Posts from May 2004

29th May, 11:31 pm

white lint is the best kind of lint because in large quantities (e.g. in the tumble drier filter after drying tea towels) it looks like snow. discuss.

29th May, 10:17 pm

dinner with nick finck and dave shea (pronounced 'shay' according to stew - crazy canadians). nice guys. i didn't realise dave was in vancouver.

26th May, 9:31 pm

matrix revolutions in irc speak: Smith: "I R teh Ubermensch! U R 0wn3d w/ my awesome Will!" Neo: "No! Because I will refute teh diabilical existential angst w/ kung fu!" Smith: "Argh! Now I must stand in the rain and shake my fist at you! Why? Why?" Neo: "Ha ha! I win by losing! I R teh Jesus!" The end.

26th May, 9:25 pm

bad spelling can be really addictive.

26th May, 8:15 pm

since i don't do any kind of blogrolling or links section, i should probably link to my regular reads from time to time: [pixel]( [kallese]( [arya]( [becca]( [su](

new on the code front is fileman, written ages ago for some aborted client work, now released for free.

the new release of phpmyadmin has another patch form me in it (go me! etc)

if you have some time to kill, read through the p-p-p-powerbook scam-scam [pdf, via grim]

26th May, 8:10 pm

a periodic table of the perl 6 operators. sterling (if scary) work. it would be interesting to do the same for perl 5 and compare. uri said: "are you going to predict any new operators based on missing boxes as mendeleev did?". maybe this is the way to organically design feature sets ;)

26th May, 1:34 pm

the breedster people have released a bunch of diagrams, animations and thoughts about the breedster experiment. very interesting stuff.

26th May, 12:57 pm

noooooooooooooooooooooooooo! dr who and billie piper do not mix.

26th May, 12:37 pm

trimmed down troy is even shorter than troy in 15 minutes. a reduction into "messenger speak" makes it pretty hard to follow, but very condensed,.

26th May, 9:58 am

in 15 days time, my old department's domain name expires. sad times.

26th May, 9:24 am

romeo and juliet in l33t is genius. ignore the porn popups and learn some literature N00B!!11

24th May, 10:02 pm

i'm still stuck on the decemberists. they have awesome lyrics (though no lyrics on the offical site, which always bugs me).

24th May, 5:39 pm

i get stacks of auto reply mails for spam spoofed form my domains, and they're occasionally great. like this one:

i don't live here anymore.

if you are a human being and are emailing me here, just so that you know, i don't check this email often. use one of my alternate addresses. if you don't have one of those or aren't aware of what it is, i must not like you.


24th May, 10:39 am

design eye for the usability guy is genius. i'm becoming a real fan of the didier/keith combination

24th May, 10:12 am

the upcoming s700 has a 1.3 mega pixel camera. obviously, i want it

23rd May, 7:05 pm

man, i fucking love domo-kun

23rd May, 7:01 pm

awstats looks quite nice. i might install it on one of the b3ta servers and trial it alongside webalizer

23rd May, 4:21 pm

my new favourite band are the decemberists. Their 2003 album "Castaways and Cutouts" really rules. I must get hold of their 2004 EP.

23rd May, 12:15 am

flight is a beautiful comic. via return to sender, which is updating again - woo!

22nd May, 7:01 pm

canadians freak me out. getting out of the lift today, some random guy, who i hadn't made eye contact with, said "see you later". this is entirely normal in my building. it reminded me of an event a couple of week ago. i was heading home from work. on the second floor, i girl got in the lift, obviously just been in the gym on that floor. eye contact, smiles, the usual. when we got to her floor, 14 i think, she walked out of the lift and turned to walk down the corridoor. she then stopped herself, turned, waved, and said "goodbye". this happens all the time.

22nd May, 6:25 pm

the great drew is finally overcome with Internet freaks. a sad state of affairs indeed. "I have friends and a wife and I eat food and drive a car and spend all day working and do some creative things in my spare time and I have neither the desire nor the time to screw around with people". way to shatter the illusion :'(

22nd May, 5:29 pm

prayer looks interesting. an imap webmail client, written in c, rumored to suck less than squirrel mail. i shall have to give it a try.

