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Everybody know that Primer is amazing. Emily Yoshida tries to explain why. (Contains spoilers: watch it at least once before reading)

The Vault

If you were a fan of Cube (which you should be), then you should definitely check out The Vault.

It's a web series that started last year, but has just gotten a big influx of viewers. Watch all 7 episodes and then share your theories with me on twitter.

As a bonus, try solving the puzzle on their blog. Should take about 20 minutes (puzzle spoiler).

2nd July, 6:23 pm

vanity fair has a reasonably accurate review of transformers 3. still, better than the 2nd one

7th June, 12:58 pm

these classic behind-the-scenes pictures are great

16th March, 2:09 pm

i scored 23/5 before stopping. what about you?

13th September, 9:14 pm

is rare exports real? there's something i'd love to see

16th August, 12:59 pm

excellent idea - a blog of things to watch on netflix streaming

14th April, 2:49 pm

star wars uncut is an awesome idea - rebuilding a new hope from many fan-made 15 second clips. the trailer is great

28th February, 7:50 pm

i'm only 113/250 on wathcing the imdb top rated movies. framerater is awesome

21st January, 8:37 pm

macho taildrop looks awesome. can't wait

13th December, 7:26 pm

the "i can read movies" series of book covers is incredibly well done

3rd December, 4:36 pm

these photos are great. any russian speakers know where they came from? [via sal] update: it has english text below the first few photos

7th November, 2:15 pm

an excellent review/explanation of the new coen brothers movie, a serious man

21st August, 5:42 pm

i've only just heard about avatar - looks pretty

19th August, 10:43 pm

alive in joberg was the pre-cursor to the wonderful district 9. watch the former online and then rush to the cinema to see the latter. apart from the cat food bit. that was just gross

10th August, 4:23 pm

i need to see this movie so hard

7th July, 11:02 am

the transformers 2 faq is pretty much the best movie guide i've seen

16th June, 10:02 am

three frames is wonderful, if you can get past the epilepsy

7th April, 7:21 pm

crank 2 looks indescribably awesome. "he'll stop at nothing, get get his heart back". because they literally stole his fucking heart. retardedly awesome

20th March, 9:28 pm

the movie timeline is a lovely compilation of dates

11th March, 2:43 pm

the watchmen screenwriter is urging people to go and see it again. shame

27th February, 7:40 pm

a sequel to donnie darko? doesn't look great though

19th November, 2:47 pm

special looks pretty badass. need to see that

15th October, 2:20 pm

wristcutters looks pretty awesome [via db]

11th October, 2:33 pm

you fell asleep watching a dvd. so familiar

10th August, 5:27 pm

omg. a candy mountain lipdub? my life is complete

4th August, 3:07 pm

songs from cannibal the musical. such a good film

18th July, 2:21 am

ok ok, watchmen does look reasonably badass

18th June, 8:26 pm

requiem for a day off looks great

29th March, 2:27 pm

the plot of starwars, as explained by a 3 year old. makes it seem way more interesting

27th March, 11:40 pm

sweded tron is the best movie evar. nice

21st March, 8:32 am

has anyone seen expelled? i mean, besides richard

27th November, 12:06 pm

no country for old men is absolute genius. best movie i've seen in a long long time. i want to be anton chigurh when i grow up

20th November, 10:29 am

the cloverfield trailer is out. that's going to be awesome

25th August, 11:50 pm

death at a funeral is well worth watching. with the added tom/zoe bonus

8th August, 10:56 am

this would make a fairly awesome movie [via dunstan]

27th July, 1:06 pm

some nice shirts from fictional places and companies - i want the weyland-yutani one [via hchamp]

26th July, 9:51 am

oooh, avp2 is still slated for a christmas release. hope it doesn't suck like the first one.

13th July, 10:27 am

some more info on cloverfield [via dunstan]

11th July, 2:19 pm

more on the 1-18-08 sites [via dunstan]

2nd July, 9:13 am

an awesome review of the transformers movies (out today): "Imagine, if you will, the divine concept of awesome"

4th July, 1:51 pm

omg omg transformers movir trailer is out. only a year to go!

2nd March, 3:45 pm

a great review of the snakes/planes movie talks about the fountain which i had forgotten about. i can't wait

27th January, 10:55 am

the pleix films are beautiful [via george]

19th January, 9:01 pm

sick of imdb? the movie deaths database is great

15th December, 7:51 pm

kong. kong. KONG! best movie ever

18th August, 10:20 am

the trailers for the new ff movie look pretty good. [from the forums]

13th June, 11:56 am

lea points out this lovely film, 'le-building'. beautiful style.

26th May, 1:10 pm

from the awful-but-great category - an organic-food starwars spoof. as with the real starwars, i find myself siding with the dark side.

