Posts from May 2009

31st May, 7:20 pm

so this is pretty awesome - an agency website done entierely in linked youtube videos. very very nice

29th May, 5:00 pm

ok, so having a net gun would be fucking awesome. who's in?

29th May, 4:59 pm

cameron's house is for sale. car not included, presumably

29th May, 4:58 pm

nice (somewhat) topical wonderbra ad

28th May, 2:22 pm

retro cdrs that look like floppy disks? yes please

27th May, 7:39 pm

tiny art director is great - make sure you start at the bottom

26th May, 4:13 pm

lots of good live-action stop-motion recently. this music video is beautiful

25th May, 11:53 pm

i find it amusing that i already have about half of these items styled on lego bricks. the sofa would make an excellent addition to my collection though

25th May, 11:39 pm

first images of mars, drawn with crayons. but really? would take all of 2 minutes to code that up in any modern language

25th May, 11:38 pm

no zombies in boston - they promise

23rd May, 11:22 pm

some really nice bizarre building designs over on toxel today

23rd May, 11:22 pm

new twitter trend - passive aggressive follow requests

23rd May, 11:20 pm

brickarms is super cool - custom weapons for lego minifigs

22nd May, 2:02 pm

this relief-map sculpture of sf is pretty nice. but it needs a removable map layer on top of it. and lasers

22nd May, 1:40 pm

i want one of these little rolling robots. do you think they have one with lasers?

21st May, 12:13 pm

frank lloyd wright lego is more than a little pretentious, but i kinda want it

21st May, 12:12 pm

a candy expo? there is a heaven on earth

20th May, 9:21 pm

how is jetpack different from greasemonkey? i mean, besides being controlled by mozilla...

19th May, 5:57 pm

oops. i just stumbled across 1800 pending submission to colondee. anyone interested in helping me sort through them? they go back to feb 2005. good job me

19th May, 1:19 pm

the internet makes me suspect all japanese people are completely insane. keep watching right to the end. yeah

19th May, 12:44 pm

bacon guns. i'm not sure if i'm for it or against it. but it looks tasty. tasty tasty death

16th May, 10:54 pm

a little project from last week - iTunesRemote. control iTunes over the web

16th May, 4:08 pm

if i wore a watch, i'd wear this one. beautiful

16th May, 4:05 pm

this photo of solar transit by the space shuttle is incredible. lots of great photos in the nasa stream

15th May, 12:49 pm

some really nice 3D city maps from norway. having that detail and the coverage of google maps would be great

15th May, 10:29 am

be careful, your intestines could spasm with joy

14th May, 7:40 pm

some of the people here talk far too much. happy 9 years!

14th May, 4:38 pm

pun-tastic usb keys

14th May, 12:14 am

trying out plex in place of boxee for managing media on my tv-mac-mini. looks pretty nice, especially the media server bridge for itunes (no need to reindex 25k mp3s this time). just wish the media server would allow your indexed catalog to be a source for another machine, so that my media server can index everything and my tv-box and laptops just act as thin clients

13th May, 11:39 pm

a modern take on the wine cellar. i'll take one pls

13th May, 10:19 pm

wrote a little web-based itunes interface for remote controlling my media-server mac from my pc. screenshot on flickr and source code in svn

12th May, 6:28 pm

bugs is even worse than i remember. opens on a helicopter chase, in which one helicopter tries to 'lose' the other. err, you're in a helicopter. surprisingly, this fails. genius

12th May, 4:36 pm

littlebits look really great - much more accessible than the arduino type stuff, and a better scale than the big white blocks (anyone remember what they're called?). can't wait for them to retail!

12th May, 1:45 pm

matt rosenberg is worried about not being able to judge others so easily in the age of the kindle. i guess i agree

11th May, 6:53 pm

finally figured out what was screwing up XML display in firefox. identify, i love you, but prepare to die

11th May, 6:51 pm

car culture in america on the decline? that's probably not a good sign

11th May, 6:50 pm

these maps are super beautiful. are they just on show at the moment, or can you buy them?

11th May, 6:29 pm

the new propellerheads software, record, looks really nicely done. reason plus multi-tracking equals win. but i'd rather they just upgraded reason of course...

11th May, 11:03 am

this long exposure of a roomba doing its thing is beautiful

10th May, 1:05 pm

looking for a torrent of bugs (at least season 1), but proving difficult. any ideas?

9th May, 12:03 pm

these beautiful bento boxes are lovely. why isn;t my lunch this pretty?

8th May, 12:07 pm

forget star trek, there's a new summer blockbuster that's taking things up a level

7th May, 11:01 pm

i'd like to build a coil gun. those are some huge capacitors. or maybe a railgun, in the style of big-u. did anyone but me read that?

7th May, 10:43 pm

hey jude with 13500 people in trafalger square. oh t-mobile, i kinda love you now

7th May, 10:42 pm

wiggle jiggle, yellow middle, that's the best of what you are. this is the best thing i've EVER heard or seen

6th May, 11:36 pm

there now a facebook app for the 7x7 100 top eats in sf list. good for keeping track

6th May, 7:22 pm

i want to take part in this creativity test

6th May, 5:56 pm

the optimus aux might be quite cool. the three-mini is too small, and the full thing is a little over the top.

6th May, 3:30 pm

grunk find pig. beautiful

6th May, 10:57 am

hackernews is just full of morons on most days

6th May, 10:22 am

the kindle dx is huge. not going to be getting one of those

6th May, 10:07 am

squeezable bacon sounds pretty gross actually. but i need to try it

5th May, 9:34 pm

i've switched to capsuleer for monitoring eve characters on the iphone. has the whole queue and much more detail. goodbye crappy eve tracker, thanks to myles

5th May, 9:32 pm

i'm the king of php! err, sorry rasmus

5th May, 1:17 pm

it's a sad day - no more onion in sf

4th May, 9:31 pm

comcast town seems like a snazzy update to citycreator, but is kinda sucks. lost all me designs with an exploratory click. menus are too deep and hidden (i want to see everything!) and the tooltips are dog slow. bah. do it right please!

4th May, 7:29 pm

openth sounds like a good idea, but how about a version in flash? seems like it could be huge if it were on facebook

4th May, 4:19 pm

not sure if this is lame or not. hmm, probably

4th May, 3:42 pm

seriously, what's the deal with your friend steve?

4th May, 2:47 pm

S&W's horizonless maps of new york are lovely

4th May, 10:05 am

who's heard of the windscale fire? plenty of interesting pictures around. and the plant manager (even after exposure during the fire) lived to 91

2nd May, 2:39 pm

a chip (crisps!) design party seems like a pretty good idea


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