Posts from October 2005

31st October, 11:38 am

the peronalized version of the google homepage is really fucking ugly. got redirected there visiting the frontpage this morning. maybe there's some trial going on.

31st October, 10:06 am

germans are awesome/insane

30th October, 10:10 pm

shdh5. see you there

30th October, 6:05 pm

salt pointed me to this excellent windows programming article which talks about the problems with visual studio and code generation. a long read, but worth it if you're interested in the history of vs, vb and resource scripts.

29th October, 10:43 pm

this might be the best page on wikipedia - a List of British English words not used in American English

28th October, 3:25 pm

john pointed out this water cooler raid explanation. very nice

27th October, 3:53 pm

just stumbled over milo's color pages again. beautiful

27th October, 3:10 pm

flock is really doing the rounds at the moment. here's a nice bbc piece by paul mason.

27th October, 3:07 pm

anonymous is a nice (freeware) monospace courier replacement with good differentiating between 1, l and L.

27th October, 1:19 pm

an 'expose' for firefox tabs plugin (ff 1.5 only) is pretty cool (via aaron). just hit f8 once installed.

26th October, 12:43 pm

aaron dug up a link to sim-daltonism for osx. it's based on colorlab which i'd seen some time ago (years?) but is still fairly useful. i need to take the time to dig in the source and find out whether they're using a matrix, fixed data set or some formulae.

24th October, 4:34 pm

salty pointed me to this interesting article about the whole jack thompson / penny arcade dispute. makes for interesting reading.

24th October, 4:11 pm

is this thing edible? i'm not sure, but it's beautiful.

24th October, 11:57 am

shaw island is really sharp lately (and that's the first post in a while that tagyu hasn't been able to make any suggestions for)

22nd October, 1:43 pm

forget flock - get flocq

21st October, 11:56 pm

man, joyce sure hates templates. i suspect anyone how really wants to use xslt in a real application is fundamentally sadistic

20th October, 10:33 am

salty pointed me to the library that underlies the flash nyc subway map. looks pretty cool. would be better if you could somehow pass mouse events through to the browser. can't you send data in that direction from flash?

19th October, 9:37 am

rituals gets reviewed in wired, a few months after we stop going there. [via eleanor, messina, et al.]

18th October, 2:31 pm

aaron's interested in the oddest things.

17th October, 9:46 am

jakob's hardly known for espousing sensible viewpoints, but his latest alert box is bordering on stupidity. some of the top 10 design mistakes for weblogs, he claims, are not publishing on a set schedule, writing about more than one topic, or having a blogspot/lj/typad/ blog without your own domain name. right, because having your own domain name somehow makes your blog better.

17th October, 9:40 am

edmonton-based web superstar lealea has just launched her new company site. tres awesome

16th October, 2:27 pm

salty points out this lovely article interviewing some original japanese game creators. "q: how difficult was it to make the game back then? a: it was very a difficult process. the hardest part was the development of a microcomputer."

14th October, 5:01 pm

and i've also updated lib_filter to handle single quoted attributes.

14th October, 5:00 pm

i've coded an experimental version of an RFC 2822 address parser to update the RFC 822 version.

14th October, 4:59 pm

why isn't the y! cafe open for dinner on fridays? do they not expect people to work on fridays?

11th October, 8:10 pm

this nyc subway map is very very cool - google maps plus flash for some nice interactivity.

11th October, 8:10 pm

i've said it before, but osx has too many keyboard shortcuts

10th October, 1:16 pm

annopan is an annotation engine for cpan. part of me is thankful for the service, but i mostly wish search/rt/anno/testers/forum/backpan/ratings were a single product.

10th October, 1:14 pm

muni's next bus map is java but good. would be nice if someone pulled out the datastream it uses for general api usage.

10th October, 9:31 am

get ahead of the curve with the 200gb ipod nano mod. thanks to matts

9th October, 11:59 am

jasmeet points out a nice overheard piece on the subject of bees as pets.

9th October, 11:19 am

simplebits, purveyors of fine iconery, have created a nice set of 70 2-color icons for the web. not free though

7th October, 4:36 pm

oooh. tagyu looks really nice - web services interface coming soon. i'd like to build this into my posting interface.

7th October, 4:11 pm

it's looks like there's an ajax-y version of subetha-edit - synchro edit is worth checking out.

7th October, 9:54 am

as aaron points out, i'm "KILLING THE SEMANTIC WEB!!!"

6th October, 5:21 pm

lyric tracker have exposed what they call a soap interface (although it's 100% rest). pretty easy to use - time for a lyrictracker/ mash-up.

6th October, 11:44 am

php annoyance of the day: "If you compare two numerical strings, they are compared as integers" ... even if we can't convert those strings to numerics without losing precision.

5th October, 2:57 pm


5th October, 11:54 am

doing the rounds at the moment - the ad conceptor. should save some people some time and effort.

4th October, 3:47 pm

forget good shirts - how about the worst shirts ever?

4th October, 3:10 pm

i'm not sure where salty find this stuff, but prepare yourself for mac os classic on a psp. a 4 hour boot cycle. nice

4th October, 3:01 pm

forget web 2.0 - web 2.1 is where it's at

4th October, 11:21 am

trippin tees has a lame name but some nice shirts

2nd October, 1:00 am

gobby is a free, cross platform subetha-edit-alike.

2nd October, 12:29 am

a good collection of treo tips, including the warm-reset without loading extensions to get around the reset loop.


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