14 pm

What are you doing here when you should be visiting pixelflo?

7th November, 8:01 am

Only a small update today. Just thought i'd point out that the beginning of Massive Attack's "Mezzanine" and REM's "Up" are infact identical. Strange but true.

If you're really bored, head on over to my new and improved meta system and post a few links. In the near future there might be a uk metafilter style thing. That would rock. Somewhere else to moan about attachments...

5th November, 7:33 am

Has the Internet sunk to new depths? Probably not, but this is funny nethertheless.

There is a messageboard for the most excellent diesel sweeties and the even more excellent exploding dog. Go post there! For your viewing pleasure i have collected together all my favourite exploding dog drawings: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13. Another part of the dumbrella empire is drew, who writes an excellent and entertaining jouranl. Go read it.

My friend phil has got his own website. Fancy that.

MmmmmmmmmI bought these two cookies from the shop. They are supposed to be the same size. One is blatently more than twice the size of the other. I feel somehow cheated by the small one. Damn damn damn.

I have finally sent my picture to Friends of Jezebel's Mirror. Hurrah.

Oh, and check out my desk.

2nd November, 1:51 pm

There are so many great blogs out there. Some of the greatest blogs are also written by cute people. Don't you just love the web?

I redsigned the site. In case you somehow missed that. To moan about how it used to be better, drop by this topic in the forum.

And please head on over to am-i-hot-or-not to rate me


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