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27th February, 11:13 am

Pixelflo presents Connect Flo.

26th February, 12:14 pm

Junk mail I find amusing (first in a series):

Which animal are you?

Which animal does your birthday fall under?

January 2 to January 11 ........Lion

January 12 to January 24 .......Salmon

January 25 to February 3 .......Bear

February 4 to February 8 .......Rat

February 9 to February 18 ......Fox

February 19 to February 28 .....Ferret

March 1 to March 10 ............Crow

March 11 to March 20 ...........Magpie

March 21 .......................Elephant

March 22 to March 31 ...........Badger

April 1 to April 10 ............Ostrich

April 11 to April 20 ...........Duck Billed Platypus

April 21 to April 30 ...........Goat

May 1 to May 13 ................Salmon

May 14 to May 24 ...............Hyena

May 25 to June 3 ...............Monkey

June 4 to June 13 ..............Giraffe

June 14 to June 23 .............Flamingo

June 24 ........................Frog

June 25 to July 4 ..............Lion

July 5 to July 14 ............. Chimpanzee

July 15 to July 25 .............Racoon

July 26 to August 4 ............Dog

August 5 to August 13 ..........Ferret

August 14 to August 23 .........Elephant

August 24 to September 2 .......Monkey

September 3 to September 12 ....Magpie

September 13 to September 22 ...Warthog

September 23 ...................Badger

September 24 to October 3 ......Bear

October 4 to October 13 ........Frog

October 14 to October 23 .......Duck Billed Platypus

October 24 to November 11 ......Rat

November 12 to November 21 .....Sloth

November 22 to December 1 ......Ostrich

December 2 to December 11 ......Warthog

December 12 to December 21 .....Magpie

December 22 ....................Giraffe

December 23 to January 1........Racoon


Resourceful, loyal and well

26th February, 10:17 am

I love the designers republic.

26th February, 9:56 am

I've got loads of links for you. I must have, right? After 12 days of nothing, i must have some great links, right?

My cousin is convinced that this is excellent. I'm less amazed. Have i seen this somewhere else on the web, or does it just bear and awfully vlose resembelence to a program for the BBC Micro?

Once again, an excellent blogmeet. You UK blogging people rock, in case you didn't realise.

Catherine and Dan, sitting in a tree.... need i go on?

So i aimed my stolen elastic band at phil as i was exiting the lecture in F316. A slight miscalculation of muzzle velocity, and the projectile flew off on a tangent. I now apologise to the old guy i hit in the back of the head (and subsequently hid from).

Random computer jokes link.

22nd February, 11:45 am

I have got such a headache. There are small people inside my head, trying to get out.

16th February, 6:55 am

14th February, 10:13 am

There is noticable bitterness amoungst the uk bloggers about valentines day. How amusing.

ooh ooh - I love cookies.

Want to run your own planet? How about buying a cut price G4 Cube.

It's made of flash, but i love it. Go there and play. Now.

Eminem get's slashdotted. [via a now forgotten Uk blogger]

13th February, 11:12 am

Why is the country's number one track and number two track in the C-list on radio one? What's the point of the playlists if they don't reflect current trends?

Napster closing == a bad thing. Anyone who wants to discuss this, either leave a comment or post in the forum.

11th February, 8:59 am

I'm being harrased by random Internet users:

[skunk] so, where abouts in bedford do you live? [cal] er, why? [s] because i live there and i want to know [c] i don't actually live in bedford, just near it [s] where? [c] None of your business [s] ok suck dick you mother fucking pussy licking son of a bitch!!! [c] wow, that's mature [s] just get a life you sad fucker [c] sorry? i wont tell you where i live, so i'm a "sad fucker"? you have some issues [s] wat do you mean [c] you have got a real attitude problem kid [s] like you are calling me a kid if i wasn't in italy i'll come and show you who's a kid [c] grow up [s] you grow up i talk to you wid respect and then you come out wid non of your business [c] you ask me where i live, swear at me when i wont tell you then threaten to beat me up. i don't know what your problem is kid, but take it elsewhere [s] suck dick wats wrong can't you cus a girl [c] bye

11th February, 8:49 am

My head hurts - only junk food can save me now...

