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23rd April, 11:10 am

zipper earphones are a pretty neat idea. especially like the controls in the zip pull

2nd July, 11:47 am

this little iphone charger is pretty cool. thinking about getting one

27th May, 11:14 am

ok, i want one of these in my air [via wafer]

24th November, 1:10 pm

awesome shaped energy-saver light bulbs? yes please [via b3ta]

18th November, 1:03 am

the m600i is beautiful, but no camera? duh

21st February, 3:52 pm

james wheare found an excellent hidden resource for the uk mapping crowd - a publically accessible database of all uk bus network geo locations (bus stops, etc) called NapTAN. seems like anyone can sign up and get the data. woo

17th December, 8:20 am

omg. roomba have released the spec for their serial interface

10th October, 9:31 am

get ahead of the curve with the 200gb ipod nano mod. thanks to matts

2nd October, 12:29 am

a good collection of treo tips, including the warm-reset without loading extensions to get around the reset loop.

30th September, 10:15 am

finally there's a solution to my inability to park.

29th September, 4:55 pm

salt points out this review of the pop station 2. i kinda want one.

14th August, 8:08 pm

ars technica took apart one of the new mighty mice and had a poke around. interesting stuff. mine's in the mail somewhere.

12th August, 8:25 pm

new toys :)

27th July, 2:20 pm

side window looks very very cool. i wonder if you can chain together a string of pda's for a real eye-of-cy kinda thing.

27th July, 2:16 pm

aaron found the rather fantastic probably going to be the target of some future purchases.

6th June, 12:24 pm

neil matheson found the solution to my stylus woes - replacement retractable styluses for the p900. i've ordered one and will report back on it's effectiveness.

28th May, 2:27 pm

forgetmenot panties are awesome/creepy. at the least, they could help you find lost clothing.

11th March, 2:58 pm

samsung introduce a 7 mega pixel cameraphone. wtf. it's more like a full-on digital camera with a built-in phone. the lens is huge. but still.

26th February, 8:03 pm

shuffleart, via the coatesweb, looks pretty fun. shuffles are still on 2 week order from the local apple store.

26th February, 7:41 pm

the googlemini seems pretty damn cool. i want one, if just for the case.

16th January, 11:22 pm

i think these were the power strips john was talking about - monitored via telnet, http interface or snmp traps - nice for graphing your power usage.

14th October, 10:19 am

i need a rofl-3000

21st September, 9:44 pm

gah. shortly after getting the altec lansing speakers for my ipod, bose bring out a much sexier set for a similar price.

15th September, 12:01 am

OS-tan might be the coolest/oddest thing i've seen in a while. a manga/os-wars crossover. wikipedia knows all.

6th September, 8:45 pm

"When Linux was first ported to the Furby platform, it suffered from significant stability and performance problems, which gave the Furby an unfortunate reputation as being unsuitable for enterprise-level computing". well spotted by saltation.

1st September, 10:44 am

bytemark have started offering dedicated servers. not too expernsive (though hardly the cheapest) and they're terribly nice people.

31st August, 4:19 pm

pixel is my favourite geek girl: "my husb is watching the bgp announcements". peer1's POPs have stopped announcing their networks via BGP and have dropped off the internet. which sucks for our sites hosted at peer1. oops

24th August, 2:43 pm

bookmarking because i keep losing it: the 2003 revision to the metaweblogapi spec.

24th August, 2:05 pm

skypeout looks very cool. i shall give it a try when novus get round to setting up my building.

23rd August, 11:44 am

a nice video on channel9 about the microsoft interview process in which they suggest not creating your cv in word. nice.

17th August, 6:06 pm

i've implemented an installer for mt at the request of anil and might get some tech toy in return. but the question is, what do i want that i don't already have? hmm

16th August, 3:47 pm

oooh - ev1 are offering unmetered servers for $199 a month. might be time for an upgrade

10th August, 9:52 pm

bah. netwindows is having to change it's name after a serious c&d from redmond. always squashing the little guy. perhaps not a wise choice of naming to start with.

9th August, 7:51 pm

a photo of the friendster storage setup. san? silly people.

5th August, 2:36 pm

sony ericsson's p910i looks nice but there's no release date yet. a full keyboard on the flip might convince me to keep the flip attached, unlike the 800 and 900.

3rd August, 10:54 pm

the people's hero of translucent plastic and irritating error noises has cancer. well, that sucks.

30th July, 12:11 pm

thinkgeek have an oven for your pc. no, seriously. how cool is that?

23rd July, 1:40 am

bookmarked for next week - a guide to performance tuning nfs servers. we're using the plain vanilla config at work and it's starting to bite us at peak times. time to learn about nfs i think.

22nd July, 10:09 am

my ipod has been delivered. woooo. picking it up tomorrow. so excited ^_^

20th July, 8:38 pm

office access is getting really slow - someone on our floor is drinking up all the bandwidth again. on the bright side, a fiber-coms company is installing fiber in my building and i'll be able to get a 10meg net connection with a fixed ip and 20 gigs monthly transfer. excellent.

20th July, 4:54 pm

praise the fedex gods - my ipod has reached anchorage. it's going to get there in time for next weekend. excellent news :D

20th July, 3:18 pm

bah. my lovely new ipod mini shipped from shanghi yesterday morning. and now it's, you guessed it, in shanghi. "delay beyond our control". stupid fedex.

19th July, 7:43 pm

oooooooh. the xl2 looks very cool - it takes eos lenses too.

19th July, 6:40 pm

at $1300US i'm very very tempted to get an eos 10d rather than waiting for the sucessor to the 1ds. hmmm, purchase time?

18th July, 11:41 pm

leonard's been working on the google labs problem - i shall have to read this more thourghly tomorrow.

13th July, 4:57 pm

this is the only itunes/mirc/now-playing plugin that i could get to work. it also makes itunes 'always on top' in mini-mode, which is a feature i've been wanting for a while.

13th July, 1:11 pm

meta efficient is beautiful - a running commentry on exactly the kind of tech i like.

5th July, 9:50 pm

i'd love a pair of these $900 earphones.

2nd July, 10:45 am

ell found this excellent site (parodied here) which puports to allow you to talk to geek girls for $3 a minute. It's kinda tempting to give it a try next time i need some unix sysadmin assistance, though i suspect the girls might be less geeky than they claim :)

2nd July, 10:22 am

i was pointed at this stupidly good voice synthesis demo. the british, especially, rocks.


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