17th May, 2:24 pm

alp is still a piece of genius. nice side pieces by the artist too - today's on hayfever is great.

28th April, 12:40 am

this flash animation goes on forever (20 minutes and still going), but is a fantastic final fantasy 6 pastiche on the browser wars (featuring psp as the evil super villan). via p-a [update - 40 minutes!]

5th April, 11:29 pm

god is awesome! i've wanted the tshirt kitty farmer from donnie darko wears for ages, and now i've found it.

3rd April, 11:18 pm

i was looking for the lego version of 2001 from awhile back, but came across this version which is both a 2001 parody in lego, and a commentary on the evolution of lego itself.

1st April, 4:59 pm

the chinese subtitles for a pirated version of 'closer' are awesome (srcoll down a bit). [via b3ta]

21st March, 9:50 pm

the ring two is the worst movie i've seen this year. unless i saw alexander this year. but it was close - very nearly as bad.

1st March, 4:21 pm

fuck fuck fuck fuck. the uk trailer for the new hitch hikers movie looks awesome.

1st March, 12:23 pm

lea find all the good pages on wikipedia: a list of films ordered by the number of uses of the word fuck.

26th February, 10:13 pm

uncubed looks like a good cube fansite, with info on all three films and a forum of cubists.

26th February, 10:09 pm

ok, so, i talked about cube zero, the prequel to cube, before. don't bother seeing it. it's awful. if you've only seen the cube, don't see hypercube or zero. a good film ruined by crap sequels.

25th February, 3:16 pm

linuxvirgin might actually be the oddest site on the net. probably nsfw

24th February, 5:23 pm

a scanner darkly is being made into a film. the trailer looks very promising.

16th February, 2:59 pm

jojo in the stars looks really good. where does lea find all this great animation?

9th February, 10:19 am

cube zero looks like it might not suck too bad. i'll probably check that out at some point.

1st February, 9:34 am

jones thinks the battlestar gallactica remake was filmed / is being filmed in sunny vancouver. HOW COOL IS THAT?

31st January, 9:40 am

metacritic's aggregated top ten movies of 2004 is pretty cool.

28th January, 10:30 am

creamy creamy cream cheesey cream cheese. taste my squirrelly wrath. [via matts]

25th January, 5:54 pm

the trailer for the forthcoming hitchhikers movie looks fun. [via e]

19th January, 9:01 pm

i hate dvd anti-theft packaging so bad. it's all very well gaurding against someone stealing a disc in-store, but at what point does it become too much? when i have to spend five minutes opening a disc? when i have to resort to big knives? when i tear through the sleve peeling the seals off? gah.

14th December, 9:54 pm

e points out this excellent little musical.

3rd December, 12:16 am

Any Way the Wind Blows is awesome. very odd.

9th November, 12:08 am

ghost in the shell 2 is a great piece of work. slower and more dialog heavy than the original, but with a great meshing of cell animation, really stunning 3d work and hand painted (or perhaps photographed) backgrounds. really worth seeing. also makes me want to see the tv series that came out a couple of years ago. must be available on torrent somewhere,

31st October, 9:21 pm

do you love egg? those crazy easterners.

19th October, 9:42 am

there's no 'i' in team america! oh, wait. utter genius from parker and stone.

6th October, 10:26 am

as the url states, this is too cool.

22nd September, 10:22 am

mike pointed out this excellent page of neistat brothers movies.

22nd August, 1:59 pm

found a great faq for memento. the director's site is also a wealth of information.

12th August, 10:51 am

"it was like being in a candle store without a pipe bomb". maddox didn't like i, robot.

28th July, 4:55 pm

broog's done a nice review of the princess bride, which should be required viewing for sensible humans.

26th July, 6:33 pm

e pointed out the trailer for undertaking betty to me as a good potential date movie. so long as you're not squeamish about death one would suppose :)

21st July, 1:09 pm

this salad fingers animation is both amazing and quite creepy. sound required.

20th July, 6:41 pm

"girls only want boyfriends who have great skills. You know, like nunchuck skills, bowhunting skills, computer hacking skills..."

20th July, 12:12 pm

i'm currently obsessed with weebl's magical trevor. weebl's songs are getting better and better, rivaling joel's giant bee.

19th July, 12:40 pm

saw spiderman 2 again. dunst doesn't look so great with auburn hair. she also has crazy ideas.

14th July, 1:07 pm

posted for later reference: a copy of the fight club script. se many excellent lines. i really must read the book.

8th July, 10:41 am

this spiderman 2 in lego movie is fucking awesome - must have taken aaaaaages to make.

4th July, 12:47 am

broog is excellent - his review of the owen and ben show is spot on. and it turns out i know the man behind the monster :)

3rd May, 9:33 pm

this movie is utter genius. funny, clever and oh so right. [via coates]


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