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4th August, 11:45 pm

announcing lib_oauth - an OAuth library for PHP4, requiring no extra extensions, pear modules, etc.

23rd July, 12:32 pm

the transport for dojo is utter genius.

23rd July, 8:44 am

some js debugging tips from forever ago [via dunstan]

19th July, 10:43 am

i didn't realize there'd be so much movement on rakudo. it's looking pretty snazzy

3rd March, 4:11 pm

jeez richard, learn 2 google. how to print stuff to stdout in c#

13th December, 3:53 pm

the XPCOM string guide means i don't have to keep asking richard whether i should be using an nsAString or nsACString. nice

12th December, 9:13 am

dependency walker is a lovely little tool for checking dll/exe imports and exports. via rc

11th November, 8:49 am

the context free art language is very neat. did i blog this recently?

9th November, 5:54 am

aside from the final calculation being highly dubious, the perl module dependancy viewer is pretty neat

6th November, 2:19 pm

shoes is probably old hat, but looks kinda cool

11th October, 8:30 am

porting flickr over to sql on rails is going to take all day

9th August, 11:57 am

for future reference - a library to unpack MoPaQ archives for WoW

9th August, 7:44 pm

rails has reached that nasty stage where alot of people are using it and a hole is found. it's been handled interestingly, for sure

27th June, 2:48 pm

the songbird source is now available - should make creating xulrunner apps much easier.

10th June, 11:16 pm

maybe we should port flickr to emoticon

17th May, 4:08 pm

sphere looks very cool - a game engine which embeds spidermonkey for scripting. need to check that out further

27th January, 4:55 pm

qlaonic is a great syntax resource [via salti]

18th November, 12:09 pm

from a php disucssion at work: "If you're willing to continually do the heavy lifting of ensuring that your version of Smalltalk96 on Rails stays concurrent with the latest patches". omg, how awesome would that be?

16th November, 11:25 pm

a paper about intercal. very nice

30th October, 10:10 pm

shdh5. see you there

6th October, 5:21 pm

lyric tracker have exposed what they call a soap interface (although it's 100% rest). pretty easy to use - time for a lyrictracker/ mash-up.

6th October, 11:44 am

php annoyance of the day: "If you compare two numerical strings, they are compared as integers" ... even if we can't convert those strings to numerics without losing precision.

30th September, 2:04 pm

rollyo is, as time says, "in the web 2.0 style". built on top of the y! search api.

30th August, 11:37 am

the dp.SyntaxHighlighter is an inspired piece of javascriptery. it takes simple textareas with certain classes, and truns them into syntax highlighted code listing displays, complete wityh line numbers, tab stops and alternating line colors. beautiful and really easy to use. [via aaron]

8th August, 8:47 pm

rate my code is awesome - thanks to salti for finding that

30th June, 9:08 pm

jsan is finally alive [via aaron]

1st June, 1:09 pm

i'm currently rewriting the X:P:L:T:X module using the CADT model, but i have an excuse. as it, it can't really toke properly and gets too confused. a new tokener is done and seems to be working. just need to tree it and evaluate it.

31st May, 7:22 pm

eric pointed me toward trixie, which implements greasemonkey functionality for IE. very very cool.

29th May, 8:48 pm

the ICFP programming contest seems fun - i wonder if anyone's planning on implementing in brainfuck. or smith. or maybe homespring :)

25th May, 6:59 pm

i thought it had been completely lost in the midsts of time, but i found my implementation of wait.

24th May, 12:26 am

php diary is good. and linking to an old article of mine. which surely makes me more likely to lonk to them ;)

17th May, 7:08 pm

aaron spotted this little gem of perl wisdom. crazy stuff.

16th May, 5:47 pm

yadis is live journal's new distributed authentication procotol. we're talking about redoing the flickr auth api internally to gel with the yahoo SSO stuff and to allow non-web apps to authenticate, but are still talking design.

14th May, 5:22 pm

Acme::JavaTrace might actually be a useful acme perl module. oops

30th March, 8:04 am

yoz linked to a good resource for anyone thinking of developing moz extensions - worth checking out.

23rd March, 12:32 am

phil doesn't believe ruby on rails exists: "Personally I prefer Cobra with the Spoke and Hairnet modules compiled in. But I've heard Gerbera on SouflBAD+9 is even more powerful, particularly if you already have a load of Buckingham code"lying around.

21st March, 4:48 pm

mr hammond is doing cool things with flickr - his contacts' most popular tags. nice

3rd March, 5:55 pm

the html validator plugin for firefox is neato. saves uploading your work and tkaing trip to the validator pages.

2nd March, 11:05 pm

excellent - i found an online version of the spectrum +3 manual - complete with chapter 8, the guide to +3 basic.

1st March, 10:59 am

matt smith is writing games again. awesome. though it might turn out to be a big dissapointment. i'm working on a spectrum games myself at the moment (though porting it from spectrum to php :)

21st February, 6:29 pm

sometimes i think microsoft is trying to spite me. i mean, wtf? what was mime invented for?

8th February, 2:25 pm

installsite has lots of information about building app installers. bookmarked for next time i actually get an app finished ;)

7th February, 11:44 pm

a nasty four year old bug in firefox is stopping some large corps from using it. ouch! sort out your priorities guys.

6th February, 11:47 pm

autrijus is implementing a featherweight perl6 in haskell. it's on cpan. i'm overly excited.

4th February, 12:17 am

A byte walks into a bar and orders a pint. Bartender asks him "What's wrong?" Byte says "Parity error." Bartender nods and says "Yeah, I thought you looked a bit off."

3rd February, 1:51 pm

for your coding pleasure - porter stemmer in php

3rd February, 9:42 am

the porter stemming algorithm in perl - bookmarked for later programming fun.

1st February, 9:48 am

how to build an oo system with inheritance, using just basic lua - the story of o. fascinating stuff.

7th December, 6:58 pm

savant seems like a good idea, but basically just sucks. php is too syntax heavy for templating. a six character sequence to open a tag? ffs

1st December, 9:23 am

an almost-complete english translation of the french ocaml book is available for free online.

31st October, 3:00 pm

i found the pascal compiler i was looking for - maybe as a basis for developing a pascal to parrot compiler.

17th October, 9:06 pm

pdd7 contains parrot's coding standards. this document alone seems to be larger than most oss projects. a very detailed basis to start coding on. (though i wonder how closely the actual source follows the conventions).

6th September, 11:40 pm

PAR looks really good. it's a JAR-like packaging system for perl apps. must investigate tomorrow.


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