Updated the tale

9th February, 11:06 am

ooh ooh ooh

forgot to tell you about the new poll

9th February, 11:03 am

I am sooo tired tonight that i must be able to get some sleep. Surely god......

Shopping tomorrow (by myself :<) to purchase valentine's gift for rebecca and pick up my mended video recorder.

For some reason, my mobile is giving off an awful amount of electromagnetic radiation (easily audible in any adjacent speakers), so much so that me and paul are convinced it's dangerous - maybe i have head cancer?

Matt asked a good question (actually asked by the spark) the other day - what is the greater value of the Internet: Information or Communication.

Here's my take on it:

Information is data with an attached context.

Communication is the flow of information between end points (information, NOT data).

With this in mind, the Internet is providing a medium on which to transport messages (Which are in turn information because they have a context). Since the Internet is moving this information (or at least allowing it to flow from end to end) it is a pure communications tool.

Of course the problems come in because when faced with such a great way to send information, we create extra information to utilise the medium (burton's law?). I think the greatest use of the Internet is for people to find information which otherwise existed but was unreachable. Ihe Internet has allowed freedom of information, which is to say, communication

Confused? I Am ( oh dear...)

Lance has redesigned. And by god, it's good. I expected nothing less in the glassdog world domination plan, but I am particularly impressed.

It's coming....

Someone pointed me towards this using the excellent/fun/addictive Tell Cal&trade

8th February, 12:57 pm

Using IE on Windows? Then install Tell Cal™

7th February, 10:53 am

Starfish and movie links to death. Still the pinnacle of course.

click to live forever, however relevant. have arms, then with a portal home

not which but based on the Internet allows

content never dies. changed the girls he wished she know who nominated me

She paints her Chrish.

Generate your own poem from my content. [via orbyn]

A thol redesign may soon be on the cards.

I must again point out that Dan is well worth reading. Very interesting. Both him and Matt Webb write for the very excellent Upsidedown Clown. I shant explain - just go see for yourself.

Check out this rather adictive site, but more interestingly, check out the amusing javascript function names on this page. [via elliot]

Props to chris this week for managing to transport a MacDonalds apple pie 4000 miles over the course of 24 hours, then still dare to eat it. This man has guts. He beat me at bowling on sunday night scoring a whopping 185 and proceeded to chat up the cute woman who works there, impressed by his score. Excellent.

An unknown blog, for your reading pleasure.

The completely excellent chrish is married to the equally wonderful karen. Did any of you know about the weekly bloggers IRC meet that chrish runs?

I am neglecting the unfortunate tale and so are you. Please send in your story suggestions!

Paul sent me an ICQ this afternoon pointing to this image. The man clearly has too much spare time. He has actually been conducting an interesting survey today - are uk bloggers mainly single or attached (it is, afterall, singles day today). Current results show that 65% of uk bloggers are single. Crap, i'm a minority.

6th February, 11:10 am

She paints her nails and she don't know he's got her best friend on the phone. She'll wash her hair

5th February, 10:33 am

???Mobile phones - They're not just for rent boys and drug dealers any more.

This is still the best 0sil8 episode, and since Jason is stalking me, i thought i'd re-mention it.

My favourite online cartoon is now doing valentines e-cards. Send one now. Or maybe two.

???I finally found Kibo's full usenet signature. It's a wonder to behold. And a beast to read.

I got nominated for an Anti-Bloggie (i know not which) but didn't win. Boooo. I'd love to know who nominated me and for which category.

How to properly constrcut a fort of snow: determine fort location and, if you have arms, then with a shovel, begin digging a pile.

(Mark is blogging again).

???My webcam just fell to it's death. Still works though.

You can now browse my entire iamcal pictures folder. There is some odd stuff in there.

Today's pictures have no explanation - if you're interested as to what was going on with that wig, email julie and ask why she bought it in...

4th February, 7:57 am

"It's the pinnacle of what is cynical" --soulwax, conversation intercom

I have so many links to blog, but i must also pick up my fixed VCR. This, perhaps incorrectly, takes priority.

1st February, 4:10 am

What can i say?


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