22nd May, 4:36 pm

Ody: I just invented a totally b3taworthy snack Ody: The pizza burger Ody: :D Me: oh? Ody: 2 bits of pizza Ody: used instead of bap on a burger Ody: so it's like, pizza, burger, upside down pizza Me: oooh Me: /me might make one of those for dinner Ody: :D Ody: I strongly advise the allowance of a long cooling time though Ody: right now it feels like I've burnt my lip :{ Ody: but that could be the drugs talking

22nd May, 4:03 pm

so apparently all my counterstrike: condition zero practice wouldn't necessacarily mean i could do it in real life. yeah, riiight, hehehe. (i realise this story is from two years ago - just clearing out my bookmarks).

22nd May, 3:55 pm

this is a nice architecture review. i think this is where i first read about the gridshell, something i'll have to go and see in the future. [via giles]

22nd May, 3:52 pm

"probably the most stylish computer available in the western world". given the dire state of current cases, this is probably true. when i originally bookmarked this (via james.c) it was called my bookmarks need a cleanout.

22nd May, 3:50 pm

katie has dissapeared from the web. sad times indeed :(

22nd May, 3:46 pm

ladder theory is, of course, totally true. [via dn]

22nd May, 3:39 pm

i put these tools online ages ago. just logging the link incase i forget where it is in future.

22nd May, 3:35 pm

oregano looks like a nice opensource xml socket server for flash multiuser stuff. pointed out to me by leonard

22nd May, 3:34 pm

A complete spectrum emulator, in pure perl. that's a serious beast [via 2lmc]

18th May, 4:46 pm

there have been some complaints about my slightly code oriented return to weblogging, so:

the iamcal network relaunches with links to 68 sites.

crappy dialup opens it's doors to gullible customers.

london bloggers gets it's domain back (and passes the 1000 mark, almost at 1100).

Digital Web Magazine relaunches with a cal-built cms.

18th May, 3:21 pm

some new code things:

SHA1 (Secure Hashing Algorithm) written in IMC

New version of lib_filter

XML::Parser::Lite::Tree (perhaps self explanatory)

MT3 plugin: Audioscrobbler

MT3 plugin: Tags

Forum software in Ruby

17th May, 11:22 pm

nice article supporting table based layouts. unfortunately brings out the css-morons with great comments like "makes code uneditable". yeah, right. every page on the web before two years ago is uneditable. uh huh. and complex css hacks are somehow better than 100% valid XHMTML. tell me more oh genius. i'm still adamant that the client side is a stupid place to seperate style and content from the developer's pov anyway. in an article i'm writing for dw i'll talk about the four layered abstratcion - presentation, markup, code, data. sexy :)

17th May, 6:01 pm

omg. 8 bit d&d. makes me pine for a tabletop rpg.

17th May, 9:10 am

i managed to totally miss it, but... is four years old.

that means we should probably all go out and get drunk. who's with me?

16th May, 1:56 pm

Bush in completely retarded shocker. See also: here and here. [via 2lmc]

9th May, 4:55 pm

theyrule is pretty cool, but lacks a nice way to surf from people to companies (they have the other direction working well)

9th May, 4:20 pm

yafro is interesting, but this photo is excellent.

7th May, 8:10 pm

Stewart lacks organisational skills: tar: File name too long for ustar dvd/Desktop/April 2003 desktop/feb2003 desktop crap/Desktop/October Desktop/desktop/desktop crap feb/Doors 6/5k_nov7 Folder/sylloge2000/archives2_sept2000/sylloge_archive_03-14-00/www/animations/cover animation/gifs for ani/text w_ shaded pics/TND and houses.txt

6th May, 6:55 pm

chay pointed me to this lovely project. collaborative online unfolding art. like the consequences game, but with pictures.

4th May, 3:46 pm

linux stupidity of the day: if you call "mount -a" repeatedly, it keeps all mounts in the fstab mounted. if you call "mount /path/to/mount" repeatedly (where /path/to/mount is a mount defined in the fstab), then the mount will be mounted once for every time you call it. you can quickly end up with a volume mounted 1000 times because of your cron script to ensure it was mounted at all. and to unmount it? you have to call the same umount command, "umount /path/to/mount", 1000 times. nice :/

4th May, 1:15 am

if you mail stuff in the us, you appear to be able to get packets, boxes and tape for free from the us postal service. now that's a good idea.

3rd May, 9:33 pm

this movie is utter genius. funny, clever and oh so right. [via coates]

2nd May, 8:37 pm

somebody tries to figure out all of the kingdom of loathing references. what a great game.

1st May, 8:00 pm

these photos from iraq are amazing

1st May, 7:52 pm

the helvetica vs arial game. must remember that for the hv blog.


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